Your horoscope for the week ahead: Take advantage of this breathing-in period

Accept all mix ups and delays as opportunities.

Accept all mix ups and delays as opportunities.

When Mercury turns retrograde as it did last week, there's a tendency to adopt a fearful pessimistic outlook, especially since the change in direction was magnified by an energetic New Moon. It's in essence a good time, so keep your attitude positive. Accept all the mix ups and delays as blessings.

The three-week Mercury retrograde cycles occur once-every-four-months. They bring a natural pause in the forward flow of all your projects and plans. It's a vital breathing-in period when you can take stock of your progress and work on how to improve your strategy.

Thursday brings an important point in the Mercury cycle when the Master of Strategy passes between Earth and the Sun in what's called an inferior conjunction. Your ship is now being loaded up with all your hopes, dreams and aspirations that will take you through the next four months.

The Mercury-Sun union will inspire you on how to reach your goals and maximize your success. That process will get a dynamic boost from the waxing Moon reaching the First Quarter phase on Thursday. The week ends on high note when Mercury sextiles (60-degree angle) the action planet, Mars. The March 20 Spring Equinox is just around the corner. The winter is nearly over!

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 11, 2018.


You've been working hard and making substantial advances in a long sought-after goal. Not everyone fully appreciates the amount of effort you have expended. This is causing you to doubt your wisdom. If your head is beginning to swirl, take some time out from the situation in order to reach an objective viewpoint. The Mercury-Sun conjunction will bring some much-cherished positive reinforcement and a sense that you are most-definitely on the correct path. Your intrepid spirit is the key that is turning the tide in your favour.   


An adaptable attitude is a vital key to success. When things don't work out exactly to plan, your trouble-shooter skills kick into action and square that proverbial circle. In fact, you enjoy the challenge. That's because you know what you want. Nothing could possibly stop you from capturing your quarry. The Mercury-Sun conjunction will inspire you with some stunning ideas to get you past an impasse. Your systematic and methodical style is guiding you into a glorious new phase in your life.


You are searching for satisfactory answers to a burning question about your future. Overcome the temptation to feel daunted by what has you worried. Your strategy is basically sound and wise, but you need to apply it using a different methodology and with more confidence. The Mercury-Sun conjunction will make it abundantly clear that that a certain special heartfelt dream you are pursuing is feasible and attainable. You have no idea how happy you will be when it finally manifests.


The steps you are taking now are very significant. The path forward is not abundantly clear, but the Mercury/Sun conjunction this week will put it all in perspective and guide you towards honing and improving your strategy. Ponder your future with the spirit of true courage and you'll speed up the process. Much delight and joy are in store the moment you realize that the Universe has your back. An important need that has been unfulfilled for a long time will be satisfied.


You could use more luck. But you don't need as much as you think. Your personal power has grown to the point that you are standing tall over your problems. The Mercury-Sun conjunction will help you understand there is no need to worry as much as you are. Fear and anxiety serve only to block our progress. Everything is going to be OK. Trust the force that is guiding you. Your sphere of influence is far greater than you realize. Before long, you will have a pretty darn good reason to celebrate.


You're undoubtedly a Mercury retrograde expert – and astrological savant. Still, when Mercury retrograde kicks in, red alert lights flash. But Mercury's union with the Sun this week will stabilize your nerves and bring a glimpse of the totality of a sacred vision. Life on this planet is becoming increasingly erratic, but you'll storm ahead with belief and commitment. What now seems like a hindrance will turn into the best thing that ever happened to you.


You have your heart set on a prize of some kind and your chances of success are very good. Yet, you do feel nervous. First of all, make sure that this is what you really want. If there is any element of doubt, now is the time to re-assess your long-term plan and any commitment that's involved. It's not too late to modify your game plan. The Mercury-Sun union this week will help you look into the future and all the possible obligations incurred with your plan of action. Once you put all your options under the microscope, you'll be ready to conquer the world.


The Mercury-Sun conjunction will help you distil an important list of objectives down to the most essential ones. Conditions are ideal for getting clarity on a door you want to open. There are few. You are in the early pages of a new chapter in your life. Don't worry about what you want, think more of what you've got, and you'll appreciate how lucky you are. If you can manage to clarify just one key point, everything else will rapidly fall into place.


No one can fault you for being lazy or not working hard enough. Without doubt, you are getting somewhere with your plans, but it's clear that there is still further to go. If all this effort is making you feel weary rather than encouraged, take heart. The Mercury-Sun conjunction will provide your spirits with a nice tonic. You have your own unique and powerful allure. Your common-sense appeal is one of your best attributes, so move ahead with courage and you will be rewarded with success.


Mercury retrograde periods teach us much, but there's often an element of angst involved with something going wrong like getting locked out of your cellphone. Arghhh!! And then, without warning, it suddenly corrects itself and you jump for joy. The Mercury conjunct Sun will bring a most fortunate confluence of events that will miraculously shift a block. You will happily acknowledge that you are finally making progress. The current of life is moving in the right direction. It's taking you where you need go.


Mercury's union with the Sun will help you understand how a pattern of self-doubt has undermined your willpower and determination. You have nothing to regret, apologize for or feel guilty about. Avoid all self-deprecating thoughts and any other negative thought patterns. A little tweak in your management of thoughts is going to turn your life around on a dime. Prepare for an epiphany that will reveal a way to take a tough scenario and turn it into a source of pleasure and fulfillment. A story of success awaits you.  


Mercury's union with the Sun will put you in a unified frame of mind. It's still not the right time to make a certain final decision, but you will able to see a key matter from all angles. That will allow you set up the groundwork of a plan you want to get off the ground. A way will be found to convert anxiety into positive action. Patience is of utmost importance right now, so allow a little more time. New information will come to your attention that will allow you to sidestep a block and move ahead with great gusto.