Your horoscope for the week ahead: Saturn turns retrograde and begins a new chapter in our lives

Hold fast through the heart of spring.

Hold fast through the heart of spring.

Pluto reached peak power last week. His potent energy emanates from deep down in the Earth. This week, another heavy-hitter changes direction. Saturn, known as Cronos (time) in ancient Greece, will pause on Monday and loop backwards through the sky for the next four-and-half-months. He's the chief inspector and time keeper. He regulates the change of seasons.

Mid-week, Mercury runs into a spot of trouble with Saturn and Pluto, so be aware of the likelihood of glitches and delays affecting travel, transportation, communications and technology. It will pass quickly.

The ancient Celtic festival of Beltane arrives on May 1st. This is the mid-point between March's Equinox and June's Summer Solstice. It will give us a taste of June's Mid-Summer's Night. Beltane brings the first glimmer of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. Traditionally, special fires were kindled for Beltane. Fires symbolize the divine. It's a time of cleansing and renewal.

And then on Saturday, a New Moon in the fixed sign of Taurus will heighten the anticipation of summer. Taurus is the heart of spring. Leaves are burgeoning. Bees are making their magical honey. Birds are singing their lyrical springtime songs of love. The days are growing longer. The glorious Sun, Apollo, is bringing warmth and light and making the vegetation grow. Taurus, the Bull, symbolizes sexuality and regeneration. A Mars opposition to Jupiter on Sunday will provide an irrepressible burst of proactive energy that will aid you in launching initiatives and positive change.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 29, 2019.


Someone you're speaking to gets easily upset. When you tell them something, anything, they have a reaction and it's not always good one. Life is a lot easier by not telling them anything. Saturn's change of direction is making you think about what needs to be said and to say it. But even more, it's drawing your attention to the need to listen. By listening carefully, you'll make a breakthrough in understanding their needs and wants. And by doing that, you'll understand yourself better. Then get ready for an amazingly positive shift in your life.


Just the mere thought of a heavy-hitter like Saturn strikes fear in the bravest souls among us. He surely puts us through our exercises, of that there's no doubt. How else can we improve ourselves? Saturn's crest in power this week, as he turns retrograde, will prove to be a beneficial cosmic event. Improvement will come in a dilemma you are dealing with. Do your best to not worry. Surprisingly, everything will fall perfectly into place. You'll soon appreciate what a lucky person you are.


Saturn's shift into his retrograde this week has already moved you out of a comfort zone and got you working overtime in making improvements where improvements are necessary. You're moving with speed toward an important date with destiny. Big choices need to be made that will affect the rest of your life. Think negatively and problems will plague you. Think positively and Saturn will build you a stairway to heaven. Moving out of the comfort zone is the best thing that ever happened. Wait till you meet up with all that good things you have in store. You're going to like it a lot.


Saturn's change of direction will wake up an old forgotten dream. It will inspire and rejuvenate your heart as never before. Saturn will stir you with a deep sense of meaning and purpose. Listen carefully to everything that's being said around you. An opportunity is knocking softly at your door and trying to get your attention. Think less. Listen more. Your intuition will speak to you loud and clear.


It's hard to imagine at a time like this, what with Saturn peaking in influence, that reassuring stellar influences are on the increase for you. There's so much fuss, stress and strife wreaking havoc in your life, but somehow you manage to keep your cool. What's your secret? You've learned something through your experiences. You're a genius. The universe is quite enthusiastic about granting your most important wishes. Saturn's change of direction is making you work hard to build a new reality. Smile! A happy future is beckoning you.


When dealing with cynics and their acerbic wit, we need a sense of humour to buck up our spirits. It's easy for them to disparage what is dear to us. They represent the nasty side of Saturn, but this week will prove quite different. Saturn's return to retrograde motion marks a point when you start sinking your teeth into something very enjoyable. Prepare to develop a surprisingly good mood and to remain in that state for an extended period of time. Opportunities will arise that you were somehow previously unable to identify and capitalize on.


That's okay. You're doing just fine. Everything will turn out just right. You're an innovator, so it's only normal for you to be considering something that others think is a weird idea. Put aside your fears. Speak with solid assurance and gently humour your doubters. Saturn's change of direction this week well get you through an intense period of introspection. The stars will vindicate you and your cause. Everything you desire will find its way to you.


When people we're close to are feeling down, it's hard for us to avoid sinking into melancholy with them. Considering how empathetic you are, you'll need your cheer-up mantra at the ready. With Saturn turning retrograde this week, a few people will feel the pressure. You'll be fine, though. Saturn will coax you into disciplining your thought stream. You'll skillfully weed out any debilitating thoughts. You're being led to a crucial moment of enlightenment when you understand how to rejuvenate the spirits of everyone you care about.


If anyone knows how to bounce back from adversity, it has to be you. It's true. There's no point denying it. You've made it through a rough and tumble series of events. Saturn's change of direction will help you scrutinize how much progress you've made. A supportive Universe is treating you with special tender loving care. Okay, well it has been tough love at times, but the message is always good. Whatever aggravation you feel now, it has to do with the past, not your future. Let it go and be free.


It doesn't seem fair when our heartfelt aspirations and passionate desires are plagued by obstacles. It feels at times that you've backed yourself into a tight corner. With Saturn turning retrograde this week, you may feel uncomfortable about a certain something, but don't despair. A point will come when you feel a surge of confidence and optimism. What you need is coming. The long shadow of troubles will fade. Happiness and profound optimism will rule your world.


Something must be done to fix a problem. You're concerned about the unpredictable side effects of a choice or a decision. A decision you made may have been off the mark, but nothing happens by accident. Invisible celestial influences are nudging you onto a better trajectory. Saturn's powerful influence this week will give you the x-ray vision you need to see right to the core of an important matter. An untenable situation will turn to jubilation as you find a solution. You're free to pursue what you want in your heart of hearts. Things never looked so good.


It's no secret that the success you seek hinges on judiciously choosing the correct course of action among a bewildering array of options. Once you get beyond your fear, you'll find the clarity to make the right choices. That's where the scrutinizing power of Saturn will help you out as he turns retrograde this week. This is your chance to escape an endlessly repetitive situation that is driving you crazy. This is a time of moving forward in your journey of exploration. A precious plan will succeed and lift you out of a quandary.


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