Your horoscope for the week ahead: Saturn goes direct and makes his influence felt

Think as far back as January, and you’ll find a link to what’s happening in your life right now.

Think as far back as January, and you’ll find a link to what’s happening in your life right now

Saturn's return to direct motion is the highlight of the astrological news this week. As we become acquainted with the gods of mythological times through our interest in astrology, Saturn tends to be regarded with fear. His influence certainly does make us jump through hoops, cause obstacles and enforce changes, but remember that it's all done for our own good. He's an inspector that demands the best from us. He demands that we follow the rules and keeps in stride with the rhythm of the Universe. We must live up to his exacting standards, but if we stay on his good side and we'll be fine. 

Saturn marks the seasons and chapters in your life. This Wednesday his retrograde cycle, which began at the end of April and the start of May, will end. That will make his influence extremely powerful all week. Look back to April and May. You should be able to find a link to what's happening in your life now — in fact, have a look as far back as January. Events back then will resonate with what you're going through now. 

If Saturn is in a sensitive area of your birth chart, you will be feeling the strain. Always remember, that you can beat any problem no matter how imposing. Believe in yourself. 

Saturday delivers a dynamic Jupiter square Neptune. This will empower your imagination. Keep a firm vision of what you want. Saturn will help you keep it real. Stay grounded. The sails of your ship will billow with a strong wind. Be ready to move ahead quickly.

Mercury and Saturn will position in a square alignment on Sunday. That will bring the usual delays and glitches to travel and communication. Go with the rhythm. Stay calm and it will put you in the right place and at the right time to meet up with a miracle. This is a recipe for a breakthrough. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, September 16, 2019.


Being in the minority in a crucial struggle of opinions is aggravating. It may feel as though someone close to you has turned against you. Disturbing factors have been making you feel doubtful and anxious. Saturn's return to direct motion will make you honour and respect your own position in a calm and stable style. You may not be right all the time, but you're on the side of the righteous in this case. You'll soon be waking up with a broad smile on your face. Ways will be found to increase your level of material and emotional security. 


Some people just can't help themselves. You'll announce good news and they'll point out all the real or imagined downsides — usually imagined. Listen less to someone's negative interpretation of a positive development. Indulging in the emotions of doubt and fear will only thwart progress. Saturn's return to direct motion will clear a block and lead you toward an important goal. With an optimistic and confident viewpoint, you will place yourself in a position of strength. In one key area of life now, you will discover an advantage that will advance your cause and allow you to conquer an obstacle forever. 


It's very helpful to be forewarned of adverse celestial activities. The problem is that the mere suggestion can also be enough to manifest problems — suggestion is a potent force. Saturn's return to direct motion will fortify your willpower and increase your determination to fight off whatever fears you might be harbouring. Where there is a will, a way will be found. When you are inspired and determined, you can conquer any amount of adverse celestial turbulence. There's no reason to anticipate failure or to face disappointment in an important undertaking. You have all it takes to find the victory you dearly desire and deserve. 


The clock is a despot that terrorizes us with its relentless ticking. You have plenty of time to do what you have so long wanted to do. Saturn's return to direct motion will get you moving with the rhythm of the Universe. You'll meet your deadlines and get everything done that needs to be done. Stay cool under pressure. If you find that point in the middle of being relaxed and tense, where you are alert and ready  but not in a state of panic, you'll be fine. If you feel as though you've missed an opportunity, think again. You've haven't seen anything yet. The best is yet to come. 


Getting things out in the open bodes well for finding a resolution that is urgently required. Now, don't forget your sense of humour. A touch of light-heartedness is the magic you need to pull off this miracle. Saturn's return to direct motion will get you looking long and hard at resolving a lingering problem. An answer to this dilemma is available. Your own personal intuitive source is guiding you toward its discovery. Everything will turn out perfectly fine. You have a choice between indulging in angst and worry, or trusting in your inner source of wisdom. Go with the latter and be assured that you are on the right track. 


Having exacting expectations makes your path in life a little more arduous than the rest of us mere mortals. It's not easy being a perfectionist; the upside, however, is that when success does come it is particularly sweet. Saturn's return to direct motion is leading you to a long-awaited sense of fulfilment as long as you don't run around worrying. You are in the process of graduating from a long and laborious learning phase. You will summon all the courage and clarity to climb to the height of your aspirations. The air is a bit thin on the mountaintop, but you're going to love it. 


You have reached an important crossroads. Just the simple act of living seems to have become a complicated and tedious struggle, but Saturn's return to direct motion will help you step back from your sources of angst and take a breather. A series of encouraging developments will warm your heart and re-energize your willpower. Your ethical standards are higher than the rest of the crowd. That's what makes you stand out as a beacon of integrity. Allow your thoughts to dwell on certain, very promising developments and the positive ramifications that could transpire. You are on the path to victory.


There is an element of doubt in an important decision you must make. Saturn's return to direct motion is making think long and hard about the next stage in your life and changes that must be dealt with. The remedy is to follow through with one hundred percent certainty. You are planting seeds. You are nurturing your aspirations. If you are to accomplish your hopes and dreams, you have to muster up your willpower and buck up your courage. Your life is building up to a thunderous crescendo. A lightning strike of clarity will illuminate the darkness. So, go ahead and move forward with conviction. 


Magic has never left your life. At times you've lost faith in its existence and have only been conscious of your failures and frustrations. But now, the cosmic picture indicates that the turbulence in an important area of your life is quieting down. A worrisome process is letting up. You may not have noticed it yet, but you have made it through the worst. Once Saturn returns to direct motion, a reassuring sense of peace and progress will begin to settle into your way of life. Some pleasing developments will have a big impact on you. You'll get a glimpse into a happier way to look at life; it will dominate your future.


In no way should someone's pettiness and intransigent attitude be allowed to spoil your happiness. Saturn's return to direct motion will bring some fresh insight and a deeper understanding to a situation that requires a resolution. A spectacular array of auspicious alignments will allow you to penetrate all of the mysteries and conundrums that have left you flummoxed. The stars are bestowing upon you the clarity and vision needed to clear a major constraint and encumbrance. What's changing in your life now represents the tip of a most magnificent iceberg. 


You may not think so, but benign forces are working feverishly to bring stability to an important area of your life. That's where Saturn's return to direct motion comes into play. Getting things back in order can't be done overnight, but good news will come and inspire your heart with practical hope. A new and exciting world is opening up before you. As long as you have the willingness to face an issue from the past that still pains you, everything will work out just fine. Find the courage and all else you need will find you. Your accomplishments are rapidly making you a beacon of hope that others will flock to.


Don't let anyone tell you that you lack magnetic charm and charisma — especially yourself; you are modest to a fault. Humility is a fine attribute. Diffidence is not. A way will be found to dispel a tense mood and to move forward with a special new opportunity. Saturn's return to direct motion will clear your weary mind of anxiety and worry. Think about all of your many successes and accomplishments. You've come such a long way. There's still a little way to go, but nothing could possibly stop your momentum. Go after your aims and objectives. Worry a little less and enjoy yourself a lot more. 


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