Your horoscope for the week ahead: Old memories — and old relationships — are likely to rise to your attention

Also, get your ducks in a row this week, you need to be ready to jump on a wave of fresh energy that’s coming

Also, get your ducks in a row this week, you need to be ready to jump on a wave of fresh energy that’s coming

Last week's lovely Solstice has opened the gates to the golden light of summer. The drawbridge has been lowered over the moat. Ride your horse out into a world of adventure.

The influence of Neptune known as Poseidon in ancient Greek mythology has been cresting over the past week, and will continue as he meets up with Venus aka Aphrodite, the love Goddess. Old memories, old places and old relationships are likely to rise to your attention. A few tears may come as your emotions swell to the surface. Your dreams at night will provide deep insights into your inner self and your purpose in this lifetime.

The major astrological development this week comes as Mercury leaves Cancer and enters the sign of the Lion, Leo on Wednesday. The Leo influence will draw your attention to what makes you special and unique. The nine muses, daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, will be inspiring you to assert your individuality and follow your heart's calling.

Mercury aka Hermes is entering the slipstream of the next Mercury retrograde (July 7 to 31). Some of the issues that you are dealing with this week will be dominant themes in July. Hermes will show you how to square circles and right wrongs. Opportunities will rise up to greet you.

The Moon, our Celestial Mother, reaches her Last Quarter phase on Monday or Tuesday depending on your time zone. This is the last week of the Lunar Month. A New Moon next week will pass in front of the Sun and create a Total Solar Eclipse. Get your ducks in a row this week and getting ready to jump on the wave of fresh energy that's coming. It's going to be a big one, and a lucky one too.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 24, 2019.


It would be a good idea to distil your list of wishes down to the most essential. Mercury's entry into Leo will act as a good luck magnet. Conditions are ideal for successfully nurturing a special dream. You've had a lot to complain about as of late, but an improvement in the celestial weather is blowing a fresh breeze of good fortune over you. You can never be sure how things will turn out, but this time around you will most certainly be glad about new developments that come.


Pressing issues are demanding attention. The key to beating them is to stay cool and avoid working up your anxiety levels through mental chatter; that only serves to reinforce the problem. The sources of stress will not last. Unwanted factors can be eliminated. Dramas will easily be headed off. Mercury's entry into Leo will give you an intuitive glimpse into the future. You are set to gain much. Keep up your positive thoughts and your ability to adapt will get you to where you want to be. At times like this, luck likes to arrive unannounced!


Mercury's entry into Leo will have you synced in nicely with some exceptional celestial developments. They are furnishing the impetus required to get you out of a tedious rut. Certain self-defeating assumptions that undermine your power and ability will be recognized and eliminated. Be ready to drop the old way of doing things and embrace the new. As your attitude becomes more upbeat and optimistic, you will formulate a winning strategy to reach your goals.


The outcome of a certain situation, or your involvement with someone, did not work out quite as you wished. The experience, though, has galvanized you into pursuing a positive process of transformation that will take you to where you truly need to be. Mercury's entry into Leo will tap into the creative problem-solving part of your mind. It will bring a most liberating and will potentially introduce you into one of the best new chapters in your life. You will recognize where your real opportunities lie.


Circumstances often make us wake up in the morning with a frown on our face, but, success comes to those who can choose their mood rather than allowing circumstances to choose them. Greet the day with a joyful expectant heart like a kitten or puppy. Mercury's entry into Leo this week, will inspire you with a far more optimistic outlook than certain circumstances seem to suggest. There is good reason to feel joyful. You are being ushered into a blissful new chapter of your life that will delight you.


The wisdom of a certain arrangement is being brought into question. What you're feeling bad about is set to improve. Mercury's entry into Leo will enlighten you in many ways — primarily that your path ahead is considerably better than you realize. It all hinges on letting go of something from your past that is holding you back. Prepare to embrace a revelation. One door may have shut, but several others have appeared just waiting to be opened. Dazzling developments lie ahead for you.


Even strong leaders doubt themselves in challenging times. Mercury's entry into Leo will fortify your personal power, boost your confidence and provide the spark of creativity you need to crack a conundrum. A way will be found to effectively manage a litany of concerns. Thanks to your extensive experience, you will discover a solution to a daunting challenge. If you feel good, good things happen, so chase off your fears. A much-improved arrangement in a complex situation will lead to a period of grace.


An important lesson was delivered under the guise of a difficult experience. Don't let that dampen your enthusiasm or undermine your confidence. Mercury's entry into Leo is encouraging you to define your needs and aims more precisely, so there is no ambiguity. You're wondering what you are doing in a certain situation and what is expected of you. Uplifting answers will come to all your burning questions. Don't be too quick to doubt your role. Your talents will attract some big opportunities.


To understand where we are now in our lives and what the future holds, we need to look into our past in a methodical way. A valuable lesson has been absorbed that is of immense practical value. As Mercury slips into Leo this week, you will begin a process of gaining a positive perspective on a subject that has troubled you. As this shift in attitude takes place, a major block to progress will melt away. You'll be ready to embrace a vibrant and colourful future rather than seeing it as a threat.


Tedious issues and practical matters have a way of filling up our lives and squeezing out joy. The last thing you need now is more responsibilities and obligations. Even so, it's hard to not feel guilty when you hear those plaintive pleas for help, but no one has the right to impose on you. Wherever possible, extricate yourself from situations where you feel cornered. Mercury's entry into bold Leo this week will fire you up to do what's right for you. Your independence and self-realization are paramount.


The sheer size and scope of what your future holds is under wraps. The Universe is letting out information about what is to come little by little, bit by bit, in increments. Too much knowledge, too early, is not advisable. Keep chasing that carrot. Mercury's entry into Leo will give you a glimpse of what is to come. It's as if you are entering an underground Temple of Luxor. Symbols, ciphers and numbers are appearing everywhere. Can you see them? You are on a mission that will break with tradition and open a grand period of innovation.


There must be a planet out there somewhere in that vast and infinite Universe that is devoid of aggravation, sorrow and hardship. Prepare to savour a little taste of that Utopia. With Mercury moving into Leo this week, you will experience a substantial uptick in your mood that will encourage you to minimize the negative and maximize the positive. You will encounter convincing proof that a benevolent source is watching over you. Progress of the most dazzling kind lies in store for you.


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