Your horoscope for the week ahead: Monday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will bring positive revelations

The stars will align for some end-of-the-week romance, too.

The stars will align for some end-of-the-week romance, too

A busy Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 30 gets us rushing headlong into an eventful December. Lunar Eclipses only occur at Full Moon times when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon. When they are all on the same plane, Earth casts a shadow on the Moon. 

This is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse which means that the Moon, Earth and Sun are not quite lined up in a perfect line. The Moon will dim only slightly. Still, it is an important event that will put a special punctuation mark on the day. 

The light of a Sagittarius Sun will be reflected off a Gemini Moon at the opposite end of the sky. It will be visible in Canada. Fire and air will burn and keep us warm. It will provide enough fuel to last two weeks to the Total Eclipse of the Sun. It will clear the cobwebs. 

On Tuesday Mercury leaves the dark introspective influence of Scorpio and enters the glaring light of Sagittarius. Jingle your bells as the holiday season intensifies. Brightly coloured decorations will adorn trees and lift our spirits. Mercury in Sagittarius speeds time up and brings a big boost of energy. You will find yourself led by your heart, not your textbook. You'll find a way of introducing positive change right where you need it most. 

The week ends on a peaceful and idyllic note as Venus trines spiritual Neptune with a kiss. Cupid is firing arrows in every direction. You might want to be in the line of fire. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, November 30, 2020.


Deep down inside, you know that everything is going to work out well. You just aren't so sure how or when this is going to happen. That means you have to trust the Universe, but your intellect doesn't know what to trust or who. It cannot feel what your heart feels, nor can it see what your heart sees. Thus, it feels inclined to criticize and doubt your intuition. Don't let your mind wander aimlessly. The Lunar Eclipse this week will teach you how to silence it. Don't be too hard on your head. It can't help asking stupid questions, but don't be too soft either. You have better things to do than sit around entertaining irrelevant anxieties. 


Something you are dealing with is essentially very simple, but it has become rather complex. Perhaps you're over-analyzing the situation. Perhaps you're too tense. Regardless of the reason, do not allow angst to dominate your mood. The Lunar Eclipse will impress upon you that success starts with your thoughts and that you can and will move mountains. For months now, you've been so wrapped up in a problem, you have lost all faith in the notion that things can be happy and good. But they can. And very soon. Keep your big dream alive and the stars will deliver it to you all gift-wrapped and nicely presented.


Forget the way things used to be. Don't pine for a past that actually, you are only recalling with a selective memory. You are forgetting the downside. You are glamorising the good and overlooking the not-so-great. The Lunar Eclipse will encourage you to view it from a more objective vantage point. Take a few moments and block out the noise of the world. Listen to the sound of your breath. This will cut off the incessant stream of internal dialogue. Pure thoughts will soon come from an inspirational source within. It is these pure thoughts that will reveal the key to your emotional emancipation.  


Do your best to stay cool under pressure and avoid negative thoughts. The best way for you to get what you want is by utilizing a steady and unrelenting approach. Cultivate positive thought patterns and your ability to adapt will get you to where you want to be. Certain unwanted factors in your life are improving. Be careful as well to not be overly respectful to your detractors. Don't pay too much attention to what they say. The Lunar Eclipse will give you a chance now to shine like the star you are. Adapt to the new and trust that it has plenty to offer. Good fortune will suddenly come knocking! 


The Lunar Eclipse suggests a way to put something right. You will soon discover that a problem is not as dire as you fear and that, in fact, it has a silver lining to it. A truce will be drawn between your heartfelt goals and destiny's refusal to deliver. A shift is taking place. It is one that will replace bad memories with good ones. You can rewrite your personal history and view it in a different and more positive light. A series of most fortuitous developments will sweep you forward toward your dream destination. You have the talent and ability to make your dreams become reality.  


This Lunar Eclipse will fill you with confidence. You will become bolder than usual and do things you would, under normal circumstances, think twice about. It is leading you toward some fresh insights and a deeper understanding in a situation that requires a resolution. A way will be found to penetrate all the mysteries and conundrums that have left you flummoxed. Clarity and vision will clear a major constraint and encumbrance. Pay attention to your dreams. And allow yourself to relax as much as you like. 


Sometimes, you just don't know what you are capable of until you try, but many of us never really try unless we have to. You have lately had an intense experience that has caused you to rethink many old ideas and beliefs. You have not yet reached the end of your journey of discovery, but you are approaching the most inspiring and potentially profitable part. The Lunar Eclipse this week will bring about a profound revelation followed by a permanent, significant and delightful transformation. What you are passionately searching for will come closer as a result. All your trials and tribulations have been worth it. 


You like to be kept busy. If there isn't enough going on, you find a new problem, just to keep things interesting. You are naturally good at responding to challenges. Your solutions will all work well, provided you don't let emotions get the better of you. When difficulties strike and obstacles bar progress, it's only natural to feel deflated and disappointed. This Lunar Eclipse will teach you how to transform these powerful emotions into positive change. Challenges can be opportunities in disguise. You are stepping through the threshold into an exciting new era in the exciting saga of your life. 


When children are hungry, they often demand an ice cream. Their parents know that a proper meal would be far more appropriate. Yet, they are treated as oppressive enemies when this is explained. As adults we don't change much. We retain this tendency to reject whatever might be good for us and to desire passionately whatever is likely to be bad for us. The Lunar Eclipse will get you looking at your wish list where you will discover something that you really do not want to be fulfilled. Once you spot it and realize it's not good for you, you'll experience a liberating feeling of joy. 


Life so often descends into routine and repetition. We find ourselves pursuing the same old patterns, thinking the same old thoughts, and doing the same old deeds. We get caught in a rut. We rarely explore fresh territory. Colours grow dull. Our taste buds become muted. We flow with force of habit. And then we wonder why nothing ever changes. The Lunar Eclipse this week will wake you up to a fresh new world. You'll feel like you've been on holiday to some exotic destination. Colours will become vibrant again. Your taste buds will be sharp. Food will give you a taste sensation. It will be an awakening. 


Several crazy situations seem likely to descend upon you again. You have had enough of them. The best way to avoid trouble is to ignore it. It is not especially exciting or stimulating. The tedium of it all is hard to bear. Yet the process you are going through is an immensely constructive one. It is well worth the intense struggle you are enduring. Imagine your joy when you discover that all your problems can be rectified by a simple shift in your mental attitude. The Lunar Eclipse brings the promise of lasting, positive change. When you can control your attitude, you control your future. 


Certain crucial developments and events in your life are converging in a most meaningful and profound manner. There is no such thing as a mere coincidence. These are not just the random workings of a mechanical universe. You have a distinct purpose that is supported by a friendly sky that acknowledges your ability to determine your own destiny. Sometimes these elements create upheaval and chaos. Battling through, though, promotes individualism, excitement and wisdom. Life's cavalcade of drama develops our strength and fortitude. The Lunar Eclipse will make you realize how much you have progressed over the years. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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