Your horoscope for the week ahead: Mercury retrograde comes to an end — a time for good things to emerge

Wise insights will come around whatever issue you are working your way through.

Wise insights will come around whatever issue you are working your way through

In all my years as an astrologer and my comprehensive study of Mercury retrogrades, this last one that is finishing up this Thursday has got to be one of the most trying ever. There were a few days last week that took us into the twilight zone. Hermes waved his magic wand and led us down into the Underworld for a close encounter with the unknown.

But never forget! Good things emerge out of these once-in-four-month cycles. This one gave us a wild rollercoaster ride that we won't easily forget. I hope you survived it in good fettle.

Yes, Mercury's three-week backward motion will come to a full stop on Thursday. The return to direct motion will take a few days as he picks up speed, moving forward much like a train leaving the station.

This week will be introduced by a lively Moon in Sagittarius on Monday. Wise insights will come around whatever issue you are working your way through. Venus moves into spiritual Pisces on Tuesday. Listen to the silent whispering of the wind. This is an ideal time for yoga, mediation and the lighting of candles.

The week ends with Mars, Hercules of the solar system, entering airy Gemini. Networking, socializing and coming up with brilliant ideas will be easy.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 25, 2019.


It's been made abundantly clear to you during this Mercury retrograde that success depends entirely on your attitude and frame of mind. It's all so simple, truly it is, and not new — the Roman emperor and philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, wrote about this nearly two thousand years ago. Mercury's return to direct motion will encourage you to visualize positive outcomes. By being disciplined with your thoughts, you will achieve success right where you need it most.


Recently, an old, but not forgotten dream has come home to roost. Nurture it because it will rejuvenate your heart. Listen carefully to conversations and ideas in your surroundings that reach your ears. You've worked your way through a litany of irritating factors, but now an opportunity is knocking softly at your door and trying to get your attention. With Mercury returning to direct motion, your intuition will speak to you loud and clear. All your sacrifices will be worth all the good that is to come.


There have been moments when you've had to defend yourself against the acerbic wit of certain villains. Yes, those rational materialists ought to be banished from the realm. Kind and imaginative souls like yourself should be given full executive power. Mercury's return to direct motion will buck up your spirits and boost your ailing sense of humour. A light-hearted and upbeat attitude will relieve the pressure and bring good cheer not only to your heart, but to all those that you cherish.


A certain problem flared up recently and proved hard to shift. It had to do with a responsibility you thought you had managed to discharge a while ago. It's still around, but not for long. Mercury's return to direction motion will bring reassuring news. You are making great strides in clearing the path forward into a new world with new priorities based on your needs rather than the whims of others. This time you will sort this matter out fully, once and for all.


Unforeseen obstacles and totally unexpected events wreaked havoc at a time your world was looking rather promising. You've got to love these challenges; there is a silver lining to problems. The Universe is clearly redirecting you onto a better path. Mercury's return to direct motion will bring an epiphany of joy. Something significantly good awaits you along the path you are following. You are on exactly the right road to get to where you want to be.


Your ability to keep your head above rough waters got you through the rough and tumble turbulence of last week. You have successfully made it through, even if you did feel thoroughly fed up at times. With Mercury returning to direct motion this week. you are free to storm ahead with energy, belief and commitment. Don't let anyone's cynicism undermine your own determination. Ignore it all. Seize this moment and everything will move forward for you in the best possible way.


You are working determinedly toward achieving a heartfelt aspiration. You might be wondering at low moments if your passion is being misdirected. It just doesn't seem fair that your noble objectives have been butting up against so many obstructions. It does make one wonder, but with Mercury returning to direct motion this week, you'll notice a sense of certainty and optimism ooze into your being. The long shadow of troubles will fade, and a profound sense of optimism will return.


If people close to us are not happy, it can have a deleterious effect on us. You're wondering if you've said or done something to upset someone, when really the real reason is that they're dealing with a personal quandary that has no connection to you. Be the boss of your mind and take control of your thoughts. Mercury's return to direct motion will lead to a moment of enlightenment that will clear up all these mixed messages. A tough scenario will be turned into a source of pleasure and satisfaction.


You can probably get what you want. In fact, it all looks quite good. Your path forward will be swift. There's nothing to stop you. Yes, there are the inevitable ifs, ands and buts. Instead of indulging in those, look at what you've achieved already. You have a lot going for you. Mercury's return to direct motion will bring clarity and help you better appreciate the value of your accomplishments. You've paid your dues, now it's time so see what your efforts are worth.


You are considering an idea that some sober-minded people might think is wild. Don't worry. You are not sinking into quicksand. Mercury's return to direct motion will assure you that your feet are firmly planted on bedrock. It is only a matter of time before your incisive and perceptive insights are proven to be correct. Speak with quiet assurance and gently humour those who doubt you. The stars will vindicate your motives and vision. You are a rising star.


You're looking at a bewildering array of possibilities; it threatens to overwhelm your focus. There's not much room for error. It's essential to choose wisely and judiciously. With Mercury returning to direct motion, you'll feel that the time of endless discussion and penetrating scrutiny has expired. The steps you are taking now are not the last ones, but they are hugely significant because they will set the course for your future success. You are about to launch a plan that will bring immense rewards.


Have you made a bad decision? Are you worried about distressing complications with unforeseen side effects? Rest at ease. Everything will be fine. It's quite typical to experience these feelings when Mercury travels through turbulent skies. Mercury's return to direct motion will put your heart at ease. Give it a few days. Your worries will dissolve as you develop a deeper understanding of your own identity and what must be done to fulfil your needs.


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