Your horoscope for the week ahead: Mercury in sensitive Cancer puts you in touch with your emotional needs

Meanwhile, Jupiter’s helping get big plans and new opportunities off the ground.

Meanwhile, Jupiter’s helping get big plans and new opportunities off the ground

The fresh energy of last Friday's New Moon in busy Gemini is getting this week off to an energetic start. A lot can be achieved this week. With the Sun in the mutable sign of Gemini we are transitioning from spring to summer in the Northern Hemisphere. 

The six-week Venus retrograde in Gemini is putting the emphasis on communications. It has rarely been so important for us to connect with each other. It's the last week of seeing the beautiful diamond light of Venus in the evening sky. The star close to Venus is Mercury. 

The beauty of this alignment will be amplified by the slender waxing crescent Moon passing through them and rising higher in the sky. Our Celestial Mother will reach the First Quarter phase on Friday. Make your wishes and beam them up to this celestial show. It's not often we are graced by such a lovely sight. 

Jupiter and Saturn are in the early stages of their four-month retrograde cycle. Jupiter is helping put together plans for a big new opportunity. And Saturn is keeping your feet on the ground. 

Mercury, the Master of Strategy, as Homer called him, enters Cancer on Thursday. Rather than the usual three-week visit in the Sign of the Crab, he'll be there all the way to August. That's because Mercury will be turning retrograde next month. His journey through the sensitive sign of Cancer will put you in touch with your inner self and your emotional needs. It will bring a time of emotional healing. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 25, 2020.


Some exceptionally good planetary activity is working on your behalf. Don't let your imagination run away with you. Make sure it remains within the realms of feasibility. There are limits to how good things can get. But within those limits, here's an awful lot of magic, excitement and fulfilment to experience. Mercury's move into Cancer has the potential to shape up very well for you. The outcome is totally dependent on your attitude. Get your stream of thoughts on a positive flow and the Universe will hear your call and come to your aid. Great things will happen. Happiness and love will be your reward.  


A tense situation is beginning to develop. Depending on how you respond to this, you can turn it into a dramatic maelstrom, or you can deal with it swiftly and efficiently. Mercury's move into Cancer will enhance your gut feelings so you can distinguish between real news and false news. Keep your mind and heart fixed on the truth. You have an obligation to set people straight while being sensitive to the need for diplomacy. Disregarding the sentiments and feelings of others is not your style and never will be. But neither should you suppress your own values and opinions for fear of offending others. You have more power than you think. 


The problems you now face may seem numerous and daunting but if you review them from a more positive perspective, you'll realize that they are not all that threatening. Each time you think about them, you are reminded of a decision you regret or a development you wish you had avoided. Mercury's entry into Cancer this week will make you realize that you must separate yourself from a situation that really ought to be someone else's problem. It's taking far too much of your precious time. Once you acknowledge this, your outlook will start to look light-hearted and optimistic again. 


Do your best to not let a complex emotional scenario drive you into a state of exasperation and exhaustion. What you once assumed to be true is clearly not true. Not only must you accept this, you must accept the consequence of actions taken while you were under that misapprehension. There are times when you feel as if you've reached the end of your tether. It's time now to indulge in the healing powers of sleep. Mercury's entry into Cancer will do wonders to rejuvenate your spirits and fire up your spark plugs. You have all the intelligence, acumen and talent required to sort everything out. Strength and power are coming to the rescue.


Life rarely takes us to a point where we can feel safe in the belief that we have all that we want and can finally rest on our laurels. And if we ever do achieve that blissful realization, it quickly gets snuffed out. Ah, such is life, but you do seem to be entering a long period of harmony. Mercury's shift into Cancer will advise you on how to rescue yourself from a situation that you seem to be trapped by or stuck in. There's light at the end of that proverbial tunnel. Good news is on the way clothed in a development that is ostensibly insignificant. Believe in your entitlement to your dream and it will come. 


There is a chance to put something straight, to clear up a mess and, in the process, to create a better climate for future growth. You must be able to assume the right frame of mind, if you are to attain a special heartfelt dream. There is no point allowing the whims of others to dictate your destiny. Mercury's entry into Cancer will confirm that you are on the right path and that you are doing everything in the best way possible. A challenge you are dealing with is delivering a positive lesson. 


You can be the most eloquent person in the world, but still be no closer to achieving clear communication. But one raised eyebrow or a wriggled lip can sometimes speak volumes. Feelings are strange too. You can appear to be very happy but still be out of touch with your own heart. Mercury's entry in Cancer will help you achieve a state of calm and clear communication, so that you can hear your inner voice. A benign cosmic force is coaxing you into doing something you have been resisting. There's no telling what you can accomplish now. If something needs to happen, it will happen.


This week marks an important point in your life. You need to think about what you want to happen. Whether you like it or not, certain tasks need to be undertaken. You're feeling needlessly apprehensive. Mercury moving in Cancer is going to encourage you to understand that if you really work for what your heart desires, you will break the chains that have bound you to a way of life that is no longer fulfilling. Get ready for life in a different and much improved world. 


Opportunities come and go in a flash. You have to be quick to spot them. With the right mental attitude you can attract them and make them come with greater frequency. Mercury's shift into Cancer will show you how to develop a constructive attitude for success. To constructively use your mental power, do your best to not think about some pointless conflict or some futile fantasy. There is a chance now of reviving an old plan or opportunity. You backed away from it in the past due to a lack of confidence. You are a different person this time around. You'll know exactly what to do this time. 


You don't know how lucky you are until you lose what you've got. That's why it's important to be thankful for your blessings. Mercury moving in Cancer this week will make you notice all that is good in your life and how fortunate you are. By reaching a frame of mind like this you'll find that progress will come right where things have been blocked. A way will be found to clear a limitation or restriction. The quickest and easiest route, from where you are now, to a state of happiness will come to your attention. You'll find a way to hasten a process by which you gain what you currently seek. 


For some while, you have been thinking things through. The time has come to move an important dream back onto the front burner. Mercury's entry into Cancer will show you how to eliminate self-doubt and diffidence. You have all the talent and ingenuity needed to seize an exceptional opportunity. Don't be shy. You have an abundance of talent. There is nothing to lose and plenty to gain by being proud of your accomplishments. Expect a discovery — a eureka type moment — followed by the certainty of a course of action that must be taken. Your intuition will guide you well. 


You are no stranger to troubles. You've been through some rocky times. You have been bending over backwards in an attempt to keep or gain affection and the good will of someone. Mercury's entry into Cancer will show you how you have been putting yourself in an awkward position out of a genuinely unselfish desire to assist a deserving cause. A mixture of fear and guilt have corralled you into this predicament. Big revelations are due. Important insights will come. The result will bring a growth in your self-awareness and wisdom which in turn will bring a resolution to a dilemma you are grappling with. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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