Your horoscope for the week ahead: Mercury in Aquarius inspires independence and freedom

Opportunities are everywhere this week, pay close attention so as not to miss them.

Opportunities are everywhere this week, pay close attention so as not to miss them.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer last Friday, January 10, amplified a confluence of epic celestial activity such as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, Mercury rounding the far side of the Sun and the crescendo in the revolutionary and unpredictable energy of Uranus. The power of all these configurations cannot be overestimated. 

On Monday this week, the Sun catches up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. At the same time, Venus will enter spiritual Pisces. This will pave the way to getting some deep insights into a massive shift in your inner world. You're likely to receive powerful dreams that will present you with intriguing symbolic images that make no sense at first. 

As is always the case with symbols, give them time to reveal their meaning. Listen carefully to your breath and the sounds around you. This needs to be done now more than ever. Your inner source of wisdom will translate these symbols. You'll notice that your usual reactions to events in your life will begin to change. As your inner world goes through a transformation, your outer world of matter will reflect these changes. 

Mercury will move into innovative Aquarius for three weeks on Thursday. This week will be conducive for meeting people, fruitful conversations and networking. The planet of thought is fleeting through the heavens at top speed right now. You'll have to be alert and quick to pick up thoughts and ideas that shoot through your mind. 

Be on guard for disruptions and glitches to schedules, travel, transportation, communications and technology especially by the end of the week. Important life-changing opportunities are coming your way. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, January 13, 2020.


We find you wondering if you have some masochistic desire to wallow through emotional turmoil. Well, if you do, that's about to end. Mercury's move into Aquarius heralds a shift that will take you out of a dark cave and into the bright golden light of the Sun. You may find it hard to believe but you're doing everything in the best possible way. Have more faith in yourself. You're entering a period of time when you'll no longer face a need to react to events and respond to challenges. You'll have more choice and control. If you're not happy with your direction, you'll have the ability to choose a different one. 


The dictates of practical considerations have prevented you from following your inner calling but now Mercury's move into Aquarius is triggering a turning point. Your own creative source is going to take over the reins of control. You'll start playing by a new set of rules as an optimistic mood slowly, but assuredly. permeates your being right to the core. The inspiration will come to follow your heart and get on with fulfilling your creative potential. You'll be playing by a new set of rules that will allow you to follow your heart and get on with fulfilling your creative potential. The time has come to fulfil your true destiny.    


Life changing opportunities usually appear under the guise of a challenge, which is why we usually miss them. An ordeal you're going through is putting you through a most profound psychological transformation. Mercury's move into Aquarius will bring flashes of inspiration that will lead you to a most rewarding outcome in a perplexing relationship issue. A rich spawning ground of opportunities lies before you. A fertile time of accomplishments is within your grasp if you stay alert to the potential of what's discussed in certain social encounters. An old source of tension will disappear. Ask the right questions and you'll get the right answers. 


An idea that offers some potential for your advancement is on the table but don't be fooled by its diminutive size. Give it some thought. Doing so will make it grow larger. Mercury's shift into Aquarius will give you a chance to focus your energy and attention on creating something out of nothing. Your ideas deserve to be tabled with more confidence since that are so unique and original. There is so much that sets you above the crowd. You have a special contribution to make, so, if you wish to speak out about something that is stirring in your heart, the stars urge you to do so. Your effort will be richly rewarded. 


There's a way to embrace change in a situation that's become boring and tedious. Guard against being impetuous or impulsive about it, nor should you be discouraged. Mercury's move into Aquarius will clear a pathway to happiness. Your cumulative experience has made you worldlier, wise and capable of making perceptive insights. In the old days, this problem would have left you flummoxed and frustrated. You may well discover that you can improve this situation and make it more palatable with a slight shift in your attitude. The result will not only be gratifying, it will be heart-warming.


It feels as if it's you against the rest of the world. Everyone has a bone to pick or an objection to raise. Despite all this, positive change is undeniably knocking on your door. Make sure you open it. Don't overthink and worry about issues that are out of your control. Mercury's move into Aquarius will inspire you with some innovative notions. Tune into your breath. That will get you in contact with your inner source of wisdom. As your confidence and trust grow in your own capabilities, you'll be more in control of events than events controlling you. Impediments and encumbrances will be cleared away. 


Determination can and will help you find a way forward. Provided you combine this with a dash of adaptability, there's no reason to think you can't solve a lingering problem. You definitely want to take advantage of a wonderful new chance that life is placing before you. Stop doubting yourself and seize it as gratefully and enthusiastically as you can. At times like this it's only normal to feel restless, edgy and perhaps a little melancholy. Mercury moving into Aquarius is stirring up repressed wishes, desires and needs. Don't let it fester and turn into anxiety. You're in the process of turning negatives into positives so that you can carve out the future of your dreams. 


You have a plan, but you also have reason to question the direction you have chosen to follow. Have more faith in your decision-making abilities. Old painful memories have haunted you for long enough. Mercury's entry into Aquarius will show you how to leave your woes behind. It won't take more than a modicum of confidence to make a humble idea grow until it manifests into a wonderful reality. Just be as you are. If your motives are pure, and come from the heart, your inner source of wisdom will guide you along a wonderful journey of exploration you can trust. 


Self-doubt can scupper your chances of achieving something dear to your heart. If you don't believe that you're entitled to success and satisfaction, you risk missing a chance to get it at a time when a multitude of propitious omens bode well for you. Mercury's move into Aquarius indicates that the potential exists to accomplish some of your greatest goals. What was once unthinkable is now within the realm of reality. You've been working your way through a difficult process, but you're winning the battle. A door is opening that will lead you into a world of infinite possibilities. 


A depressing event that happened quite some time ago is now irrelevant, yet it still comes back to haunt you. Examine your daily thought stream closely and you'll find a pattern that is undermining your ability to break through a barrier. Mercury in Aquarius this week will deliver a fresh perspective. A new insight will purge you of your sadness and replenish your reservoir of joy. What you have thought all this time to be an emotional setback actually released you from a repressive way of life. You are now free to accomplish a treasured dream. A rare sense of contentment will blossom in your heart.


You're being dismissive of a proposition that seems unacceptable. If you think about it, similar criticisms could be levelled at many of the factors you encounter on a daily basis. For all intents and purposes, you have an unfair advantage over the rest of the playing field. Mercury's shift into Aquarius this week means that the umpires are essentially biased in your favour. This game is going your way. Something good is happening, despite appearances. Keep your big dream alive and the stars will deliver it to you. Nothing is perfect, but there's hidden merit in an offer that you're tempted to reject.


Plenty of demands are being placed on you. For someone who needs a lot of space, this is putting you under a fair amount of strain. You're not obliged to comply. Step away from the source of pressure and let things find their own level. Mercury moving into Aquarius will shift the tide in you favour and bring an end to a period of not taking care of your own urgent needs. Great things will come to pass if you can connect with the inner source of wisdom that is guiding you. It's showing you the way to pursue your creative vision with greater skill and ease. You'll find the courage to be guided by your deepest inspiration.