Your horoscope for the week ahead: Mars provides the power you need to fire up your physical and mental energy

This surge of energy will help you clear what needs doing with bold and decisive enthusiasm.

This surge of energy will help you clear what needs doing with bold and decisive enthusiasm

All planets go through what's known as retrograde phases, when their forward motion comes to a full stop and they turn backward against the background of fixed stars. This point is called a station retrograde. It's a powerful point when the energy of the planet expands and widens. They don't really move backward but appear to do so due to our relative motions. 

Mars this Wednesday is going to do just that. He will stop and begin his once-in-two-year retrograde journey that will last for nine weeks all the way to November 13. In ancient mythology, he is known as the god of war, but he does have a positive side too. He is also the hard-working Hercules who provides the power and force you need to fire up your physical and mental energy. You'll turn into a fire-eating dragon.  

Right now, he is in a high energy area of the sky that is activating that hugely significant cluster of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto we've been watching. This will give you a surge of energy to clear a long list of jobs that need doing. If you've been hesitating and prevaricating, you'll really appreciate the power of Mars. He will turn you into a bold and decisive general leading a vast army. You'll be taken aback by your zeal and enthusiasm. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, September 7, 2020.


You will be made privy to some important plans. It will come in the form of inside information. Do not hesitate to use the old question and answer technique in order to discover what you need to know. A certain factor must be clarified regardless of how long it takes to do so. Proceed with confidence and self-assurance knowing that honesty and integrity is on your side. Mars will empower you to work with speed and agility. You will get back in touch with a part of your life that you had all but lost faith in ever encountering again. This reconnection, once made, will never be broken again. 


Beware of negative self-fulfilling prophecies. You are not now trying to answer a question that does not make any sense. Then again, perhaps you just need to stop thinking so hard, and worrying so much. It seems that you can't get past a certain point no matter how hard you try. Try redefining your objective from a positive point of view. The energy of Mars will barrel you through all the obstacles. When the time is right to move further forward, you will end up where you need to be. What needs to happen will happen. In fact, it's already happening now. There is a distinct positive undercurrent to your cause.


What's the point of running, if you're running in the wrong direction? You've been working relentlessly day and night to solve a problem and end a difficulty. The best thing for you now is to worry less and put your feet up. Make a conscious decision to put your concerns aside. Let Mars do all the hard work. Things are better than you think, and they are about to get even better. Your personal power and ability to influence a difficult scenario is growing. Something significantly good is taking place in your life, do take it easy. 


Your sense of responsibility concerning a certain person's dilemma needs to be viewed from a more objective vantage point. Take a few moments and block out the noise of the world. Pure thoughts will soon come from an inspirational source within. These thoughts will give you the key to open the door to your emotional emancipation. Mars is getting you ready to radically alter your life in the best way possible. You now have a strong hunch. Never mind the logic. Just trust the instinct. A new adventure is beginning and, even if you're not ready for it, it's ready for you!


A problematic situation or arrangement is causing you to feel somewhat indignant. It seems that certain people are not giving you the full respect you deserve. You have a right to be angry but indulging in that emotion won't do you any good — not one iota. Mars will show you how to convert that negative energy into positive action. Stand your ground and assert your rights. Establish a clear idea of what you want. First of all, you need to be better understood. That is attainable this week. Your current plan of action sounds very convincing, appropriate and wise. You are going to be very successful.    


As if we do not already have enough to test and try us in our daily lives, we have our own imaginations to contend with. No matter what the scenario, we are capable of conjuring up countless negative associations or visualizing negative outcomes. Mars will blow all of this out of your life this week. It will prove much easier than you expect to sort a certain issue out. And what's more, the whole process will go down as a major life experience that will facilitate an expansive growth in your wisdom and street smarts.


After a while, you begin to wonder why you even bother trying to help someone out or contribute positive input into an irritating situation. It would be far easier to be as awkward and as selfish as everyone else. The reason, of course, is that you follow high principles of honesty and integrity. Things would be far worse if you were not to make all this effort. A better life is in your sights and worth fighting for. Mars will give you the daring to battle with unhelpful people. A new door is opening that will lead you directly toward an elusive goal and in the process, you will discover something about yourself that will change your future. 


Do your best to stay cool under pressure. It's taken a lot of hard work on your part, but you have acquired the skill to discipline your mind to steer away from negative streams of thought. This means that you will be receptive to several pieces of good news that are making their way toward you. They will present you with opportunities. Don't dwell on what's annoying you. Treat it like water off a duck's back. Mars will empower you to utilize a steady and unrelenting positive approach. Cultivate positive thought patterns. Your ability to adapt will get you to where you want to be. 


Don't take your current drama too seriously. Your time is too precious to waste on it. Your mind and heart are pulling you in different directions. Finding a solution will come as long you manage to keep the stress factor under control. Ordeals such as this are a source of inspiration that will enrich your soul. Mars will give you the power to voice your opinion and make people follow your lead. Very little in this world is truly cut and dry. By being open-minded you will cast light on factors that are by nature nebulous. In the process, you will expand your potential and increase your wisdom. 


It's near impossible to know what someone is thinking if they do not speak their mind. Of course, you might be a mind-reader. In some ways you are. But even so, you should not have to rely on your powers of extra-sensory perception to help you hear basic messages. And neither should you rely on your talent for telepathic transmission to be sufficient to keep everyone informed of your own needs. Mars will give you the gumption to say what's on your mind. Communication is required, but the way to achieve it is through very straight, honest talking. It will be easy for you. 


It is not that you need to learn how to be assertive. You are perfectly capable of standing up for yourself. And you certainly hate being told what to do. You are fiercely independent. Mars will make the recalcitrant side of your personality shine. And that's what people love about you. They look to you for bold leadership. Working together with others toward a common objective is a good thing, even if everyone is not as passionately recalcitrant as you are. You'll put bullies in their place. More vulnerable souls are looking to you for guidance. You are emerging in a role as a consummate leader.  


There always has to be something. No matter how hard you try to ensure that things run smoothly, a hitch will eventually occur. Mars will embolden your resolve to break through obstacles and reach a deeper understanding in a situation that requires a resolution. It's something that cannot be allowed to continue. And since no one else has your courage, it's up to you to sort this matter out. You will find a way to penetrate all the mysteries and conundrums that have left others flummoxed. You will attain the clarity and vision needed to clear a major constraint and encumbrance.  

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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