Your horoscope for the week ahead: Mars in Capricorn is a boon to your work and love life

Mercury goes retrograde this week, but it can be a good thing.

Mercury goes retrograde this week, but it can be a good thing.

You're likely to feel quite restless and ambitious as this week gets underway. That will be due to Venus' entry into feisty Aries last Friday followed up by Sunday's Full Moon Supermoon in fiery Leo. Put all the energy to work in a constructive way lest you start gnawing and chewing your furniture like a beaver. Leo encourages us to express ourselves. 

Perhaps, you've been smitten by love just in time for Valentine's Day on Friday the 14th.  Lucky you. It'll be a great day for a feast. Keep in mind that Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday February 16. Don't panic. Everything will work out just fine. Just make sure you don't get misunderstood or misunderstand what you hear. Speak clearly and unambiguously. 

That Venus in Aries will have Cupid firing arrows every which way. Don't worry if your signs don't match according to what you've read. Anyone can get along with anyone if they're willing to try hard enough to reach an understanding.

Another important shift comes on Sunday, February 16th as Mars enters the sober sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, the infamous taskmaster. Mars, the power planet, likes Capricorn. This will help you cobble together good solid plans regarding your career and life goals. It will also help you establish security in your love life. Take your time. Don't feel rushed. Mercury will take of things for you. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, February 10, 2020.


Hope springs eternal. And you have every reason to feel hopeful – perhaps, more than most people. You are living on an oasis of life where, against the odds, there is fresh air to breathe – and it's free. Your precious breath should never be taken for granted. Mars moving into Capricorn this week will make you feel like an eagle soaring high above earth. Every moment of your life is magic. A certain bold move may seem too big a risk but taking that route could put you on the path with heart. This week brings a burst of courage. You have a chance now to lay claim to what you heart wants. You can turn your hope into reality.  


You are performing a delicate balancing act between your past and your future as you gradually move into a new phase of your life with new priorities. Your eyes are starting to open to a new beginning. That's all making your present feel so uneasy. Try not to think about what is causing you so much aggravation. Mars moving into Capricorn this week will help you conjure up a solid plan. To help you get through this, focus on thoughts and ideas that generate mirth and merriment. You may not know quite yet where you are being led, but you know innately that it's going to be fabulous – and a lot of fun. 


Ingenuity is not in short supply with you. Something has happened that has made you re-evaluate your direction in life. Everything is vague and confusing. Mars moving into Capricorn will introduce you to a series of events of a positive nature. It won't all happen at once. Give it a little time. Bit by bit, you are being led to your dreamland. Winter comes before spring. Soon the weather will warm. Your determination is backed up by a friendly Universe which is your guarantee of success. You will get to where you want to be even if at present you're not sure where that is. You are most fortunate and soon you will get indisputable proof.  


We all suffer from the human proclivity to turn insecurities into towering mountains. There is something that you must do. It's got you worried, but you need not be. The odds are in your favour that you will be immensely successful. Mars moving into Capricorn will put you on the road to get to where you want to be. If you are to embrace a joyous future, you must be brave and take a decisive line of action. The most rewarding experiences in life invariably come from an encounter with the new. Stay in close contact with your intuition and the Universe will make sure you achieve your dreams.


An unacceptable situation is being tolerated. Mars moving into Capricorn will help you see through pretenses and rose-coloured glasses. Reality must be faced. You have to move with conviction, determination and courage. This is not a time to do anything in half measure. It is time to wholeheartedly undertake what your heart bids you to do. You have every right to pursue the miraculous. It is possible to resolve every issue and address every need. Your plans will have a far better impact that you dared to hope for. In fact, you'll soon have every reason to celebrate as your dreams flourish and prosper. 


Beware of getting side-tracked by a certain negative viewpoint. It's all too easy to criticize and beat yourself up. With Mars moving into Capricorn, you'll experience a solid shift in your mood. You will be blessed with many creative insights that will empower your cause. It's not a question of effort now, so much as following your inner radar and making use of your charm and charisma. Keep your hands firmly on the tiller and steer your ship through an opening that's coming up. You will attract admirers and invitations. You will somehow manage to get whatever it is you need the most, just when you need it most. 


It's all a state of mind. You need to feel free to do what needs to be done. Take a little time out to breathe and connect to your inner source of wisdom. You can count on it to help you through any challenge. It will give you a sense of certainty that you will succeed. Don't let yourself be dragged down to earth by a minor matter when your spirit longs to soar to the mountaintop. Mars moving into Capricorn is going to make you assertive, dynamic and maybe a little argumentative. You may be under pressure but you are a winner, even if you're not yet convinced. Coming events will bring proof that you are on track. 


Finding the path of least resistance isn't easy in a world filled with boundaries and barriers. The rebel in you always resolves to overcome challenges in direct relation to the power of what opposes you. Mars moving into Capricorn will help you put together a plan that will bring you what you want. If forces of negativity think they can beat you, they have another thing coming. Once you make up your mind, your willpower is second to none. You have the power now to really get things moving. You can make something happen in grand style. So, fear not. What you need is on the way. Keep this in mind at all times this week. 


Some situations just do not respond logic. You can stay up all night trying to work them out, but in the end, try with all your might and you still won't succeed in making sense of them. Your current difficulty does not fall under that category. With mighty Mars moving into stable Capricorn this week, you'll see through distractions that seem so ridiculous and aggravating. Take it all in stride. Smile with a light heart. Challenges that once overwhelmed you will, from this moment henceforth, require far less energy to conquer.


We find you dealing with a relatively small problem that is attracting a lot of attention. It seems bigger than it actually is. The good news is that Mars moving into Capricorn this week will help you put everything into proper perspective. The planet of strength will activate your reserves of power and energy with a powerful thrust. It will enable you to blast your way out of an unwelcome predicament. It will give you a valuable measure of control over some emotional issues. By delving deep into yourself, you will be led to success. It all hinges on believing in the inner source that is guiding you 


You now have a chance to really prove yourself and overcome limitations that have held you back. Progress is still not moving as fast as you wish. You've got plenty of confidence, which is a big part of success. What you need is a little more serendipity and a dash of lucky happenstance. The Mars shift into Capricorn will do just that by getting you noticed by people of influence. A lot of effort is still required on your part, but you will enjoy it. The work required to accomplish your dream will come almost effortlessly as serendipity enters your life for a lengthy visit. 


This is due to be a very special week for you. You'll be blessed with many creative insights and the determination to get you through these times of stress. In a most peculiar way, your challenges are making you wiser and stronger. With Mars entering the hard-working sign of Capricorn, you will discover a bolder, stronger and shrewder individual emerging from within. You will free yourself from an old emotion that has been clinging to you. You'll be surprised to discover how you've been cradling an old hurt from the past. You are free now to embrace an exciting and vibrant future. 


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