Your horoscope for the week ahead: Leo season brings a mood shift — and a little drama

Also, tread carefully as you navigate the tumultuous energy of Pluto opposing Mercury and the sun.

Also, tread carefully as you navigate the tumultuous energy of Pluto opposing Mercury and the sun

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It's best to tread carefully at the start of this week. On Monday, chatty Mercury in sensitive Cancer opposes transformative Pluto in assertive Capricorn, creating a confusing energy that can skew our thoughts and feelings. Be wary of anyone working extra hard to sell you on an idea, as they may have a hidden agenda. If you lean on your natural sense of compassion to navigate this influence, you may find that it actually helps to expand your awareness of others. 

Mercury will then glide into confident Leo on Tuesday, making us more capable of summoning courage with our words. When the planet of communication moves through this charismatic sign, we tend to feel unafraid — or even excited — to command the spotlight. Hone your ideas before presenting them to the world and you could find yourself a whole new audience during this period. 

Meanwhile, as the ego-ruling sun in intuitive Cancer opposes secretive Pluto, we'll be called to release our need for control. The tumultuous energy of this second alignment involving Pluto encourages us to be aware of our limitations and to seek out humility. If you notice that change is imminent, do your best to let go and make way for the new. Acting with pride can do more harm than good as these heavenly bodies clash.

The mood will shift when the sun enters outgoing Leo on Friday. The sun loves inhabiting this fixed fire sign, emphasizing the lion's best qualities and helping us craft our images and celebrate our individuality. Throughout Leo season, you may notice other people acting like exaggerated versions of themselves — try to have a little fun with it and enjoy the drama, should any arise. Just be careful that your own expressions of self-love don't slip over to narcissism during this time. Staying aware of how you're presenting yourself to others will be key.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 18, 2022. 


Give yourself the royal treatment, Aries. If you're craving more glamour as you go about your days these next couple weeks, don't be afraid to treat yourself to something special that will help increase your confidence. Nurturing your creative interests will also become a top priority as you start to explore hobbies that reignite your fiery spirit. Rediscover your passions by making something that's just for you. Then, at the end of the week, you could find yourself connecting with a new social circle that shares your interests. Be sure to keep your schedule open so you can forge these friendships. 


Negotiation is necessary this week, Taurus. So weigh your options carefully before moving forward in any direction. If you're in a relationship, you could feel at odds with your partner when discussing your shared income. Be sure to take mental notes when conversations about your cash pop up and you'll learn how to communicate better regarding finances. If you're single, this week's transits could help strengthen your awareness of how you react to others. By the end of the week, achieving your own version of domestic bliss will feel within reach, as your focus shifts to home and family. Re-centre yourself by tending to your space with the people you love.   


Are you fighting a war of your own making, Gemini? It's time to check in with yourself and let go of what's not working. If you've been feeling conflicted or bogged down with work, take a step back this week to collect your energy and look at how you've been structuring your days. You may come up with easier ways to get through your tasks while taking better care of your body. Meanwhile, carving out a little extra time to polish your image could help to boost your mood — and your ego. So let your charismatic spirit shine from within as you work on elevating your appearance during this period. 


Stop wrestling with yourself, Cancer. This week, choose to focus on creating inner harmony and nurturing self-love. If you've been struggling with a particular decision, taking some space from it and getting an outside perspective from a trusted friend could help you to determine what's right for you. Meanwhile, you may find yourself facing another choice involving money. As you're forced to choose between having fun and being practical, consider what can come from delaying gratification. Supporting your own growth will ultimately provide more rewards than material pleasures. 


Try not to make any hasty decisions this week, Leo. A dispute at home could become a lasting rift if you're not careful. If you find yourself in a hot debate with loved ones over how to improve your space, make a big move or pay off bills, use your conversations to gather information so you can focus on achieving a compromise that makes everyone happy. Once you've found a solution, and everyone calms down, you'll be in the mood to celebrate and shine. People may even point out that you're glowing brighter and speaking more confidently, so be sure to take advantage and soak up the recognition you deserve.


It's time to step up your game, Virgo. As you prepare to embark on a new career chapter, make an effort to refine your public persona and take some well-calculated steps that will propel you toward your goals. New ideas for your work could blossom from conversations with loved ones. Be open to their advice, as it could lead you down a fruitful path. At the end of the week, you may feel called to focus on your spiritual side. Pay close attention to your dreams during this time, as they could contain truths that you've previously been unwilling to face. If you allow these revelations to strengthen your heart, you can get to know yourself more honestly. 


Keeping your composure will take you far, Libra. Your supportive nature is reassuring to people, allowing them to feel safe and comforted as challenges pop up. You may have to bear the brunt of a change at work this week, especially if you work for yourself. Try to think of any setbacks as lessons that will prepare you for the future and enhance your savviness around money. Accept your evolution for what it is, and don't let them see you sweat. Then, at the end of the week, blow off some steam by filling up your social and catching up with people who truly get your silly side.


Change is coming, Scorpio. Right now, you've got an opportunity to get on board with a career-shifting idea — or stay in the past. If you discover that colleagues have been making plans without you, get caught up to speed and start strategizing instead of seeking revenge. Then, when the timing is right, you'll be in a prime position to act. Toward the end of the week, your keen mind could begin dreaming up your next professional move. Be sure to jot down your thoughts as inspiration strikes so you can refer back to them later. You could also meet people who know how to expand your wealth this weekend, so dress sharp. 


Do your professional goals line up with your true desires, Sagittarius? Reflecting on how you'd like to be remembered could help you figure out how you really want to move forward in your career and in life. As you ponder, try to ignore outside opinions so you can focus on finding what works best for you. Meanwhile, throw yourself into anything that brings you pleasure. Research travel destinations, educational opportunities or even philosophies that will expand your mind. By the weekend, you'll be ready to share your ideas with people who appreciate your unique point of view.


Are you struggling to keep up, Capricorn? If it feels difficult to fit everything into your schedule this week, eliminate unnecessary tasks by being brutally honest with yourself about what really needs to be done. Once you rid yourself of all that busy-work, you can begin to optimize your most essential duties. Try swapping productivity-boosting techniques with friends and family this weekend. Meanwhile, look into how you could upgrade your morning routine to set the best tone for the day ahead. Starting things off with some meditation or by setting a simple intention can help you to snap out of old habits and gain new perspective. 


Be mindful of what you reveal to others, Aquarius. Conversations at work could dredge up unexpected feelings and unearth power struggles between colleagues this week. Try not to be too swayed by what others tell you, as hasty action could have permanent consequences. Listen closely, sure, but remember that people often act out of fear rather than love. A new competitor could also make themselves known at work during this time, stoking feelings of insecurity. Instead of firing back, choose to shift your focus toward strengthening partnerships and relationships — your rival could become an ally one day.


Your empathy is being tested, Pisces. If you find yourself struggling to understand the views of your loved ones this week, stay open to hearing their perspectives. Expanding your awareness can help repair any damage and get you back on the same page. Meanwhile, new light could be shed on your wellness routine, inspiring you to take action. You may need to adjust your schedule to take better care of your physical being. Fittingly, you'll be in a no-nonsense mood and ready to take your health more seriously. This is a beautiful moment to begin a practice that will bring you closer to your goals, so focus on creating transformation for good.

Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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