Your horoscope for the week ahead: It's time to focus on your goals as Jupiter moves into Capricorn

Tune into your inner self and fire up your willpower to make big progress.

Tune into your inner self and fire up your willpower to make big progress.

This week is dominated by the news that expansive Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and enters sober Capricorn where he'll remain all the way to December 2020. Some say that Jupiter doesn't like to be in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Well, it's true that in Greek mythology, Zeus and Cronus (known to the Romans as Jupiter and Saturn respectively) didn't get along well. Cronos was Jupiter's father. To protect his reign as the head of all the Titans, Cronos ate his offspring, but Zeus got away with some help. He grew up and with his brothers Hades (Pluto) and Poseidon (Neptune), who also escaped the devouring grasp of Cronos, conspired to overthrow their father and were successful. 

Jupiter represents a powerful cosmic force. When we tap into his expansive energy our world grows and overthrows the old. Jupiter in Capricorn is going to be good. He will guide you on how to be practical and sensible. You will be restrained from squandering your energy and resources. Jupiter in Capricorn will show you how to sensibly build your future and give your dreams form and substance.  

A Venus sextile Mars and Mercury sextile Pluto on Tuesday will infuse this week with a feelgood energy and bring some much-needed clarity. The Moon's entry into Aries, ruled by Mars, on Thursday will fire up your willpower. The week ends with Sun and Neptune linked in a square which will guide you in your search for purpose and meaning. Your meditation practices will thrive. Tune into your inner self and live in the moment. Problems will be solved. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, December 2, 2019.


The rethink of a big plan is nearly complete. A certain notion that was unworkable just a few weeks ago is evolving into a grand scheme. It's rapidly becoming a contender for success. Jupiter's move into Capricorn will help you put flesh and bones on a vision. You'll exude confidence and a sense of stability. You'll find yourself batting away challenges that used to thwart you with expert ease. This week brings a chance for you to shine. Trust your heart, worry less, and know that the Universe has your back. A lucky turn of events is going to move you ahead. You can look forward to the most rewarding results. 


Someone's exasperating behaviour is pushing your buttons. You've wanted to draw a line in the sand and say, "no more," but at the same time you don't want to trigger any uncomfortable feelings. It's necessary, of course, to stand up for yourself. Jupiter's entry into Capricorn will show you how to draw a line in the sand without ruffling any feathers. There's always a way to say what needs to be said. Most people are reasonable and will understand you. If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything. Better still, bring up subjects that are positive and uplifting. Watch how people warm up and smile. 


Some messages need to be delivered clearly and loudly, regardless of how well they are likely to be received. There are, though, other points that can and should be put more delicately. Jupiter's move into Capricorn will guide you towards putting a sensible and practical plan into action. Your communication skills will save the day. A compromise in an arrangement can be struck. It's important to move fast, but without rushing things. Progress needs to proceed incrementally like the minute hand of the clock ticking off time. This will steadily move in a constructive and positive direction. 


For every argument, there's a counter argument. You have a plan, but you're wondering about the direction that you've chosen for yourself. Should you ignore your doubts and battle through, or should you pay heed to your reservations and postpone a time of decision? Jupiter's move into Capricorn will clear away any ambiguity. Reassuring news will come that will warm your heart and bring the clarity you crave. A voice from the creative core of your being has been guiding you along. The only threat to your success is your own self-doubt. You're entitled to success and satisfaction. All will become clear. 


Words we speak have a habit of hanging around for a long time, especially when they're uttered in a moment of spontaneous anger. What's been said or done can't be altered, so it's best to pause before making angry pronouncements. Jupiter's move into Capricorn will guide you into understanding how your occasional impulsive and irritable responses, as innocent as they might be, set off an emotional storm with someone or some people. A quiet life is not really what you're after, but you'd like to have love and warmth in your personal relationships. Your wish will be granted.


Be thankful for the tectonic shifts that come as a result of failures and disappointments. It's how we respond to them that makes the difference. A bold, determined response is what turns them into colossal turning points. There's nothing like the hard blast of a failure to get us motivated and willing to fight on. You've had the sense that you're stretching out to something you want, but it's always just a little further away that you first thought. Jupiter's move into Capricorn will make you realize that you're doing fabulously well. Don't worry about running so hard after your object of desire. What you want will seek you out. 


We never know what will cross our path in the future. It's only human nature to think that it will be something negative, but that's a mistake. Ideal conditions are in place for you to meet up with something wonderful. Pressures have hampered your ability to maintain faith in a big and all-important dream, but Jupiter's entry into Capricorn is shifting the tide in your favour. An intrepid spirit always attracts the help of the stars. Nothing is perfect, but there's hidden merit in an offer that you're perusing. Something is in the works that has the potential to improve your wellbeing. You're riding on the up elevator.


A certain troublesome issue you're dealing with now is a reflection of what's happening in your inner world. You're essentially the director and producer of your life. To fix your problems in this world of matter, you need to look into the spiritual realm. Jupiter's move into Capricorn will cast a light on what is happening in that inner world. You'll find that there's a limit to what you can accomplish single-handedly. Making it alone is a struggle. To lighten the load, you'll find yourself expanding your network of friends. Somewhere, there is a collaborative possibility that holds forth a great deal of promise.


Problems often arise when we share dreams and goals with people. Differences in our values and what we hold dear come out into the open. You feel now that there's precious little point in discussing your ideas in more depth. Don't let a sense of urgency force you into making a decision that requires more reflection. Make sure you're being listened to. Jupiter's move into Capricorn will provide some practical advice on what to do. You mustn't allow your ideas to be glossed over or distracted by the trivial. Go where your heart is leading you – not where others are pushing you. 


Your determination and your resilience are virtues to be proud of. They are your secret weapons in confronting the vicissitudes of life. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by other people's complaints or by your own doubts. Always maintain a positive vision. Jupiter's move into your sign will make you an island of certainty in an ocean of uncertainty. Slowly but steadily, you're making progress towards your dream. All that matters now is that you trust your vision. New and intriguing possibilities will emerge over the next few days. Somewhere near, there's a great discovery to be made. 


You should find the coming days to be less hectic, though no less inspiring. What recently caused you so much concern has been rendered irrelevant after the application of some of your legendary ingenuity. It only goes to show how quickly things can change. Delightfully, nothing lasts forever. Not even problems! If your life is still charged with tension, you can count on Jupiter's move into Capricorn to help you focus like a laser on the most practical thing that you can do to alleviate your worries. All that matters now is that you trust your vision, despite any foreboding sentiments. You have every reason to feel excited about your future. 


You've accomplished so much in your lifetime, but you haven't yet come anywhere close to the peak of your potential. Jupiter's move into Capricorn will give you some invaluable practical insights on who you are and how you are limiting yourself. You're crossing the threshold into a new chapter in your life. Work will begin on what you came into this world to do in this lifetime. Everything will turn out well. Some minor subtle adjustments are all that are needed. You'll make the reassuring discovery that a little can help you achieve a lot. The most wonderful adventures are about to begin.