Your horoscope for the week ahead: If you've been waiting to go after something you desire, the time is now

Stay the course and remain objective to reach new and unexpected paths of being.

Stay the course and remain objective to reach new and unexpected paths of being

Collage of pink clouds and a starry night sky over rolling hills. A blue wheel of zodiac signs with a first quarter moon in the centre sits nestled into the clouds.

We'll have a new appreciation for hard work starting Tuesday, when energetic Mars enters stable Taurus. As this fiery planet moves through this earthy sign, our stamina and drive will be strengthened. Consider how you can achieve long-term results under this valuable transit. 

A welcome surge in confidence also arrives on Tuesday, when chatty Mercury in intuitive Cancer forms a sextile with enthusiastic Mars in warmhearted Taurus. It's a great day to power through your to-do list or take a leap of faith. If you've been waiting for the right moment to act or go after something you desire, that time is now. 

On Wednesday, it's time to take a step back and assess how our partnerships and relationships really make us feel as the emotion-ruling moon enters her first quarter in diplomatic Libra. Avoid falling into people-pleasing traps under this influence. Don't let the needs of others stop you from achieving your own goals. 

Be ready to put your money where your mouth is on Saturday, when intellectual Mercury in sensitive Cancer creates a square with expansive Jupiter in impatient Aries. It's easy to talk a big game — and make even bigger mistakes — as these planets clash in the sky. Practice humility to help combat any arrogant energy and avoid getting egg on your face. This is a day to focus on details and double-check your work.

Cosmic relief comes on Sunday, as the ego-ruling sun in imaginative Cancer sextiles enigmatic Uranus in stable Taurus. We're free to be ourselves and get comfortable in our skin as these heavenly bodies work together. Use this transit to connect with people who lift you up and help you to amplify your inner voice. Embrace the unexpected and explore new paths of being.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 4, 2022.


Strike up a conversation this week, Aries. Thanks to your natural charisma, you could be on the verge of creating an exciting new friendship or flirtation. You may also feel torn concerning a decision that affects your home and family during this time. Weigh your options, but don't wait too long to make the call — hesitation will only increase your anxiety. Lean on your natural intuition to guide you. Near the end of the week, have someone help you look over essential details, especially when making travel plans or decisions about school or education. Overconfidence could make you miss some easily avoidable problems.


You're ready to open your heart, Taurus. And fortunately, the current cosmic energy could lead you to rewarding philanthropy or charity work this week, so invest your time in looking for ways to give back. Be extra careful, though, when discussing your wealth or blessings in general. It's cool to be thankful for what you have, but try to be sensitive to the feelings of others who may not be doing as well as you. At the end of the week, talking through your professional ambitions with loved ones could help to increase your confidence at work. Ask yourself what you'd like to accomplish if nothing were holding you back. 


Let your softer side shine, Gemini. This week, you may find yourself craving deeper conversations. Don't be afraid to express your emotions as you become aware of them, and get ready to know yourself in a brand new way. You might also be motivated to pursue your creative interests more seriously. This could require making a financial commitment in order to hone your expertise. Follow your instincts and leave your doubts behind. Nearing the end of the week, you'll feel more optimistic than usual, but it's essential to keep your feet on solid ground. Practicing humility could help you to avoid embarrassment and sharpen your focus. 


Connect your passion with your purpose, Cancer. You could find more fulfilment in your work by following your heart this week. Ask yourself how you can use your skills to uplift those in need. Be gentle with yourself during this time too, as perceived pressures in your friendships could create unnecessary anxiety. Step outside your viewpoint to get some fresh perspective. Toward the end of the week, overconfidence in your abilities could be your downfall. If you find that things aren't going your way, ask yourself: what's the difference between bad luck and bad planning? Whatever you're working on, take a moment to think things through.


Watch your spending this week, Leo. Your relationship with money is connected to your emotional well-being. If you can remember to keep your cool when it comes to your cash, you'll be able to build a better understanding of your finances overall. This will be particularly important later in the week, when you could be tempted to overspend or unconsciously rack up charges on your credit card. Hold on to your receipts, and return anything non-essential if you do go too far. This weekend, unleash your inner goofball, especially around your loved ones. Keep people guessing and entertained as you let loose. 


Embrace your innate sensuality, Virgo. You may notice that your thirst for pleasure and indulgence is heightened this week. If you're in a relationship, this energy provides an excellent opportunity to articulate your needs and test out what works best for both of you. If you're single, it's a good time to figure out precisely what you want. On the home front, approach domestic matters with caution and clarity, as it will be easy to make miscalculations that cause time-consuming cleanups. If you're working in the kitchen, triple-check your ingredients and ensure you're careful with your appliances — mistakes happen, even to the best of us. 


Vulnerability is beautiful, Libra. If you're unattached and ready to let your guard down, you could create meaningful connections this week. Take the opportunity to ask someone out and let them get to know you. If you're in a relationship, connect with your partner by revisiting happy memories. Mid-week, you could be faced with an important decision regarding your work, causing you to freeze in your tracks. Take some time to make your choice, but don't get too worked up over it. An abundance of enthusiasm could be misinterpreted as arrogance this weekend. Suppress the urge to speak over others and listen carefully to what they have to say. 


Your perfectionist attitude can help you to accomplish great things this week, Scorpio. You may find yourself inspired to streamline your schedule, identifying and eliminating time-sucking tasks. Thrilling ideas to level up your career could also pop into your head, especially if you're considering further education or travel. Now is the time to work toward goals that require diligence. Meanwhile, overspending could be an issue for you during this period, so be careful with your cash. Make extra time to go over every detail when dealing with your money, as it could easily slip through your fingers. 


Are you feeling extra sensitive lately, Sagittarius? Over the next few weeks, you may find it difficult to receive constructive feedback. But remember that people who help you identify cracks ultimately want to help you succeed. Try to focus on building up your self-esteem. Over the weekend, stay grounded in reality. Overly optimistic thinking and behaviour could cause things to come crashing down in a bad way if you aren't careful. There's no crime in being positive, but ignoring the facts may have you wishing you'd acted differently. Don't underestimate the power of listening. 


There's nothing wrong with being a little boring, Capricorn. Stability is the secret to your success. Spending time with loved ones at home, this week, can help you sort out your schedule, prioritize your to-dos and recalibrate. If you've been struggling with a romantic dilemma, you may also be presented with the opportunity to act during this time. Don't hesitate — a decision will help soothe your mind and heart. This weekend, try not to overextend yourself. Decide what responsibilities you can let slide. Casual conversations could lead to a smart idea for what to do with your money this weekend too. Use your discretion, but make your move. 


It's time to fill up your social calendar, Aquarius. If you've been wanting to plan something special, this is a beautiful time to get your favourite people together. Make plans with family, friends or colleagues to enjoy the summer season in style. A new interest or educational pursuit could also demand space in your schedule this week. Weigh your options and make decisions that help you to nurture your mind. This weekend, discussing your responsibilities with loved ones could help you find better ways to get things done. Exploring alternative methods can help save time.


Discuss your needs, Pisces. Opening up to your loved ones about what you want can help you find a solution as a team this week. Your focus is razor-sharp, and together there's nothing you can't accomplish. An heirloom or inheritance could also fall in your lap during this time, causing you to seek guidance about what action to take. Evaluate the players involved, and act with consideration as you make your decision. At the end of the week, triple-check your work, as overconfidence could cause you to make mistakes that keep you working well past closing time. Erring on the side of caution will help you to avoid any confusion. 

Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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