Your horoscope for the week ahead: Here's how to make the Mercury retrograde work for you

It’s time to knuckle down and fix what’s wrong.

It’s time to knuckle down and fix what’s wrong

Here we are again in the midst of another Mercury retrograde. They come once-every-four-months. Mercury, known as Hermes in more ancient times, translates the energy generated by the interaction of all the planets. We're living through a highly dynamic time with Saturn, the inspector, and Pluto, the enforcer, working closely together. It's hard work. 

The Mercury retrograde (when Mercury appears to be moving backwards), runs from July 7 to July 31, but you may have noticed the symptoms for several weeks. The swirling waters of Mercury's retrograde started to suck us into the slipstream in mid-June. The cycle is particularly strong this time around. You may have noticed disruptions affecting your life like technical glitches, travel and transportation delays, disagreements and a whole litany of communication problems 

It's all going to work out just fine. The key is to remain determined and positive. This is a work-in-progress-cycle when everything is under construction and repair. It's often accompanied by a "this can't be happening" kind of feeling. Listen to your breath. Listen to the birds singing. Listen the wind blowing through the trees. Don't worry. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 8, 2019.


You may not be a patient person, but you're deft and adaptable. It's that impatience in your character that gets things moving. As the Mercury retrograde gets underway, you'll learn about some hidden influences that are affecting your life. This will prove very timely, as you're currently hurtling toward a certain decision that will have vital and positive ramifications. Speak up and be heard. With the insights you are about to gain a spirit of independence will be stirred into action. 


It's strange how some problems boomerang back. You think you're rid of them, but before long they return for a curtain call. This Mercury retrograde will teach you much. It will bring valuable insights into what's been holding you back. This time around you'll resolve an old issue with ease using a final and definitive solution. You'll wonder why you didn't think of it before. Don't let that worry you. The cosmos teaches according to its own schedule. Now, you're ready to start living the dream. 


Mercury retrogrades are known to set off alarm bells as plans get blocked and strategies grind to a halt, but when viewed from a positive vantage point, they work in concert with a compassionate Universe to ensure you succeed in achieving your dreams. It may be hard to believe, but Mercury is introducing you to a dazzling new chapter in your life that will be bathed in a golden light of happiness. As your wisdom blossoms, you'll find that far less energy than normal will be required to overcome your challenges. 


A little bit of absurdity is a fine thing. You might think that a particular idea or proposition is far too out there. But then again, maybe it's not out there enough. The world has plenty to offer you right now, but what with all the challenges you're dealing with, you may not appreciate all that's good. The Mercury retrograde will bestow you with an appealing vision of what you want to achieve. It may seem kind of far-fetched right now, but just give it a little time. Concrete and positive developments will prove you're on the right track. 


Unconscious thoughts and feelings are working at cross purposes. Without being aware of how or why, you've been undermining yourself. Up until now, you've been going round and round like goldfish in a bowl. The Mercury retrograde will bring several epiphanies. The great communicator is leading you to a eureka moment that will reveal your true potential and facilitate a great escape. An amazing success approaches as you learn to have faith in your many talents. The gates into a new world are opening.


It won't be long before you wake up and see the light. You have a range of positive possibilities and attractive alternatives lining up before you. The Mercury retrograde will help you understand that what you need to overcome is not so much any external problem, but your own scepticism. Auspicious celestial developments are offering you support and the promise of deliverance. There's good reason to feel confident about a goal you wish to achieve. It's perfectly feasible and attainable. 


You'll be held in detention after school. You must write "Everything is fine" fifty times. Mercury will be standing over you waving his magic wand and guiding you through each and every word. Mercury retrograde cycles often make us feel negative about our prospects. Quite the opposite is true. You're being guided to the path of victory. A deep surge of positive energy is about to blow away your doubts and propel you to happiness in a vital scenario.


It's true that you have some difficulties plaguing you, but it's also true that you're strong and have a special ability to get hits when the tension is high. That's a special talent you wouldn't want to swap for all the gold in the Royal Canadian Mint. The Mercury retrograde will help you put your problems in proper perspective and not allow them to bully you into fear mode. Determination is the key. You have more than enough personal power and influence to pull off a miracle. Trust your inner source of wisdom. It's with you through thick and thin. You can count on it.


Your dilemma stems from a plan you're entertaining. It sounds rather bold, yet it appears to be entirely feasible and even likely to succeed. If anyone doubts your potential for success, they obviously lack your vision. Just make sure your sense of humour stays in good health. You probably don't realize how appealing your ideas are. You have an army of fans and admirers. Perhaps, that's a slight exaggeration, but it won't hurt to think that way. Just relax a little, if you can, and watch what happens as the Mercury retrograde fires up your spirits. 


An exciting array of opportunities lie in wait for you. It'll be an ambush you revel in. An arrangement you would like to see can and will work as soon as the Mercury retrograde causes a key piece of information to surface. Remind yourself that every problem no matter how challenging has resolution. The process requires patience and innovative thinking. It will all lead to finding a clever way of resolving a most pressing, but what will prove to be an easily beatable challenge. 


You perceive a downside to a certain process you're working on. Sometimes we feel inclined to think there isn't one. It's good to be positive, but we must be aware of possible pit holes. The Mercury retrograde will help you look at a certain plan from top to bottom and from every angle. It looks good and probably is good, but thorough investigation on your part will put your mind at ease. You make the calls. Don't allow yourself to be pushed into making a premature decision. 


If you doubt your ability to win hearts, minds and even financial wrangles, watch what happens as the week unfolds. There are times when you feel disillusioned with the universe and everything it contains. The Mercury retrograde will bring all your doubts and misgivings to your attention, but they'll rapidly evaporate as a positive series of developments changes everything for the better. It's taken long enough. It will soon be irrefutably clear that you are moving closer to a certain happy outcome you have been longing for.


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