Your horoscope for the week ahead: Get ready to see results

Things start to change in a favourable way in this pivotal week.

Things start to change in a favourable way in this pivotal week.

Last week's New Moon kicked off a highly auspicious lunar month that will reach the First Quarter Phase on Tuesday this week. This is when the waxing Moon grows into an illuminated right-sided semicircle. Our celestial mother will rise in the east at about 2:30pm but won't become clearly visible until after the sunset.

The First Quarter Moon is the point when the seeds planted with the New Moon begin blossoming. It's in Capricorn so there is the promise of getting some solid results from your efforts.

Mercury and Venus join up in a warm embrace on Monday just before the First Quarter. It's always lovely when this happens. If there is something you really want, this alignment will be of immense help to you.

Mercury, the Master of Strategy, will engage in a dynamic angle to feisty Mars on Friday. It will produce the usual delays and glitches to communications, but chances are high that it will deliver a lucky roll of the dice. An unexpected gift from the heavens could drop into your lap. To find it, look up and listen to the wind blowing through the trees.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, October 15, 2018.


A situation of utmost importance has been rather unstable for a long time. Well, take comfort in the fact that the whole world is suffering from the same ailment. You'd be hard-pressed to find stability anywhere. It's a rare commodity. The First Quarter Moon will help you understand that you must not lower your expectations or indulge in doubt. You have good reason to feel proud of who you are and where you are going. You'll get here. All that's required is to extend the timescale – not much, just a little.  


Doubt is a black hole that sucks the light out of our hopes and dreams. The First Quarter Moon will mark a point when your fears and insecurities are significantly reduced. Helpful information will reach your ears thanks to your growing ability to turn problems into opportunities. The new and powerful you of today can vanquish challenges that once upon a time were unbeatable. The true extent your abilities will be revealed not only to you, but to people in your surroundings. You'll be soon pulling rabbits out of hats.


An intimidating set of circumstances is preventing you from seeing the positively stellar outlook that lies ahead. The world is arguably going through unstable times, but for you now, there is a way to successfully weave your way through it all. The First Quarter Moon is ushering in an exciting chapter of adventure. A problem that has weighted heavily on you has begun to dissolve and diminish in power. Remind yourself that life was meant to be enjoyed. You have a chance to explore a wonderful option.


It's not easy to keep yourself and everyone in your life happy, but the First Quarter Moon will help you find a way to ease the tension that has been building up between yourself and a certain person. Laying blame on anyone or uttering angry words will only lead to more irritation and frustration. Harmony will come if you take a conciliatory approach. All that is wrong can be put right. Good things will come to pass as you forge new pathways of positive communication. It will give you a sense of achievement and ultimately make you feel good about who you are.


Old sources of angst no longer torment you. Life has moved you to a higher level of understanding. You've faced a huge challenge and won. It's time to survey your future with your newly found emotional and spiritual strength. Thanks to the First Quarter Moon, it will begin to dawn on you that you are free to move on from an old and protracted drama. A new world is inviting you in. Factors that were once so worrisome will turn into sources of mirth and amusement. You will no longer be reluctant to try out a new idea that's been on your mind.


You're not the gambling type, but the First Quarter Moon is daring you to take a calculated gamble. There have been times when you're not sure whether to laugh or cry. You've been trying for a long time to solve puzzle that ought, in theory, to be easy. Keep hope alive. Don't give up. Astrological indications suggest a breakthrough is approaching when you can leap across a gap that has always been too wide. You're bigger and stronger now. You've grown. You will vault to the other side with ease. A significant chance to improve your lot in life has arrived.


Unless you've got something essential to say, just sit back and listen. Let others do all the talking. The First Quart Moon is enhancing your ability for objective scrutiny. All you need is a period of calm reflection to acquire a deeper understanding of a perplexing dilemma. Some perspicacious insights will help you recognize a way to break free from an unsatisfactory arrangement. Put your misgivings aside and trust the wisdom of what you are starting to see. A permanent, positive change is much easier to instigate you than you think.


A plan you are considering is riddled with inefficiencies, inconsistencies and irregularities. It's situation that generating a great deal of tension, because you really want to get moving on accomplishing a crucial objective. Well, it's good that you've spotted the problems. The First Quarter Moon will help you clear the path. You're an expert trouble-shooter. You are very skilled at putting things right. Some innovative ideas will arise for your perusal this week. They will serve as grist for your mill. With a few modifications, this plan will be ready to fire up and put into action.


You've wondering if you will every reach a certain special heartfelt goal. You may even be wondering if your luxuriating in some sort of delusion or labouring under a misapprehension. Rest at ease, it's none of the above. The First Quarter Moon brings you to an important juncture that will bring clarity. Be in no doubt – you are following the path with heart. A way will be found to get things moving. If it's meant to be, then it will happen; and it most certainly is meant to be. The less you worry, the faster you'll get to where you want to be.


Einstein was known to have found his inspiration from his daydreams. It's no wonder he was lightyears ahead of his time. This week's First Quarter Moon is teaching you that the imagination is the spawning ground of the new world you wish to create. The Moon is the womb in which your ideas will be nurtured and fostered until they grow into material reality. Consider the above as you reflect over what you fear is a wild and apparently ridiculous notion. It may not be as crazy as you think. Astrological conditions are right to start planning a miracle.


Progress regarding an important goal appears to have slowed down. Try not to worry. Whatever is holding things up is simply a natural pause. Your game plan is spot on. The First Quarter Moon will move you through a block. All that's required on your part is a retooling of your strategy. You'll discover what steps need to be taken to break the fetters that hold you. Worry will give way to joy when the solution you need emerges. You're well on your way to a huge success.


You've somehow managed to convince yourself that a certain task, meeting or encounter is destined to be difficult and problematic. Put an end to those dour mental ramblings. Stop negative streams of thought. The First Quarter Moon will awaken you to your hidden talents. You possess the ability to mold and shape events into whatever you choose. Everything will fall nicely in place providing you believe in yourself. It's so simple. Nothing can stop you. You are becoming the master of your destiny.