Your horoscope for the week ahead: Get ready for the Super Pink Moon — the most powerful Full Moon of the year

This moon in Libra emphasizes relationships of all kinds including love, family and friends.

This moon in Libra emphasizes relationships of all kinds including love, family and friends

A big and beautiful Supermoon Full Moon in Libra, also known as the Super Pink Moon, is coming up this Tuesday evening. Libra emphasizes relationships of all kinds including love, family, friends and strangers. It will be the closest, largest and most powerful Supermoon of the year. Supermoons occur when the Full Moon or New Moon takes place at the point called the lunar perigee when the Moon's orbit crosses the closest point to Earth in her monthly orbit. Supermoons pack an extra potent punch. This one will appear full to the eye for several evenings.

Look for a bright star nearby. That is Spica in the constellation Virgo, the maiden. It signals the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Spica is a star of nature and of healing. It's a time of planting seeds and new beginnings. 

A square between Mars and Uranus will be magnified by the Supermoon. That could be a little tricky. It's unpredictable and volatile, so don't take chances or move in haste. Err on the side of caution 

By week's end, Mercury will enter Aries after a prolonged stay in Pisces due to his recent retrograde cycle. Communication will get faster and more direct. 

Make sure you remember to look west as the sky darkens at sunset. Venus in Taurus will shine like a diamond for several hours. She is beaming her energy of hope and healing on humanity. It will be a marvelous sight to behold all week. Allow her light to splash on your retinas without any mind chatter. You won't be able to take your eyes off her beauty. 

If your sky isn't clear, that's okay. The energy of love and compassion will reach you, nonetheless.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 6, 2020.


No matter how annoyed or anxious you may be feeling, you're better to keep things in perspective. Think of the old adage about jumping out of frying pans into fires. Easy does it — let's not move too quickly. Someone has become so wrapped up in their own needs and feelings that they're forgetting to take yours into account. This is an untenable situation that shouldn't be allowed to continue. You're free to state your thoughts frankly and honestly. The Supermoon will help you overcome your hesitation to deal with the situation in a calm and controlled manner. It's time to bring this unacceptable situation to an end. 


You may be trying to avoid a conversation that you suspect will prove awkward. If you can overcome your reluctance to deal with a difficult issue, you can do a great deal to reduce its potential to cause problems. Take on board the lessons that life has taught you of late and apply them to an idea that's starting to take shape. The Supermoon will give you all the help you need to make a certain special dream grow into a concrete reality step-by-step as you build a structure around it. Cultivating a positive attitude can make many difficult things seem much easier. 


If you're not sure what's for the best this week, do nothing at all or, at least, as little as possible. The Supermoon will wash over you with a wave of clarity. Once it does, you'll achieve the certainty you were lacking. Till then, be patient. A piece of vital information will spark a bright idea that will, in turn, strengthen your prospects of getting a demanding situation under control. Life is helping you out much more than you realize. With the continued application of determination and a few penetrating insights, you'll cure a state of cognitive dissonance and solve an enigma. 


Who cares what other people think of you? You can say what you need to. You may be feeling a bit baffled about having to make allowances for things that don't make any sense. Because you're not making progress in a key area, you're doubting a decision that was predicated on sound principles. Dwelling on worries only worsens matters. The Supermoon is currently enhancing your skills of communication. You'll find the words to influence this matter. This week should bring proof of the fact that you don't need to worry. 


You're right to stop and think long enough to form a bold, clever plan. The anxiety caused by a certain issue stems from being more conscious of your faults than your assets. You need to be sure you're maximizing your resources and pursuing the policy most likely to work well. But you can't afford to wait too long lest you lose the positive momentum that's favouring you now. The Supermoon will make events unfold in their own natural way. Assume that you're doing the right thing. That's all you really need to do now. Relax and stick with what you've started. All will end well. 


Develop the best strategy you can this week, then trust it and try it. As you experiment with various theories, remember to explore the idea that you're doing the right thing already. Avoid falling into the quagmire of fear. A certain difficult issue you're dealing with will cause you to become more determined and resolute. The Supermoon this week will help calm your nerves and instill you with confidence. You deserve a medal for modesty and a prize for perseverance. You will be glad to hear that you're soon due to have a less challenging and stressful time. 


The Supermoon will settle things down for you. You may find this surprising news, as things might seem like they're getting worse for you, but it's true. You're on your way out of a difficult situation and heading fast toward a brighter future. Your problems are not permanent. Remind yourself of that. They can all be solved. There's a mountain of evidence showing that a certain untenable situation in your life will come to an end. If you need a miracle, you'll get it. And you won't have to wait long. 


You've recovered nicely from a big emotional impact. Regardless of how beleaguered or depleted you feel, you'll be a whole lot happier once this week's Supermoon has passed. Despite a series of intense dramas, all is going to work out well in the end. It's proof that you are protected. You've learned how to maintain an upbeat, thankful mood so that your life keeps on getting better. No matter how many waves of hardship you've been through, you always bounce back in flying colours. Your great inspiring hope isn't a fantasy. You've locked your vision on something that's worth all the effort you've put into it. 


Your circumstances have not been ideal lately. One good thing about it all is that the forces you've had to contend with have been coincidental not conspiratorial. Be mindful of how you respond to a certain challenge. Don't let it drive you into fear and anxiety. With your fertile imagination and flair for innovation, you're fully capable of overcoming adversity with great ease. Be glad of all that is good in your life. Be glad even of your personal problems for they are teaching you so much. The Supermoon this week will start bringing positive change. You'll begin to regain power, security and strength. 


You've come a long way. Your success is linked to an inner process of transformation. Whatever has led to this hardly matters. The point is that now you can clearly recognize how to stabilize a precarious situation. There are inevitably going to be some negative issues lurking in the shadows. Worrying excessively runs the risk of tipping the scales toward the negative. This week's Supermoon will make it patently clear that a certain problem that is giving you cause for concern will lose its potency and rapidly dissolve. You have the power and authority to deal with it in a most efficacious manner. 


Letting fear rule your life would only scupper your chances of taking advantage of an exciting opportunity that's due to present itself. Despite feeling on edge, everything is going to work out fine. You can clearly see what needs accepting and what must be rejected. That leaves you free to be a lot more creative, inventive and ultimately relaxed. The Supermoon is going to squeeze you through a narrow opening into a glorious new reality. The whole process is offering an escape from a life of limitation to a life of freedom. So, don't pine for a past that you're viewing through rose-tinted glasses. Embrace a most encouraging future. 


Despite your worries, your current astrological climate is extremely auspicious. The Supermoon is vastly increasing your capacity to love and be loved in return. And with that comes the power to create wealth and utilize your imagination in a constructive and profitable way. Your proven success in dealing with challenges has demonstrated your ability to cope well with adversity. You must, however, guard against your penchant for self-deprecation. You have many accomplishments to your credit. People appreciate you better than you know. It's time you did too. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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