Your horoscope for the week ahead: Get ready for new insights and revelations

A full moon in the action sign of Aries brings hope and optimism.

A full moon in the action sign of Aries brings hope and optimism.

This week will be dominated by a dynamic Full Moon in Aries that will take place on Sunday October 13. This will be a much-prized source of strength for us all. Aries is a bold action sign ruled by Mars. Think of Mars as Hercules of ancient mythology. Hercules is his Roman name. In Greek mythology he was known as Heracles. He is a source of endless energy. If you feel tired and depleted, this Full Moon is just what the cosmic doctor ordered for you. 

Saturn and Pluto continue to play dominant roles in the astrological scene with the Sun squaring Saturn at the start of this week and then moving on to a square with Pluto at the end of the week. Venus enters introspective Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, on Tuesday. All in all, it's going to be a week of digging for the truth. It will bring out extreme behaviour in some people, so tread carefully and don't invite contentious situations. 

The Full Moon will amplify an auspicious connection to jovial and wise Jupiter, the Bringer of Good Luck. This will help you see the comical, light-hearted side of life. With it comes the promise of lucky breaks and success. Wise emotional, spiritual and psychological insights will come as well. Jupiter will expose hidden secrets and help you see the truth. What has been obscured will come to light. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, October 7, 2019.


This week brings a sense of excitement as a shrewd plan and a winning strategy comes winging its way to you. Your imagination is good as long as it doesn't blow a certain problem out of proportion. An obstacle to progress will be tackled and taken down. Use your imagination to envision the accomplishment of your dream. All your options seem difficult on one hand, but easy if you change your mental outlook. The Aries Full Moon will guide you towards sitting and talking honestly with someone with whom communication is strained. Even if this doesn't come to pass, you're fully justified in moving in the direction you feel best. 


You're going through the process of recovering from a tense and dramatic experience in your not so distant past. This is a time of rebirth and renewal. A wonderful new chapter in your life is opening, but you have not yet fully adapted to the fact that life need no longer be so stressful or eventful. Be careful not imagine problems where none exist. The Aries Full Moon will offer you a drink from the well of good fortune. For reasons that will soon become clear, what you thought was a bad development will prove to be the luckiest thing that ever happened to you. 


It's never good to think about what you'd like to have, but do not possess. This is a negative mindset that is best avoided. There's much going in your favour. You'lll soon become aware of how lucky you are. And there's plenty more coming your way. The Aries Full Moon will show you that luck is an infinite renewable resource.  All you need to do is to turn on the tap and satisfy your thirst. Once you drink from this source, you will find all that you need in great abundance. So, don't assume the worst. The best is yet to come. You are on the road to abundance. 


Attaining an objective point of view is essential if you're to reduce a certain source of stress. Despite all that seems wrong and all that appears likely to go wrong, you will successfully see your way through. If you feel your emotions approaching a flash point, pause for a moment before opening your mouth and saying things you may later regret. Words have a way of hanging around forever. Conversations that were held long ago and phrases uttered in flashes of anger have the potential to cause untold damage. The Aries Full Moon will show you how to use your ingenuity and turn anger into mirth and merriment. 


Sure, you've had some bad spills along the way, but when all is said and done, it's not been so bad. By placing your attention on all that is good, you'll make it blossom and multiply. There are times when the Universe finds it necessary to deliver hard lessons, but this time around it's offering you an opportunity to begin something new. It may not seem very significant, but don't be fooled. The Aries Full Moon will convince you that what now seems impossible will soon become a reality. Be more open-minded about what is feasible. Approach your dreams with an unrelenting drive to succeed.


Big changes are in store. But let's be clear, we're talking about good changes. You've come a long way in this lifetime, but the best is yet to come. Keep your high-spirited emotions at peak levels. The Aries Full Moon will endow you with Herculean strength. Feel free to reach for the impossible. You've already conquered a mountain or two. The next one is going to be easier. You're on a winning streak. Focus your intention on the outcome you desire. There's much about your potential that has not yet been discovered – far more than you can imagine.


Just as you think you've freed yourself of some obstacle or barrier, it mutates into a new form. Deep down you know what has to happen if you're to free yourself of this recurring problem. Somewhere within you there's a well of wisdom that sees your ideal future and how to get there. The feisty Aries Full Moon will connect you with that source. No more tattered nerves. There's a way to calm things down. A troubled situation will settle down. You have a chance to have something your way. You can do it. 


This week will provide the tonic to give your spirits a mighty lift. It would be nice to get some good feedback from the Universe for all your hard work. Be careful not to undermine yourself or downplay the success you're having. A feisty Full Moon in Aries says this is a time to go for all or nothing. Let's skip the nothing part and go for getting it all. Why not?! You can do it. Anyway, you deserve it. Before deciding to make any major dramatic changes, consider the possibility that some minor subtle adjustments could do the trick. You'll feel reassured when you discover that a little can go along way. 


Make sure you give your self-confidence a nudge. This is no time to let it wobble. You're worried about reaching for something that might be beyond your grasp. Experience has made you accustomed to having the object of your desire move away as you reach for it. The Full Moon in wilful Aries will help you avoid that scenario by making you keen to push a point. Trying too hard brings bad results. Staying relaxed but focused is the way to go. The Universe has your back. Everything will fall into place quite naturally. A developing planetary picture with auspicious overtones indicates that your future is looking rather splendid.


The real seat of power in dealing with life rests in your mind. Worry less about what's going on in someone else's head. Let your inner source of wisdom do the heavy lifting. The toughest job is developing the strict mental discipline that's required to control your stream of thoughts. Ancient wisdom speaks of adopting a positive and constructive attitude. You don't need to be sharp and incisive. It's better to be kind, caring and tolerant. Be at home with yourself. The Aries Full Moon will deliver a chance for you to shine. You'll find the key that will open the door to peace and tranquility. All that is good will blossom.


It's not in you too live a normal boring life. It's hard to see eye to eye with someone that just can't understand your innovative character. Some people simply cannot grasp the big picture the way you can. The Aries Full Moon will show you how to apply your powers of persuasion to your advantage. Getting what you want is not complicated. It's plainly simple, so don't overthink the course of action that needs to be taken. Your influence and persuasive skills are far greater than you realize. This is a time for taking the courageous course of action that you've been putting off.  


This week holds the promise of a revelation or two that will bring a new understanding in a testy personal matter. Insights will come that will lift the ambiguity surrounding a tricky entanglement. The Aries Full Moon will direct you towards attaining an important goal. There's no need to settle for the second best that so many people seem happy to accept. It's not in your character to surrender your principles. The key is to stay focused on your dreams and aspirations. With a disciplined and structured application of your energy you will beat the odds and pull of a miracle.