Your horoscope for the week ahead: Expect to get a little feisty as the weekend approaches

Venus moving into willful, creative Leo will bring a joyful quality to life after Wednesday.

Venus moving into willful, creative Leo will bring a joyful quality to life after Wednesday

(Illustration by Warren Keefe)

The Moon has completed another journey around our fair planet and will line up between Earth and the Sun on Wednesday at 3:43 PM ET. This will mark the start of another Lunar Month. Get ready for the rising tide of energy that will come with this exciting event. Gemini is all about communication, strategy and getting plans in order.

The Sign of the Twins also marks the transition from spring into summer. The world is abuzz with activity. We are busily flitting about like birds and bees doing our jobs and meeting with people. This is a time of heightened social interaction.  

The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, aka Hermes, who last week he rounded the far side of the Sun and has begun his journey back towards his near-Earth orbit and his next retrograde in late July. Mercury has been visiting exotic ports and has his merchant ship loaded with goods that he has acquired for you. Keep in touch with him. Send him your good wishes. Make a toast to his success.

Venus, aka Aphrodite, will move into wilful and creative Leo on the same day as the New Moon. This will add a joyful quality to life. It will bring a burst of enthusiasm and fun. Venus will move into a dynamic high-voltage alignment to Uranus on Friday. There is a revolutionary quality to this connection. If you find yourself getting a little feisty as the weekend approaches, put this feeling to good use. Get on your horse and let the world know you mean business.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 11, 2018.


Life has been taking you through a series of twists and turns on a crazy roller-coaster ride. The river of time is rushing you ever more quickly toward an unknown destination. It's enough to drive the hardiest of souls to madness. The road ahead, though, is clearly laid out with just the occasional roadblock, so don't let a sense of urgency stress you out. Yes, you are in a hurry, but you must not feel rushed. Haste is to be avoided. Move quickly, but in a calm and methodical manner. Your plan is good. Your strategy is sound. The obstacle you face is not insurmountable. Great opportunities lie in store for you. There is no need to worry. It will all unfold quite natural and as it should.


We all aspire to be as intelligent and informed as we possibly can. Our confidence, however, takes a blow when we excessively compare ourselves to others. Some people are particularly skilled at presenting a successful persona. You are a modest soul. It appears that a self-deprecating attitude is undermining your power. Your whole outlook will start looking up the moment you recognize your irresistible appeal and your ability to inspire others to follow your lead. Experience has taught you far more than you know. Once you truly believe in your ability to make change happen, a new world of unimaginable joy will magically whisk you away.


The resolution of a certain dilemma requires more than the application of your formidable intellectual faculties. It necessitates the voice of intuition and insight. Fortunately, these virtues are calling out to you this week. With Venus moving into your sign, you have a lot to be pleased about especially given the enormity of your task. With just a modicum of patience and a scintilla of determination, you'll emerge as the winner out of pack of horses. A successful outcome will come thanks to your devotion, hard work and creative thinking. You are in control of everything. Kiss goodbye your problems. You certainly won't miss them.


Your highly intuitive nature can feel a pea at the bottom of 20 mattresses, which explains why you often feel an unexplainable sense of apprehension and insecurity. You sense the invisible and unconscious energies that swirl beneath our conscious world. The good news this week is that a dark cloud is dispersing and allowing the Sun to shine in. The New Moon will give you the courage to step forward with confidence. Your future success depends on your unwavering and consistent resolve to win. The gathering power of Mars is providing all the power you need to attain what is so important to you.  


A challenge you have been dealing with has in an odd way made you less fearful and more courageous. It's inspiring you to succeed. It's giving you energy and an intense desire to win. There is no place for doubt and scepticism concerning your future. Trust your own judgement. No one else could possibly know as much as you do. You already have the answer to a big question you are grappling with. You just can't see it quite yet. You are on the verge of taking a huge step towards the success you seek. You'll be amazed how rapidly progress comes.


What was once a huge problem is rapidly on the way to becoming an antiquated issue of the past. You felt exposed, vulnerable and uncertain about so many things. With the passage of time and some positive changes, you have managed, step by step, to pull yourself away from the edge of a precipice. You've shown your mettle and the stars are ready to reward you. You are standing at the threshold of a new and exciting chapter in your life. You are better able to make wise and judicious choices. Of course, life is always a game of perpetual uncertainty, but you now have the ability to deal with challenges from a position of strength.


If you are to attain a big dream, it is crucial to not doubt your own wisdom. Indulging in negative expectation will deflect all the celestial magic that is being showered on you at this most auspicious time. A big decision you made is without doubt bringing about the kind change for which you have been craving. It's far too easy to worry whether you have made the right decision. Rest assured, you have. A strong spiritual source is guiding you. The change that that is being introduced into your world will bring an enormous level of empowerment. So, give your full unmitigated support to your cause. Happiness will ultimately be your reward.


A certain resource is in short supply, but you can turn this want into a source of strength. It is the fuel that will propel you to your goal. The little will multiply. Don't be unduly pessimistic about your prospects. Be strong. Be fearless. A courageous heart is the key, for it will lead you to a clever stratagem. You are a good talker and have the ability to influence people in power. You will put to good use what you've got and succeed in getting yourself out of a tight squeeze. There is no need to be so worried; rather there is good reason to feel hopeful. You will soon be given reason to feel very pleased indeed.


No sooner do we restore order where it's needed, than two more sources of chaos appear in its stead. It's just the Universe's way of keeping you on your toes. As you face a certain problem now, make sure you understand that it is essentially urging you to be strong and determined in your quest to achieve an important goal. Lofty objectives take time, effort and hard work. Your fears are essentially unfounded. It's difficult, when engaged in a struggle, to be objective. The truth be told, you are closer to success than you realize. You can afford to be more confident.


Innovative notions and intuitive impulses are always most welcome. Saturn's cycle indicates that you have just entered a new chapter in your existence that will begin with a flurry of such occurrences. Venus' ingress into intuitive Leo this week will enhance your clarity of vision. In addition, Venus will give you the charismatic skills to influence the world around you. With a little wave of a magic wand you will summon forth all the imagination and intelligence required to turn the tide in your favour. Always remember that a kindly Universe is looking after you. All you need to do is maintain your determination.


We always have a fear of getting things wrong, but even the wrongs turn into positive turning points when our attitude is courageous and positive. One particular debacle you've been through has left you feeling fearful of what else might be in store. Don't make the mistake of assuming there is a limit to what you can achieve. The current level of uncertainty will not last. As you digest the significance of all that has transpired you will understand that you are free to leave it behind. One day, soon, you will look back and recognize this time now as a huge positive turning point in your life.


Life is presenting you with a thousand impossible questions. You are doing your best to answer them all. It's making your head spin. A certain process has to get moving. It can't wait anymore. And it won't have to. A dynamic angle between Venus and Uranus will bring clarity regarding a nebulous situation. As you get a clear vision of how to move forward, you will recognize and seize an important moment and maximize an advantage. This week's events will teach you something supremely special. You will find a way to see through a cloud of obfuscation. Get ready to rock and roll.