Your horoscope for the week ahead: Expect rapid progress as Mercury and Jupiter end their retrograde cycles

Plus a Full Moon in Aries will make this a hugely dynamic week.

Plus a Full Moon in Aries will make this a hugely dynamic week

This week brings movement and action. Grand old ships are hoisting up their sails, their hawsers are being released and halcyon trade winds are sending them on their way. Mercury, the Master of Strategy, and Jupiter, the Opener of the Way, are ending their retrograde cycles in unison on Monday.  

As we know, changes of direction involving Mercury, aka Hermes, are accompanied by glitches to schedules, technology, communications, travel and transportation. So, be prepared to adapt. Maintain your sense of humour. This Mercury retrograde kicked off on September 27 and seemed to be particularly disruptive. But it did bring you a chance to catch up on overdue chores and tasks, fine tune plans and strategies, and get yourself on a good footing to move ahead and make rapid progress.

Mighty Jupiter, aka Zeus, started his four-month retrograde back in June. Look carefully at what you've done in this time. Scrutinize it all closely. You've been preparing for this moment, when you can now start turning your hopes and dreams into reality. Perhaps you're starting a new job or you've changed your attitude in a way that will release a blockage. 

This time of action and progress is further fuelled by Mars trining Jupiter. Trine alignments are hugely auspicious. Mars is a powerhouse of energy, like Hercules. He often acts like a trigger, like that starter pistol that gets a race underway. 

All of the above will be magnified by Wednesday's Full Moon in the action-sign of Aries, ruled by Mars. This is going to be a hugely dynamic week. Then on Thursday Mars will meet up with Pluto in a square alignment. This may create a heavy atmosphere, but with a dollop of optimism and a modicum of good humour you can turn this to your advantage. Pop the clutch and squeal your tires. Put your foot down on the accelerator. This is the starting point of great things. 

The Sun enters the fixed sign of Scorpio on Friday, or Saturday, depending on your time zone. Scorpio will move us definitively into the fall. Over the next month, leaves will flutter down to the ground. The sound of chopping wood and the smell of bonfires will waft through the air. It's a time of introspection and looking deep into ourselves for the hidden jewels of our existence. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, October 18, 2021.


Something is making you nervous, apprehensive and defensive. Don't hide from this issue, look at it. Talk about it. Examine it. Deal with it boldly and openly. Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power. You are potentially being offered glorious freedom from a false fear that you simply cannot afford to be influenced by. So, look at it closely, and then having looked at it, leave it. Let it be. Now that Mercury and Jupiter are returning to direct motion, a dream that you have desired for such a long time will burst into bloom. Have faith in yourself. You are capable of much more than you know. 


There's a point past which you ought not to go. You are fully aware of this. It is impossible to ignore. It's on your mind at all times. You just have to close your eyes for a moment and there it is, seductively enticing you to cast common sense to the wind. You have been hearing from yourself, and perhaps from others too, a hundred reasons why you may as well step over a certain line. As Mercury and Jupiter return to direct motion, this week, you will be guided as to when you should and should not make that move. All you need is the wisdom to choose judiciously — and you have it. 


We are now in the age of technology. We all have instant access to any and every source of information. All we have to do is seek, and we find. Oddly, though, most of us don't tend to do much exploring. We prefer to stick with what we know and, perhaps, just one or two things that we like to know slightly more about. All of this is fine — except for when we assume that we know things when we don't. You're making a big assumption about something now. With Mercury and Jupiter returning to direct motion you will profit if you recognize this and check a few facts. 


You don't like the look of a certain situation. There's something strange about it that is creating misgivings. What you are actually responding to, though, is the recognition of an absence. You don't know as much as you ought to know, yet, about a certain situation. Don't confuse anxiety, caused by a lack of information, with the kind of anxiety we feel when we know all there is to know and don't like it. Mercury and Jupiter's return to direct motion will clear the obfuscation of truth. Give the benefit of the doubt to someone or something now and trust your own experience. A dilemma will be solved.   


You won't regret the decisions you reach this week. You may, though, find some of them hard to reach. You need to look at a certain situation in a different light. You have been making excuses for someone or something. You have been inventing explanations, creating justifications and jumping to convenient conclusions. It is now becoming clear that some circumstances are not quite as you hoped they were. This does not mean, though, that things are bad. The reality is actually a lot better than you think. As Mercury and Jupiter return to direct motion, the pressure will ease, and you'll feel much happier. 


A huge astrological shift will take place as Mercury and Jupiter return to direct motion this week. You can expect advance indication of rewards that lie in store for you soon. The gains you make this week will be steady and significant. They will tell you something about the wisdom of recent choices and the irrelevance of recent fears. They will show you which way the wind is blowing. A warm, reassuring breeze will wipe away many of your woes. Even a big cause of concern that has you worried will begin to resolve itself. A dark cloud that has been hanging over you will melt away.


Life, lately, has brought you a psychological struggle while putting you through some problematic material issues as well. There's been a simultaneous drain on your patience and your purse. You may feel keenly aware of some urgent problem that needs to be solved, but what you are actually up against is a false assumption. The evidence in favour of a disappointing conclusion may seem overwhelming, but it is actually incomplete and misleading. Some facts are missing. As Mercury and Jupiter return to direct motion, you're going to start getting what you have been needing for so long.  


You are waiting for something to happen. It's as if you've got one eye firmly fixed on the clock or the calendar. You feel that once a certain point has been passed or a particular event has taken place, you'll know for sure what needs to happen next. Till then, you feel unable to make a plan. This desire to keep your options open and be a little free about the future is disturbing some people around you who want answers immediately. A laissez-faire attitude just won't work with them. But you are entitled to bide your time. The return of Mercury and Jupiter to direct motion strongly suggests that you are about to make a crucial discovery. 


The element of surprise can prove to be a powerful weapon. No matter what else you may or may not have in your armoury, you can usually achieve victory through acting in a sudden, unexpected way. Keep this in mind as Mercury and Jupiter return to direction motion this week. A seemingly impossible situation will become more fluid. No matter what you're up against, you can make progress as long as you avoid the obvious. Avoid asking blunt questions or giving blunt answers. Tact and ingenuity will get you what confrontation can't.


You might have to try harder to achieve what you want. Things can and do change. We can and do move on. Look at how far you have come lately. Look at all you have been through — and at how this has radically altered your view of the world. A tomorrow that you never thought could come, now most definitely has. If you are not sure yet whether this is something to celebrate or to regret, you will soon know. The return of Mercury and Jupiter to direct motion insists that a surprisingly happy time lies in store. True happiness is what you want, and that's exactly what you're going to get. 


We humans tend to take ourselves very seriously. Our identities, though, are actually flimsy and fleeting. We are here on this earth for only a short time. Our personalities alter according to the circumstances we find ourselves facing. When we remember this and relax, our ability to enjoy life is much enhanced. When we try to be fixed and furious about our thoughts and feelings, we lose freedom. We grow stiff and tense. Accept what is starting to change in your life and change with it. Once Mercury and Jupiter resume direct motion, you will realize the challenge you are facing is not as big a deal as you fear. 


We often wonder about the purpose of life. So often, it seems like a pointless ordeal — an endless struggle. The purpose can't be to just make money or to win battles. Remember that now as you slowly acquire chances to do both. Yes, now that Mercury and Jupiter are returning to direct motion, you will find life filled with meaning and purpose. Your existential crisis will be replaced by the joy of life. A light-hearted spirit will now begin to pervade your world.

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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