Your horoscope for the week ahead: As Mercury enters healing Pisces, your empathy and compassion will soar

Plus the first quarter moon in Gemini reminds us of all that we can do together.

Plus the first quarter moon in Gemini reminds us of all that we can do together

Venus and Mars are still proceeding forward, hand in hand, having moved from the sober energy of Capricorn into the sociable sign of Aquarius. But the watchful eye of intense Pluto is still close enough to cast a shadow over the planets' rare union. As the week unfolds, they will put some distance between themselves and Pluto, lightening up the darkness of the sky and allowing rays of sunshine to warm our hearts.

On Wednesday, as Mercury enters the healing energy of Pisces, a wave of empathy and compassion will pulse through the heart of humanity, reminding us that all life is part of a single unified consciousness. Even the stars are part of this consciousness. All those little specks of light in the night sky may seem like a vast distance away, but really we're all in the same room. Reach out and touch them.

On Thursday, the first quarter moon in Gemini will help to spread this empathetic communication from the Piscean Mercury. Light a candle and raise it to the heavens. Listen to your breath. Be aware that we are all one, and together we can change the nature of life on Earth. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 7, 2022.


The arrangements and commitments you are dealing with feel delicately woven together, much like a spider's web. Snapping off one strand could weaken the whole structure. But there is a certain factor that you just cannot accept as it is. Don't be hesitant to speak up if you're not happy. You deserve better than what you're currently getting, but unless you make your dissatisfaction clear, things will continue in the same old mediocre way. It's time to fill your life with real magic. 


Love and assurance are always welcome at the best of times, but especially so when life takes a harsh turn. Don't give up hope when your days seem devoid of these things. They're always available to us in infinite abundance, you just have to know where to look or how to summon them. A situation in which you are ensconced has become complicated. Simply ignore your doubts and fears, and instead adopt a policy of pleasant positivity. Everything will turn out right, and your reservoir of hope will be replenished. 


There are some things we are better off not knowing. Still, when important matters are being discussed, it's crucial to be honest and open. Right now, you are nervous about revealing too much lest it put you at a disadvantage. Avoid the temptation to withhold critical pieces of information that you may be wiser to share. Think of almost everyone as a friend you can trust this week, and you'll be surprised at the amount of help that comes your way. 


Maintaining positive expectations is essential, especially with the plans you are working on right now. Always assume the best-case scenario, even if it seems your wishes are not being granted. After all, there could be a good reason for this. Perhaps the universe is planning something even better. So if you feel disappointed with your results this week, don't waste a second feeling sorry for yourself. Something good is growing under the surface and will soon reveal itself. 


When merging onto a fast-flowing highway, it's important to not travel too slowly. It's better to pick up speed and move with the crowd before claiming your place in the lane. In the same way, this week, you are being encouraged to act with unflinching commitment. When you see an opportunity, go for it. Be courageous. You have a chance to embark on a most rewarding adventure. It may seem scary at first, but your nervousness will soon pass. There is a lot to be said in favour of the bold option. 


Your talents for putting things in order are legendary. You're not as skilled, though, at discriminating between what is important and what isn't. It's easy for you to get lost in the minutiae, as you want everything to be perfect. But you are now spending an inordinate amount of time sorting out an issue that belongs to someone else. Finish the job by all means — but do it as quickly as possible. You've got some important issues of your own to resolve, some of which will yield rich rewards. 


Sometimes it can be hard to know how much determination you should exert. There are times when you've tried too hard to attain a heartfelt goal and others where you just didn't put enough passion into it. What you want to attain right now deserves a healthy amount of enthusiasm and commitment. It seems that you would be better off supplying too much of this than not enough. You want to break free from a restrictive set of circumstances, so don't worry about the drawbacks. You're due to start enjoying the advantages soon. 


Your current situation is making you feel rather vulnerable. You're having to carry out someone else's wishes despite your deep doubts about them, and you don't have nearly as much power or influence as you'd hoped. It seems the more you try to break free, the more caught up you become. Hold steady. Be patient. A certain person is likely to slip up and reveal their true intentions. Wait until they make a mistake so obvious that it cannot be denied. Then, the tide will change. 


An important matter is making you feel confused and torn between choices. This kind of uncertainty doesn't sit well with you. Every time you get encouraged by the upsides of a particular plan, you become aware of its dismal downside. On the other hand, doing nothing doesn't seem especially wise. This is all fine as it's not time to make a decision just yet. This week will bring insights that help to clear up the uncertainty. You'll feel much stronger and more decisive as a result. 


No matter what you do or say, you seem to be met with resistance. You've had enough of this aggravation. When you feel as though you have to back down or settle for the unsatisfactory status quo, let your fertile imagination come to the rescue. Don't imagine the worst possible outcome of your current situation — that can be avoided. Instead, allow yourself to fantasize about how well things could turn out. Have faith in the direction you would like to travel. There is a chance to make much-needed — and permanent — progress. 


Sometimes, things just fall into place. Serendipity happens, and synchronicity predominates just when you need it most. Then, there are times when simple arrangements become hopelessly complex and problems beset us for no apparent reason. When working through an important process, as you are right now, there are bound to be ups and downs. Still, you have chosen the easiest route to travel. You're on the right path, and this week will help ease the pressure. 


You're not getting a straight answer to an important question, and right now, excuses or vague promises just won't do. You're entitled to a better response within a certain deadline, but a more affirmative stance must be taken. Raise your expectations to a level that actually respects your needs and interests. Be a little pushy and persistent. It's overdue. You may still encounter a few obstacles, but you'll be surprised how quickly you overcome them. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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