Your horoscope for the week ahead: A turning point week

Crunch time to take assertive action.

Crunch time to take assertive action.

The week gets off to brisk start with the Moon in vibrant Sagittarius. A union between the Sun and Uranus on Monday will help you think out of the box. Do you need fresh new ideas? Do you want to start a revolution? Uranus will light the fire.

This is one of those turning point kind of weeks. The big story is Pluto's change of direction on Wednesday. His power has been cresting for several weeks in preparation for his station retrograde. His apparent backward motion will last about five months until early October. Pluto, the Ruler of Scorpio, has a powerful volcanic kind of energy. It thrusts up from deep in the Earth like lava out of a volcano.

Pluto's energy is joining with Saturn this month. It's crunch time in many ways. The good thing about Pluto is that he has a protective nature. Don't think of him as an adversary. Think of him as a military guard that is protecting your life and all that is dear to you.

The waning Moon will shrink down to a Half Moon and the Last Quarter Phase in innovative Aquarius on Friday. Original thoughts will inspire your quest for positive change.

Mars meets up with Neptune in a square (90 degree angle) on Saturday. Give in and indulge in a restful weekend. Old forgotten memories and photographs will stir up deep feelings and emotions. It will be a constructive cathartic experience.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 22, 2019.


Circumstances that seem beyond your control are stirring up feelings of anxiety. Yes, there's so much to feel hopeful about. Pluto's change of direction will show you how to take control of events. You'll burst with joy when you finally succeed at putting a particular matter behind you. Brush away negative thoughts. Focus instead on imagining a successful outcome to your situation and you'll be surprised how your positive vision magically creates a new and fulfilling reality. There are plenty of valid reasons to feel exultant about your future.


Stuff happens. That's life. Things go wrong from time to time. We just need to accept it. Mistakes teach us important lessons. Whatever you do, guard against the feeling that a certain situation is hopeless. Thanks to Pluto, you'll be as mighty as an elephant. You'll stamp out a certain threat. This will lead to a dramatic positive change. What first seemed like poor judgement on your part was the best thing that you could have done. The Universe gave you a good hard shove onto a better and faster trajectory to get to where you want to be.


Without a doubt, something is working out for you in the best possible manner. It's true when they say that the Universe works in very strange ways. Dismiss your fears. Focus on what can be done and be less agitated about what cannot be altered. Pluto is fighting hard on your behalf. He's bumping your trajectory in such a way that you'll find yourself at the right place and the right time to facilitate an auspicious and supremely lucky encounter.


You've come back from oblivion more than once. You're a tough survivor. You're on a noble quest to achieve a special dream. It's been a long struggle, but you now have home port in sight. Pluto, this week, will begin bulldozing a stubborn obstacle. The path is being cleared. Your heart has been a powerful force that has been guiding you along a sacred path. It's taken you a long way and it has no intention of stopping until its task is complete.


Your currently enhanced powers of persuasion will help you escape a certain unwanted predicament. This will enable you to shrewdly negotiate for something of great import. You're not a puppet on a string. Pluto's change of direction is guarding you against underselling yourself. Rather than being a passive recipient of other people's decisions, you'll become the puppeteer tugging on the strings. You have far more power and influence than you know. There's so much to look forward to.


No sooner do you solve one problem, another pops up to take its place. Such is life on this planet of ours. On this plane of existence suffering seems to be the predominant theme, but there's an escape route for you. Yes, an open door is inviting you to enter. Pluto will become your personal guardian this week. Be thankful for all that's good in your life and the good people that you know. The stars are lining you up with a breakthrough that will liberate you from an unwanted set of circumstances.


Pluto is compelling you to scrutinize the direction of your life and your objectives. If you feel rather boxed in, that's perfectly normal. All that stress, all that strife – it's all a storm in a teapot. To overcome this, you must pump yourself up into a mental state of focussed determination. Pluto's change of direction will make this a question of honour. You're bigger than your challenges. Your superb problem-solving abilities will work their magic and free you from restraints.


You may be looking forward to this week, but you're likely anticipating it to contain a lot of tension and anxiety. Perhaps, it's due to a lack of confidence or simply fear of the unknown, but so often our problems appear to be more severe than they actually are. Your potential to win is far greater than you realize. Don't allow cynical thoughts to knock your confidence and derail your hopes. Pluto change of direction this week will turn you into a powerful force of action and success.


The good thing about trouble is how it presses us into finding solutions. It certainly brings out the best in you by waking up your fighting spirit. Try not to excessively focus your attention on the difficulties you've been dealing with, otherwise you'll start wondering how on earth you are ever going to make it through it all. Pluto's shift into retrograde motion will, believe it or not, lead you to success. You'll get what you need right where you need it most. Heaven knows you deserve it.


More sensitivity ought to be shown to your cause when we consider your loving devotion to those around you. You've sacrificed so much. You're not in a mood to deal with any opposition. Pluto's change in direction will help you stand up for yourself. If you have the temerity to believe in yourself, others will be inspired by your example. You'll find a way of creating magic out of chaos. Give it all you've got and don't stop until you get where you need to be.


You have always, somehow or other, managed to be ahead of your time. It can be a lonely journey when people can't see as far as you can see, but your sociable nature always brings friends to your side. Don't let anyone hold you back now from a golden vision. Pluto's power this week will give you the determination and power to punch your way through into the new world you're creating. You've waited a long time to get to this point. You're a high-achiever heading for success. It is written in your destiny.


The level of anxiety affecting you now is due to a turbulent sky. It's nothing personal. The Universe has not turned against you. A long-standing issue is causing you a spot of trouble, but it's nothing you can handle with good old determination. The two traditional enemies of progress have always been pessimism and defeatism. With Pluto now changing direction, you'll have a chance to get a handle on negative thinking and turn the tide. A major block will be overcome that will lead to relief and liberation.



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