Your horoscope for the week ahead: A Total Solar Eclipse will fuel positive growth just where you need it most

And the end of the week marks the start of a new Mercury retrograde cycle…

And the end of the week marks the start of a new Mercury retrograde cycle…

The Moon has gone full circle and returns to her New Moon phase on Tuesday, July 2, when she lines up between Earth and the Sun. This time, though, she will pass directly in front of the Sun and entirely block his light. 

This will be the first Total Eclipse since the August 21, 2017 total eclipse that cut a swath across the US. This time it will draw a line across the South Pacific Ocean, Chile and Argentina. It will act like a cosmic finger pointing at that geographic area of the world. 

New Moons bring new beginnings and fresh starts; the Total Solar Eclipse will increase its power and impact. It's all happening in nurturing Cancer which will fuel positive growth right where you need it most. 

Mercury is heading into a new retrograde cycle (July 7 to 31). It's the second of three — the last one was in March, the following will occur in November. We can expect glitches and delays across the board. Make sure you speak clearly, not leaving any room for misunderstanding. And on the other hand, listen carefully and don't jump to hasty erroneous conclusions. 

Mercury's retrograde will begin in creative Leo, home of the Muses. This will inspire you with innovative and original ideas. Leo will activate your special talents and abilities. A door into a world of opportunities is about to open for you. There is so much to look forward to. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 1, 2019.


You may find it hard to believe, but you are a beacon of hope for so many of your friends, family and acquaintances. They are inspired by your courage and ingenuity. Experience has taught you that you must never give up. Success comes to those that carry on relentlessly until they achieve their dream. The Solar Eclipse will put you on the path to reach the satisfaction you now so keenly crave. You are hungry for it. There is nothing that could possibly stop you once you want something as passionately as you do.


The Solar Eclipse will bring peace to a particularly stormy area of your life. It's hard to know what must be done in a situation that seems so promising, and yet where certain, major drawbacks raise substantial doubts. It's a dilemma that's hard to resolve. Get out or stay in. Your happiness is essential. You must do what is good for you in the long-term. You have the power to choose your path of happiness, and to move toward whatever most profoundly attracts you. Be true to your needs and the Universe will deliver.


You have been obliged to look at something you'd rather not see, but now that you've seen it, you realize you must do something about it. The status quo needs to be shaken up. The Solar Eclipse will lift you out of a rut and get you in the groove of a new way of living. Breaking old habits is stressful, but it will prove surprisingly easy this time around. You will keep your wits about you while remaining good-humoured. It's not so much that something is ending, but more like something new has begun. 


What makes life a fulfilling experience is the attempt to reach your goals rather than the end result. Enjoying the process is essential. Making a certain decision right now is difficult, but an essential piece of missing information will soon come to light; then, in a moment of clarity you'll see exactly what you need to do. The Solar Eclipse is encouraging you to adopt higher hopes. Unbeknownst to your conscious mind, your inner source of wisdom is working underfoot in a most mysterious way to bring your greatest dream to fruition.


It's important to deal with what's in front of you rather than looking too far ahead. To win convincingly, you have to be really clever and think out of the box. An ingenious plan will take shape if you list all your ideas and fine tune your strategy. What you so keenly desire will come. The Solar Eclipse will help in that regard by introducing you to a strategy of action that will stop a pattern of going 'round in circles. You have power in your current situation, and plenty of it. If you don't think so now, you'll soon change your mind. 


You could use a little good news that will lift your spirits. This powerful Solar Eclipse will help you concentrate your mind and sharpen your focus. An important long-awaited advance toward the realization of a dream is so close, it's palpable. A situation that you once thought was hopeless is doing far better than you thought. Sometimes, progress comes by putting our feet up and relaxing. You've done all you need to do — at least for now. Unbeknownst to you, you are being lifted into a higher orbit. 


You are well-versed in dealing with aggravation and frustration. Sometimes, though, we make mountains out of molehills and turn mice into thundering elephants. Make sure you keep it all in proper perspective. You have your vision firmly fixed on your goal and are closely monitoring what could go wrong. There may be little logic in what's happening around you, but the Solar Eclipse will help you make sense of it all and bring the satisfaction that you so keenly crave. An excellent week awaits your arrival. 


You've been through a lot recently. It's caused you to feel trapped and restricted. Well, ups and downs are par for the course in this world of ours. There's no escaping it; but now it's time for the up. Get ready for lift off. The Solar Eclipse is throwing you a lifeline that will yank you out of a box and propel you toward greater strength and emotional security. A moment of enlightenment will launch you on a course to success as you see through a certain predicament, in a most unambiguous way. 


It's good to say what's on your mind. It's a free country. But do keep in mind that there are certain drawbacks in speaking forthrightly. Being outspoken can entail consequences and repercussions which complicate life. Do you feel comfortable stirring up controversy at this time? That is the question. Still, the Solar Eclipse is making it clear that if progress is to prevail, it will be necessary to speak your mind. If you have the temerity to stand up for your principles, you will find a way to get your point across and get public opinion on your side. 


This week's potent and powerful Solar Eclipse is coming to the rescue right when you need it most. It will provide the muscle you require to move a mountain figuratively speaking. Be impassioned, but not impetuous. There is a difference. The former emotion will rally support to your side; the latter is likely to attract resentment. You are on the right path. You and others can only benefit from a special process you are going through. It's all going to get easier from here on in. 


The wind just never seems to be blowing in the right direction long enough for a plan to gather enough momentum. The Solar Eclipse will give you the support you need to get a move on. Hoist your sails. A most auspicious breeze will deliver a long and sustained zephyr in just the direction you need to go. You are ready now to leave an old lingering obstacle and strike off on a clear and unimpeded journey toward a dream destination. Tantalizing possibilities are queuing up to meet you.


When life gets tough, remind yourself that it could be far worse. Just think about what some people have to go through simply to get through the day. Indulging in your fears runs the risk of bringing your greatest fears upon yourself. It's important to distinguish between small matters and big deals. The Solar Eclipse is letting you know that you are in no danger of inadvertently overlooking something enormous. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on all the positive factors blessing you and you'll attract more of them. Dance to the happy tune of serendipity.


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