Your horoscope for the week ahead: A 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse in Gemini will have a powerful impact

Plus, Mars in fiery Leo will give you a huge boost this week.

Plus, Mars in fiery Leo will give you a huge boost this week

This New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, June 10 is the last of three Supermoons. It will pack an extra punch since the Moon's orbit will pass directly between the Earth and the Sun, partially blocking the light of the Sun. The centre of the Sun will be blocked but not the outer edge, known as the annulus, which is Latin for ring. This is an Annular Eclipse of the Sun colloquially known as a "Ring of Fire" which will be visible from parts of Greenland, North-Eastern Canada, Greenland, the North Pole and some parts of Russia

Eclipses have a powerful impact on our human experience that is felt months before and after the actual event. Mercury will augment the importance of this Eclipse by forming a conjunction to the Sun. Mercury conjunct Sun marks the midpoint of the Mercury Retrograde cycle. Since Mercury, aka Hermes, is the Master of Strategy, as noted by Homer, you will receive inspirational ideas and moments of enlightenment. Listen carefully to your thoughts. Hermes will send you important ideas. 

Mars will enter wilful Leo soon after. Mars acts as the starting pistol in a race. He is the trigger that gets things moving. On Saturday, the gondola-shape crescent Moon meets up with sweet Venus, aka Aphrodite. It's an opportune time to load up your hopes and dreams on to the gondola. Light a candle and make your wishes!

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 7, 2021


Not all impulsive actions are bad ones. Sometimes, our instincts can push us to say or do things suddenly. Don't assume that an error has taken place. Your intuition is ahead of your intellect. It senses something that, as yet, you don't know about. Coming events will reveal more and may vindicate a decision you made. There is no need to apologize or explain. Just be aware that a degree of tension is inevitable. The Annular Solar Eclipse is giving you a lot of power and influence. You have felt thwarted and frustrated, but that is all about to change. Be patient. The obstacle exists for a reason. Ultimately, it's working in your favour. 


There's more to a certain story than meets the eye. Once you understand what this is, you'll change your idea of what you need. For the time being, you've got to accept certain things the way they are. You are rapidly adapting to a situation that demands a different attitude. Old plans and priorities are no longer so relevant. New agendas need to be set and new destinations need to be aimed for. Progress can occur, but it requires thought and ingenuity as well as determination. The Annular Solar Eclipse will cause you to feel highly inspired. Meanwhile, if something is confusing you, fear not. Clarity will soon come. 


You're wondering how well you know a certain person. There are some convenient assumptions now being made on your part and on the part of someone else. A sense of mutual affinity is real, but it currently lacks the depth that it needs in order to be truly useful to both of you. Shared experience is the best way to build a solid connection. The Annular Solar Eclipse will take something weak and help you make it stronger. Though, you may have to alter some expectations and change some ideas, there's nothing sad or bad in your outlook. Rather to the contrary, there's a long overdue change for the better on the way. 


Cast your mind back a few years. Remember how you thought the future was going to pan out. You are definitely not now standing in exactly the place that you thought you would be. So much for your powers of prescience. But your experience has brought you much wisdom. Your chance of getting an accurate insight into the future a few years hence is good. For, though you cannot see all that lies in store, the Annular Solar Eclipse will help you get a pretty good view of things. Your combination of sincerity, subtlety and humbleness will gain the respect of important people. Your outlook is excellent.


Recent developments have redefined the parameters by which you need to assess certain possibilities. Factors that once seemed crucial are no longer relevant. It is getting easier, all the time, to see which roads you have a chance to take and where they might actually lead. The Annular Solar Eclipse will have a significant and long-lasting effect. A big adventure is about to begin. A world of opportunity is about to open itself up to you. It won't all happen this week, but the process will start. Despite your fears and apprehension, a happy outcome to your current tale is in store. 


Don't let criticism get to you. Don't be self-denigrating either. You have been as clever as you know how. If you want to stay sharp, trust the conclusion you have reached and carry on. Don't worry about what hasn't worked in the past or about whether or not you're being smart enough. Just act. The Annular Solar Eclipse will ensure you succeed. You can radically adjust any aspect of yourself that you wish to. This new found power will help you change much more in your life than you know. You'll find that what you want most in the world right now is not as hard to attain as you have recently begun to fear. 


You are having, or soon will have, a profound realization. Through this, you will accomplish something magical and wonderful. Slowly at first and then more rapidly, you are becoming aware of what you need to be doing, where you ought to be heading and who you ought to be spending more time with. About all these crucial decisions, you will come to a correct conclusion. You may, though, be wrong about exactly what has to change in order for this to happen. Think about easy options before you choose difficult paths. The Annular Solar Eclipse is impressing on you the understanding that life was meant to be enjoyed. 


Something needs to be dealt with, carefully and systematically. You have risen above the trees that surround you and seen the whole wood, but now you find yourself back down in the middle of the dense forest. It is easy to forget the perspective you recently gained and to feel as if you are due to wander in circles forever. Your sense of direction though remains accurate. The Annular Solar Eclipse will lift you up like a drone rising above the forest. There is a chance now to get a glimpse of the big picture you need to get your bearings. If you want to make something happen now, you most certainly have the power to do it.


A little peace would be nice. To attain it, all you need is a little co-operation. That's surprisingly within your reach. Where there has been tension and turmoil lately, soon there will be relief. A revelation will produce a sense of reassurance. Where all, for so long, has been confused and complicated, soon there will be clarity and simplicity. If your mood is buoyant and your heart is light, you will find what you are looking for. The only power you want is the gentle ability to understand those around you and help them get what they seek. The Annular Solar Eclipse will help you get that power. 


The last thing you need now is something more to complain about or someone to disagree with. You have your fill of objections and more than your share of unpleasant people and their ridiculous opinions. There's always a reason to worry. It is almost as if some enormous factory is dedicated to the creation of causes for concern. You can steer your life away from negative expectations in a blink of an eye. All it takes is a determination to stop dwelling on what has happened and an irrational fear of what may happen next. Focus instead, only on positive possibilities. The Annular Solar Eclipse is blessing you, as soon, you'll see. 


That which does not destroy us makes us stronger. Or so they say. They are, of course, quite right. Life has been pretty intense lately. Now, though, comes a time of full strength. You may not be clairvoyant in the classic sense of that word, but you certainly have incisive skills that would put many psychics to shame. You can always tell, from a brief moment of listening to a person's voice, if they are happy or sad; lying or telling the truth; tense or relaxed. You can similarly instantly assess hidden nuances in decisions that must be made. The Annular Solar Eclipse will point you to something you are going to like.


Big dramas develop and major changes take place whenever they get a chance to assert themselves. Sometimes they come without warning, other times we get premonitions. It's a wise precaution to look both ways before you cross the street. It's essential and it must be taken seriously. As with roads, so with all decisions needing careful navigation. Check carefully before making a move. When the time is really right, you'll feel really sure. Something very promising and good is in the pipeline. The Annular Solar Eclipse will offer you an invitation to embark on an essential journey.

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