Your horoscope for the week ahead: A partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn will help sort out practical matters

And an auspicious connection between Venus and Neptune enhances your love life.

And an auspicious connection between Venus and Neptune enhances your love life

Even the harshest of astrological configurations can be turned to your advantage, if you know how to manage your temperament, mood, attitude and thought stream. Always know that an invisible benevolent source is there within you. It's ready to provide help and guidance in response to your appeal. Yoga and mediation can help get you connected with it. 

The Full Moon in Capricorn this week will be a Partial Eclipse. It takes place on Tuesday. Earth will cross between the Sun and Moon and block part of the Sun's light from reaching the Moon. North America won't see it. It will be visible in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The emphasis will be on all the practical matters that need attention in your life. You'll catch up on that litany of overdue matters.

A powerful Mercury retrograde (July 7 to 31) continues into its second week. Its pervasive influence was felt as early as mid-June. Mercury, known for his trickster personality, has been living up to his reputation as a prankster. 

But Hermes, as he was known in ancient Greece, is also your helper. If you need a clever stratagem to get you out of a jam, fix a problem or square a circle, he's your go-to guy. 

Saturn and Pluto have joined forces for the past few months. Saturn is the chief inspector of our sojourn here as mortals in this lifetime. Listen carefully to his message. Pluto adds intensity and force. Pluto energy comes from deep down in the earth. He's a volcanic and seismic tour de force. Get on his good side and he'll act as your bodyguard. 

Venus, aka Aphrodite, meets up with Saturn and Pluto this week from the opposite end of the sky. That may sound ominous, but, for you on a personal basis, it will work in your favour by helping you find solutions concerning relationship and financial issues. Give it all you've got. You're on the A-Team. 

But Venus also engages in a lovely trine to spiritual Neptune. This will work wonders in getting you through your challenges. It will help you with the aforementioned Venus link to Saturn and Pluto. It's a smooth, fulfilling and dreamy connection that will bring spiritual insights and romantic satisfaction. 

On Sunday the Mercury retrograde cycle reaches its mid-point when the Mercury lines up in a straight line between the Sun and Earth. That's the equivalent of New Moon in the Mercury cycle. Get ready to cast your net out to capture your hopes, dreams and aspirations. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 15, 2019.


Refuse to believe that any part of your life has to be the way that it is. If you don't like it, you can change it. The Lunar Eclipse will make it apparent that you ought to extend your timescale a little. Slow down the pace to what is best for you. Move quickly, but not in haste. There is every good reason to feel confident. Be patient but be determined and eager at the same time. It's crucial to not allow the stress to turn into anxiety. Give this process the time it needs to unfold organically and in a natural manner. 


We can expect you to have a good grip on practical matters. You know how to organize yourself. You're working on something important right now. The logistics involved in putting it all together is pretty staggering. It's like the invasion of Normandy every day of the week. It's important for you to repeat a success you once achieved. The Lunar Eclipse will help you get back to that high point. A big moment is coming when the time is right, and that time is soon. A significant and positive shift is coming.


A vast majority of the thousands of thoughts that rattle their way through your mind are tinged with pessimism and negativity. It's imperative to assiduously vet them. Thoughts are power, so keep them positive. The Lunar Eclipse will encourage you to diligently scrutinize and organize your thoughts, so that you stay on top of your game. Believe in your ability to achieve your dreams. Where an element of confusion exists, clarification will come. This week brings a surprisingly good opportunity to take a big step forward. 


It's surprisingly simple to get what you truly want. Make sure you don't let self-doubt get the better of you. You're understandably fed up with all the tedious restrictions that have been limiting your potential. The Lunar Eclipse this week marks a turning point in your self-awareness. It will thrust you into a new and dazzling chapter of freedom in your life. You'll have the personal power to achieve the miraculous. There's no chance that you'll miss your great opportunity when it finally arises.


The Universe is tutoring you by forcing you to butt up against challenges. You're most fortunate to have such a celestial mentor. The Lunar Eclipse this week will impress upon you that nothing is so tough that it cannot be conquered. Prepare to outstrip your expectations. Trust and believe in your innate ability to overcome any challenge. Rise up each time with alacrity. Enjoy the process for it is making you stronger, wiser and more resilient. A daring new move you've been considering will lead to a long chapter of great happiness. 


If a tried and tested plan has worked in the past, why change your modus operandi. Things are complicated enough as they are without making it even worse. Scrutinize a certain strategy as much as necessary, but make sure to keep the workable elements intact. If you must make changes, introduce them in a gradual and unobtrusive manner. The Lunar Eclipse will make you aware that it is possible to square that proverbial circle without doing anything drastic. Your inner source of wisdom will show the way. 


This will be a good week to get your bearings on what direction you need to take. The Lunar Eclipse will take you to the top of a hill from where you see the whole landscape. This higher vantage point is just what you need as you puzzle over how to put order in a chaotic situation. The time will soon arrive when you can make a bold and decisive decision. You'd like things to move faster. Pushing too hard, though, will only create problems. Do it nice and easy. You are on your way to an amazing success story. 


Make sure to take some time out from your packed agenda and demanding itinerary to observe the beauty that surrounds you. It's in these moments that you'll find wisdom. The Lunar Eclipse will help you put some order in an apparent chaotic sequence of events. Hang on to the steering wheel and stay on the road you are following. A set of responsibilities is limiting your freedom, but you'll find a way to forge a far better relationship with them. What you wish to achieve is perfectly feasible.


Perhaps, your methods of stress management haven't been entirely satisfactory, but they have worked well enough. For all intents and purposes, you're doing just fine. You've been thinking and wondering about a certain possibility for many a Moon. You're not in any danger of being usurped or undermined. The Lunar Eclipse will help you realize that what you so dearly want at this point in your life can be attained. 


The Lunar Eclipse will put you on notice about the high level of charisma and magnetism that seems to be emanating from you. That may surprise you, but that is not surprising since you are by nature a humble person. That's why people love you so much. Don't overdo it, though. Confidence attracts good luck. Any remaining doubt in yourself will be swiftly dispelled by a series of developments that will light up even the darkest nooks and crannies in your inner world. The cosmos is conspiring to aid and abet you.


A moment of completion in an important process is nearer than you think. You haven't been entirely pleased with the way things have been evolving. The Lunar Eclipse this week will deliver an ingenious idea that will allow you to put things right. You've developed psychological and emotional techniques for coping with the pressure. This is good. They are working. You're in control even if you don't think you are. Ignore your doubts and fears. This week brings a valuable discovery that will lead to a point of liberation. 


Your search for a plan to nullify what was arguably a mistaken judgment will succeed. The astrological influence that led to that decision has ended. Mistakes are good, though. They come for a good reason. They're points along your path where character and determination are developed. The Lunar Eclipse will turn a negative situation into an amazing opportunity for self-renewal. This week will bring much satisfaction along with the chance to turn the tables on someone that has been abusing their power. 


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