Your horoscope for the week ahead: A New Moon in Taurus ushers new beginnings

You have the power to move mountains.

You have the power to move mountains.

This week gets off to sparky start with the vibrant energy of Saturday's New Moon. The fixed sign of Taurus marks the heart of spring. Mercury enters Taurus on Monday. That will facilitate patience and perseverance. 

A Mercury conjunction with innovative Uranus on Wednesday will provide the inspiration in finding the perfect stratagem to change your life in the best possible way. An auspicious Venus trine Jupiter and Sun sextile Venus will offer plenty of sweetness and optimism.

New Moon energy will magnify the prevailing emotions this week, so make sure you're in a good mood. Control your mood and you control your future. Look west after sunset and you'll see a slender crescent Moon hovering over the horizon like a silver gondola. Make your wishes and give them to the Moon.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 6, 2019.


There are some caustic alignments that are creating a nagging sense of regret regarding an emotional decision. Beware of nostalgia and the fear of having made a bad decision. Everything will turn out just fine as long as you control your thoughts and feelings. When fear gets the better of us, our problems get grossly exaggerated. The New Moon in Taurus will show you how to turn negatives into positives. Steer your ship towards sunny blue waters and you'll create a future that exceeds your expectations.


Becoming aware of a problem is the first step to putting it right. Do your best to not let it get you down. Everything comes for a good reason and at the right moment. This situation is no exception. Your growing awareness of this issue will allow you to fix it and secure your freedom. You're in control of your destiny far more than you realize. The New Moon in Taurus promises progress of the magnificent kind as long as you don't allow tradition to imprison you. Be open to grand innovations.


An important process is moving forward. The New Moon in Taurus is making it work out for you in the best way possible. Everything is moving ahead silently at an unconscious level. The Universe works in strange ways and this time is no exception. The outlook is encouraging. The news is good. So, don't allow yourself to be intimidated by anyone or frustrated by any particular situation. No one can stop you. You'll soon find comfort, companionship, success and all you could ever wish for.


The New Moon in Taurus is bringing constructive and positive change right where you need it most. It's facilitating a rare chance to free yourself from an emotional and financial burden that's been sapping your energy. Life is full of mysteries that must remain unsolved. Not even Sherlock Holmes can solve them. But you're finally starting to make sense of something that has been baffling you. A heavy mood will turn to joy as an opportunity starts rising out of the blue.


One would expect that the New Moon in stable Taurus would dissuade you from taking chances, but this one is different. It's encouraging you to take a daring course of action. Now, it won't be a foolhardy move. Of course not. You won't, for example, be playing soccer with a wasp's nest. But neither will you be playing tiddlywinks. You want some big exciting changes to happen. You're an incorrigible doer, which means that pretty much anything can happen.


Congratulations! A problem has been solved. What problem – you ask? I don't want to oversimply, but something very good is in the making. The New Moon in Taurus is providing some crucial insights that will demonstrate how fortunate you are. You've cleared away some big emotional baggage. You're substantially lighter as a result. You're now ready to take some major steps towards the accomplishment of a dream. You're making progress of the most magnificent kind.


One thing for sure in this "mortal coil" we must live through, is that problems are unavoidable. Some people have the uplifting thought that if we get it right in this lifetime we won't have to come back. Our soul will graduate to a utopian realm on another dimension. You're in line to get a little taste of that perfect world. This New Moon in Taurus is pointing you towards a breakthrough that will liberate you from an unwanted set of circumstances. Expect the unexpected. You won't be disappointed.


It's proving hard to shake loose from a certain maddening situation. Be of good cheer. Despite appearances, it is changing for the better. The New Moon in Taurus will help it resolve itself in its own way, and in its own time -which will prove to be a short time. Be in good humour rather than exasperated. Control your mood and you control your future. So, enjoy each day and look for the lucky moments. The creative source deep within your being is sending you something to celebrate.


There always seems to be an obstacle  between you and the object of your yearning. But you have a special knack for getting around blocks. Yes, of course, you do. There's a sense of the inevitable with what's happening now. This New Moon in Taurus is teaching you an important lesson in appreciating your real worth. Sweet success will accompany your growth in confidence. Life will become less complicated. So, ignore your doubts and fix your gaze on that magic goal. You'll get it.


You certainly don't shy away from hard work. We find you now working assiduously in your quest to fulfil a heartfelt mission. Life has been challenging. It always is. There's a little way still to go, but you're getting close. The New Moon in Taurus is illuminating the path you must follow. Some people think that there's no point trying. How foolish they are. You're not one to let grass grow under your feet. That's why you're destined for success. Keep following your path.


The big question now is now how do you feel? Do you feel lucky? Well, you should. This New Moon in Taurus will provide the tonic you need make you a winner. Your thought stream and mood count more than how big your difficulties are. Your mental attitude is the seat of your power or lack of it. Kick anxiety and fear out the door. Focus your thoughts on what you want to achieve. Insist on being proactive and focused. You have the power to move mountains. People are looking to you for leadership.   


Negative comments from people, even if their heart is in the right place, can be very destructive. This New Moon in Taurus has a lesson in store for you that will make you more certain of your capabilities. Keep building on that expansive vision you see. Keep your options open and think out of the box. There's no telling what you can achieve. You have some intriguing ideas that will attract interest from people with power and influence. Things are changing for the better. And they're changing fast!



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