Your horoscope for the week ahead: A New Moon in Taurus makes it easy to communicate your feelings and ideas

Peace and tranquility in the stars give reason to feel optimistic this week.

Peace and tranquility in the stars give reason to feel optimistic this week

The highlight of this week — besides Tuesday's New Moon in Taurus — is Jupiter's entry into the compassionate sign of Pisces on Thursday, where he will be greeted by Neptune in Pisces. This will ease the tension we have seen since January, with the concentration of fixed signs at odds with each other.

And there is more peace and tranquillity in the stars. Earth and Water signs mix very well, so the New Moon in Taurus joining up with the Sun and Uranus in Taurus plus Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer creates a nice compatible combination. Just think of Mother Nature being nurtured by water. 

Mercury and Venus are low on the western horizon in Gemini — communication. Sparkling Venus is becoming more prominent. She has only recently made her return as an Evening Star. Mercury remains an elusive sprite, not easy to spot but you can see him with a bit of luck. Having them both in Gemini will enhance meetings, presentations and the exchange of ideas. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 10, 2021.


Keep things simple. Pursue a sound, straightforward, sensible policy. Refuse to be distracted by the endless stream of complications. Pay no attention to the doubts and misgivings which are undermining your faith in an important plan. Don't let yourself be put off by past difficulties or by the persuasive arguments of the pessimists in your life. Hold on to the hope in your heart and the vision in your mind. Jupiter's shift into Pisces means that despite all the obstacles you face, what you are dreaming of is attainable. Reasons for feeling positive about your future are too numerous to count.


Some obstacles exist to guide us from an ill-chosen path. Others come to test our determination. We can get around them if we are willing to try hard enough and long enough. The big question you face now is, into which of these two categories does your current difficulty fall? The answer rests with your heart. You have a chance to bring about profound and positive change. It's something you've always wanted to achieve. With Jupiter moving into passionate Pisces this week you'll get a clear picture of what is right and what is wrong. What you are aspiring to will bring joy to a very deep source within yourself. 


The most important task you must accomplish requires precision, skill and a specific understanding of a complex process. You have to be prepared to do a lot of homework and planning. Jupiter's entry into Pisces will help you to do the job with due diligence. If you are worried about what people will think, you are worrying unnecessarily. You are not on a mission to court as much applause as you can from your audience. You are best advised to disregard what people think. It's all very well for people to pontificate from a distance. It doesn't have to influence you. Do your job and pay no attention to them.


Not all impulsive, thoughtless moves are bad ones. Sometimes, our instincts can push us to say or do things suddenly and without warning. Afterwards, we feel a little shocked by our own behaviour. If you've done this, don't assume that an error has taken place. Don't chastise yourself. With Jupiter entering Pisces, your intuition is working ahead of your intellect. It senses something that, as yet, you don't know about. Coming events will reveal more — and may vindicate words said in haste. Meanwhile, this week, be careful about what you say, how much you say, and who you say it to. 


You have a lot of power and influence at the moment, but in one particular area of life, you feel thwarted and frustrated. It feels as though someone or something is standing in your way and there's nothing you can do about it. Do be patient. The obstacle exists for a reason. Ultimately, it's working in your favour. There's more to a certain story than you yet realise. Once you understand what this is, you'll change your idea of what you need. Jupiter in Pisces will alter how you view everything. Pessimism will give way to optimism. There's more to a certain story than meets the eye. 


You are rapidly adapting to a situation that demands a different attitude. Old plans and priorities are no longer so relevant. New agendas need to be set and new destinations need to be aimed for. Half of you understands this only too well, but the other half wonders whether you are making too much fuss about it all. Further developments will soon confirm the enormity of all that has started to unfold. These events will also cause you to feel highly inspired. If you are still confused, that will soon end. Jupiter in Pisces will bring clarity. By taking the pressure off yourself, you'll know how to proceed.  


Don't fear the way in which your world now seems to be changing. Though you may have to alter some expectations and change some ideas, there's nothing sad or bad in your outlook. Rather to the contrary, there's a long overdue change for the better taking place. Don't get into any arguments. It won't do any good. After all, it's not in your nature to directly challenge anything or anyone unless you get really irritated. Jupiter in Pisces is taking something weak in your world and helping you to make it much stronger. Your thoughts and opinions are respected much more than you know.  


You have been as clever as you know how. If you want to stay sharp, trust the conclusion you have reached and carry on. Don't worry about what hasn't worked in the past or whether or not you're being smart enough. Don't let criticism get to you this week. Try your best to not be self-denigrating either. Use your mental acuity to look for a way to solve a tedious old problem and you'll find it. Jupiter moving into Pisces will bring a significant and long-lasting change. A big adventure is about to begin. A world of opportunity is about to open itself up to you. It won't all happen this week, but the process will start. 


Recent developments have redefined the parameters by which you need to assess certain possibilities. Factors that once seemed crucial are no longer relevant. It is getting easier now to see which roads you have a chance to take and where they might actually lead. What you're going through is only the beginning. Of course, life is demanding and stressful, but Jupiter's entry into Pisces will ease that stress and make you more intuitive. There is indeed a strong argument for relaxing a little. Though you may feel woefully aware of how little you can do about a certain pressing matter, there actually is a way of taking control. 


There's always a reason to worry. An overactive imagination is usually the culprit. Make a commitment to keep a positive perspective with every breath you take. To change the direction your life is heading, all it takes is the determination to succeed. Do your best to stop dwelling on what has happened and on what may happen. Focus instead, on what's possible right now. More is possible for you than you think. Jupiter in Pisces is cracking open a window of opportunity that will clear a mountain of emotional baggage. It's a process that will lighten your soul and set you free. 


You may feel tempted to do things the way you used to, back in the old days. It may seem easier to slip into an old habit pattern than to break with tradition and honour the new promise you have made to yourself or to others. If you really want to solve a problem, better not pursue a course of action that is likely, in time, to lead to a whole new difficulty. Cast away negative images and fantasies of your future. Cling stubbornly to a positive picture. Jupiter moving into Pisces will encourage you to count the reasons you have to be grateful for. You have reason to be very proud and appreciative of what you have, and what you have accomplished. 


You may not be clairvoyant in the classic sense of that word, but you certainly have incisive skills that would rival the most talented psychics. You can always tell, from a brief moment of listening to a person's tone of voice or subtle look in their eyes, if they are happy or sad; lying or telling the truth; tense or relaxed. You possess the wisdom to put right all that is wrong, with your empathy. With Jupiter moving into your sign, you now have the power to create your own utopia. There's no substitute for experience combined with imagination. The time has come to reap what you have sown. All will work out well for you.

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