Your horoscope for the week ahead: A New Moon in fiery Aries brings bold confidence

The Aries Sun will illuminate your path to success.

The Aries Sun will illuminate your path to success

A New Moon in the action-sign of Aries to start the spring will give you the power to meet your challenges with bold confidence. The days are growing longer, and the scintillating light of Venus is shining on the western horizon for several hours after sunset. Let her beautiful glorious light sparkle like a diamond on you. The long, cold winter is behind us. Buds are burgeoning into life.  

Venus will slip into a magical alignment of good fortune with Jupiter and Pluto on Friday. Pay attention to your dreams. Venus aka Aphrodite will be blowing you a kiss of joy. 

The slender new crescent Moon will be positioned close to Venus on Friday and Saturday. This is an excellent chance to make your wishes. Send them up to Venus and the Moon, your Celestial Mother. Set your goals and plan out your strategy. The Aries Sun will illuminate your path toward accomplishing your dreams.  

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 23, 2020.


Complacency is the enemy of innovation, we need to be proactive and ready for whatever comes. Being on edge fuels the spirit of innovation. Neuroses is a healthy state of mind as long as the stress doesn't turn into chronic anxiety. Stress is an activator — when handled wisely, it galvanizes you into action by firing up your will to win. So, don't worry about feeling on edge, it's good if properly managed. Depending on how you respond to a certain problem, you can turn it into a drama that feeds itself until it becomes too big to handle, or, you can attack it with decisive action and overcome it.


The New Moon in fiery Aries is causing you to wake up from something. What you once assumed to be true is clearly not true. Not only must you accept this, you must accept the consequence of actions taken while you were under that misapprehension. You are being encouraged to drop a certain commitment. You will, no doubt, be quite pleased to be free of it. An opportunity is about to arise that will bring a most heart-warming and gratifying result. Your true creative source will begin a momentous rise from obscurity. You'll be amazed at how much more fulfilling life becomes. 


It's difficult to revoke decisions or spoken words once the deed has been done. That's usually true, but when your will is determined it is possible to turn things around. There are certain promises that have been made that you don't want to break, as well as commitments that you have to keep up. The New Moon in feisty Aries insists you can find a way to honour these without compromising your own personal vision. You probably can't escape from them all — but you probably don't need to. You only need to find a way to let them bother you less. Events this week are due to show you how to see everything in a better light. 


There are plenty of factors you would willingly like to change regarding an arrangement that has run its course. Take your time and trust that the change you seek will make its way to you. The New Moon in the action-sign of Aries will bring a pleasant twist in fortune. A revelation will make you feel as if a blindfold has been removed from your eyes. You will succeed at seeing clearly what you have been too preoccupied to see before. Focus on your biggest and brightest opportunity and throw yourself into it. Give it all you've got and don't worry.


You find yourself caught between two opposing forces. A tense situation is beginning to develop. Deal with it swiftly and efficiently. You have a choice to walk away from something or hang in there. Be assured, an oppressive force will be cast off. Thanks to the growth of your personal strength, you now tower over your challenges. The New Moon in the action-sign of Aries will compel you to break certain rules and provide reasons to defy polite protocol. Do what you have to do sensibly and sensitively, but challenge them, nonetheless. You have more power than you think in a certain matter. 


Don't let your imagination run away with you. Keep your mind off your worries lest you conjure up some negative scenario. The secret to success depends on directing yourself away from feelings of fear. The New Moon in fiery Aries will activate your imagination in a positive sense and lead you to a happy outcome in a worrisome situation. An upturn is imminent that will streamline an arrangement that all too often dumps you in the doldrums. There may be limits to how good things can get. But within those limits, there's an awful lot of magic and excitement to experience, as you'll soon learn.


This a good time to work on retooling strategies and getting things in order. A calculated well-studied plan will soon present itself. With your legendary determination, you can make it work. When decisions come directly from the intuitive source of your being, you are guaranteed success. Something big and exciting is happening under the surface. You'll find the right words and subtle facial expressions to influence a certain scenario. The New Moon in fiery Aries will connect you with your inner magician. If something needs to happen, it will happen. 


What you are seeking seems like it's a long way away. Steady on, though, it's not quite as distant as you fear. Think about what you need to happen; if you really work, you can make it happen. The New Moon in the action-sign of Aries is the launch pad for the establishment of a different, better scenario. You'll receive the inspiration to make judicious decisions that will affect your future. What you are going through can, at times, be rather unnerving, but you'll get through it with flying colours. You'll start feeling more in control and secure about your future. 


Keeping your physical and mental energy at peak performance is essential in these trying times. Getting your rest is essential. Fatigue harms our vitality and ability to see with clarity. Weariness gets us pushing against brick walls or running endlessly around in circles. If you want to stop yourself pushing hard against immovable obstacles or getting lost in the merry-go-round of negative thoughts and ideas day after day, you'll need a refreshed mind and body. The New Moon in feisty Aries will energize your base and show you how to constructively use your brainpower, and avoid funnelling it into a pointless conflict or a futile fantasy. 


You are now keenly conscious of a limitation or restriction. You're not overly pleased with what you've got. And you're thinking a lot about what you haven't got. You need to find the easiest and most expeditious route from where you are now to where you want to be. There's no point keeping expectations low in order to avoid disappointment. You have the determination, passion and gumption to make miracles happen. It's not arrogant of you to nurture lofty standards. The New Moon in feisty Aries is moving the tide to your distinct advantage. Rarely has your outlook been so thrilling and hopeful. 


You have been wondering what role you really play in a certain person's life. Are you too dependent on their needs and requirements? A moment of enlightenment will come when you'll see with clarity what needs to be done. A long and tortuous ordeal has reached a point of resolution. The New Moon in feisty Aries will launch you on a triumphant course of action. A missing insight will come to your attention that will fortify your emotional and psychological strength. You will happily discover that increasing your own personal power doesn't have to involve weakening an important relationship. 


Survival in day-to-day life requires us to have the hard shell of a crab — being far too sensitive to other people's needs at the expense of one's own can lead to hurt. The New Moon in feisty Aries will urge you to get up and stand up for your rights. You're not fond of arguments. That's just as well, because there is no need to get into them. There is a chance now to put something straight once and for all. Being sure of yourself is all you need to change the whole dynamic in a relationship.

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