Your horoscope for the week ahead: A New Moon in creative Leo brings exciting opportunities

This is a wonderful stage in the lunar cycle that offers new beginnings and a fresh start.

This is a wonderful stage in the lunar cycle that offers new beginnings and a fresh start

The waning Moon, this week, completes one full orbit around the Sun. Hour by hour she's inching closer to the Sun as a beautiful slim gondola shaped crescent. She'll be rising in the east in advance of the dawn before being swallowed up by the solar orb on Tuesday. 

A New Moon in vibrant and creative Leo is born. Get your ducks in a row. Make your wishes and send them up to our Fate Spinner. Lucky Venus can be seen nearby sprinkling magic dust on your hopes and dreams.

By Wednesday the waxing New Moon will shift into the daylight hours where she will appear as a thin crescent setting in the western horizon after sundown. You might even spot her against the blue background of the sky during daylight hours. This is a wonderful stage in the lunar cycle that offers new beginnings and a fresh start. 

Mercury is a crucial cycle that we all ought to be aware of. The Master of Strategy will reach the far side of the Sun on Monday where he'll line up straight with the Sun and Earth. This is called a superior conjunction. He will shift from a morning star into an evening star by the end of the month. From this point he begins his journey back towards Earth and the next Mercury retrograde in October. Mercury, aka Hermes, is your personal representative. He is working on your behalf in search of opportunities for you. Pause frequently to breathe deeply. Listen to the sound of birds singing and the wind blowing through the trees. 

We're moving into Virgo season now. Mercury leaves Leo and enters Virgo late on Wednesday; the Sun does the same on Saturday. Virgo is known as a mutable sign in astrology. It marks the gradual transition from summer into autumn. The days are getting noticeably shorter, but it is still summer, so make the most of this wonderful time of the year. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, August 17, 2020.


Some people say that you never listen. That can't possibly be true. You are a very attentive listener. Everybody knows that. You are an exemplary role model on how people can best conduct their lives. Facing up to weighty heartfelt issues and defying fears have made you strong, powerful and influential. You may be exhausted, even shaken, but you have successfully breached a great impediment to progress. Somewhere, close to you, there is tension. It can and will be resolved. The New Moon in Leo will reveal a future full of positive expectations. A key relationship is changing now for the better.  


Be alert and expectant of encouraging developments and good tidings that will come as a result of the New Moon in Leo. Forces of negativity are waning. Your problems are receding. All too often opportunities pass by unnoticed in the same way that we miss shooting stars flashing over our heads when we lower our heads in a mood of trepidation. This is an encouraging stage in your life that will bring positive developments. You have certain extraordinary skills and abilities. And this week, provided you show some confidence you will be able to start using these. Great things are coming your way. So, keep looking up!


It is possible to flip the switch from negative to positive and transmute a mood of disappointment into a force that boosts your personal power. Without night, we would not appreciate daylight. And without failure, success would be insipid. Don't settle for second best just because you think that's all you can get. The New Moon in Leo will cause you to question an old assumption. What once seemed impossible is now attainable. You have a lot to think about, but you also have a lot to do. Don't spend too long deliberating. Work your way through that list of tasks. 


You now hope for dramatic change where all seems flat and insipid. It is possible to have more sparkle and fizz in your life. You have the talent and the expertise to steer a certain process in precisely the right direction. Trust yourself more. The New Moon in Leo will introduce you to a life filled with warmth, security, and uplifting communication. So, dare to be different. Be a little more courageous about what you think is right. You have an opportunity to get caught up in a powerful, all-consuming experience that will bring adventure and a quest for an old heartfelt dream that was all but forgotten. 


Einstein was known to have found his inspiration from his daydreams. Consider the above as you reflect over a wild and apparently ridiculous notion you are entertaining. It may not be as crazy as you think. The New Moon in Leo is stimulating your creativity. You have the ability to create something out of nothing. The imagination is the spawning ground of the new world you wish to create. It is the source for ideas that grow into material existence. There is a way of reaching a state of perfect enlightenment. One way or another an exciting discovery awaits you soon. 


It's hard to believe how ridiculous a certain situation has become. No matter how hard you try to sort things out, they keep getting more tangled. There are times when you're not sure whether to laugh or cry. Progress has been rather drawn out, but it is moving in the right direction. The New Moon in Leo will deliver some important uplifting news that will assure you that the tide is turning your way. You are finally arriving at the future you have so long dreamed of. You should be glowing with enthusiasm and contentment. Soon, you will encounter proof of why you should feel buoyant about the future. 


By accommodating too many varied viewpoints we risk losing our focus and jeopardizing the outcome of our goals and objectives. It also entails the risk of being pushed into an unacceptable situation. Trust yourself more. You have the diplomatic skills and the expertise to steer a certain process in precisely the right direction. You have a good sense of judgment. The New Moon in Leo will highlight your creativity, independence and self-confidence. With your wise influence, the outcome of a certain drama will turn out fine for you and everyone else. 


Don't jump to conclusions too fast this week — especially pessimistic ones. Progress with a special project, plan or dream has slowed down, but it's still doing well. It may feel as though nothing is happening, but appearances can be deceiving. With a little rethink and retooling, you'll develop a new modus operandi that will get things moving again. Use the power of this week's New Moon in Leo to declare your determination and sincerity about what you wish to achieve. Conditions are right to set the perfect process in motion. You will be given a chance to pull off a special miracle.


Someone's behaviour is incomprehensible and annoying. There is no such thing as a conflict that cannot be resolved. Peace can be attained if all parties earnestly desire it. Perspicacity is a lovely gift, but the knowledge it brings can at times be a hard medicine to swallow. Your fortitude, endurance and patience will be rewarded. The New Moon in joyful Leo will encourage an atmosphere of compromise. Conciliatory gestures are not a sign of weakness. Quite the contrary is true. It takes strength to make peace. The troubled waters will calm down with the addition of laughter. A sense of humour is the best healer. 


Often when we are unduly concerned about a potential danger, we end up inadvertently putting ourselves in harm's way. We tense up in expectation of trouble and somehow this causes us to create it. You may feel you have failed in some way, but this is simply not true. As long as you're in the game and putting in the effort for what you want, success is inevitable, obstacles will fall, and goals will be achieved. The New Moon in Leo will help you adopt the attitude of always being alert and ready, yet still be relaxed enough to enjoy the moment.


The new and powerful you of today has the ability to vanquish challenges that once upon a time were unbeatable. Your record for attracting good luck is excellent. The New Moon in Leo will inspire your ingenuity so you can come up with new and exciting ways to do whatever you like and influence any situation to your advantage. This week is due to bring you a revelation. You are about to discover that you have some very valuable information. You will increase the number of people who you can clearly trust and clearly communicate with. A longstanding challenge will turn into a success story.


None of us are perfect. That's an obvious truth. As we are all in the same boat, it would be only fair that we learn to forgive one another our imperfections. Your kind heart excels at making excuses for people and for seeing reasons why they don't always live up to their full potential. You can excuse and understand most things, but is the same kindness afforded to you — probably not. You might utter a complaint on occasion. The New Moon in Leo will wake you up to the need to be appreciated. The time is right for your awakening. You are being watched over by a benevolent spiritual force. Great things are coming your way. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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