Your horoscope for the week ahead: A Lunar Eclipse makes this a good time to solve practical problems

We’re halfway through this Mercury Retrograde and it will bring crucial information to your attention.

We’re halfway through this Mercury Retrograde and it will bring crucial information to your attention

Mercury, aka Hermes, is still moving retrograde. The Master of Strategy, as Homer called him, is reaching the crucial midpoint stage in his three-week backward journey. On Tuesday, his orbit will take him between Earth and the Sun so that we all line up in a straight line. This is called an inferior conjunction since Mercury is positioned between the Sun and Earth. Within a few days Mercury will appear as a Morning Star. 

Make sure you get some quiet time on Tuesday to listen to the sound of birds and the wind blowing through the leaves. This will help you tap into the power of Mercury. A point will soon come that brings a series of epiphanies. Guidance will come on how to deal with whatever challenges you are facing. A clever stratagem will come to your attention. 

The astrological action will be further amplified on Tuesday as the expansive energy of Jupiter meets up with the intensity of Pluto. This will be the second of three conjunctions in 2020. This week is building up to be a pivotal point in the year. 

On Wednesday, Saturn's continuing retrograde phase will move him back into Capricorn until mid-December. Jupiter and Saturn are keeping close company this year. They will unite on December 21 in Aquarius. 

On Sunday July 5, there will be a Full Moon that will double as a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. It will be visible in the Western Hemisphere, but the Moon will not darken. Even so, this eclipse will be powerful. It's in Capricorn, so the emphasis will be on developing material stability and security. This will help with career decisions as well as family issues. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 29, 2020.


You have feelings taking you in one direction and thoughts leading you somewhere entirely different. Somewhere though, a clear coherent story is thankfully starting to emerge. Before you can reach an agreement with someone, you must reconcile the parts of your own personality that are pulling you in different and mutually exclusive directions. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will show you a way of getting your ideas to coalesce into one cohesive plan. By maintaining a light-hearted attitude, you will see how to turn a negative situation into something hugely positive. 


Circumstances are rushing you into doing something that requires more reflection. You are giving it all you've got. A modicum of patience would work miracles for you. Be wary of being too hard on yourself. Where normally you would laugh certain things off, you are now feeling rather sensitive. Watch as the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn leads you to a solution you've been searching for. It will emerge out of the fathomless depths of your own creative source. Any awkwardness you feel will give way to a pleasant and constructive sense that you are on the right track. You have the power to change the world. 


What's most important at this time is that your sense of purpose and determination do not waiver. Your success in handling your challenges may not be readily apparent to you right now, but you are doing very well. A new, constructive mental attitude is taking shape. There is a good reason to get excited, for it marks a positive turning point. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will make it clear that things will get better in a rather sensitive area of your life. What you need is on its way to you. 


An auspicious connection from the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will bring a promising twist to a problem you are dealing with. Benign factors are set to fall into place at a most fortuitous time. Propitious developments are already starting to filter into your life. Helpful celestial energies are directing you toward a most positive life-changing epiphany. There is an excellent option at your disposal that will put you on a more positive footing. This is due to be a very special week for you. Many creative insights will come. You will somehow manage to get whatever it is you need the most. 


You have been dealing with a relatively small problem that is beginning to seem bigger than it really is. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will help you put everything in proper perspective. You will succeed in freeing yourself from old debilitating emotions that you have been cradling. If you are open to the idea of miracles, this week will surely mark a turning point. Give a certain idea a bit of time to work its magic and you'll see a way of implementing it. You will find a way of seeing through a veil of confusion that has clouded your decision-making skills. Your spirit can now soar to the stars. 


Every so often, we go through the painful but essential process of discovering what is wrong in our lives. Some insights have been painful, but essential in discovering the real truth. Your willpower now has been galvanized into taking positive action. By forcing you to face a fear, the cosmos pushed you to act directly and as bravely as you can. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will guide you to immense success, provided you believe in yourself. This week will lift your spirits and leave you with the distinct feeling that life is full of promise. You have every reason to feel hopeful. 


We are told that time is a great healer, but that's not much comfort if we are hurting. You are very fortunate in that you have developed techniques and strategies for coping with challenges of all kinds. A benevolent sky is guiding you through thick and thin. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is opening the door to a long-awaited new chapter in your life. Much delight and joy are in store. The Universe is pushing you forward. You may feel that your methods of stress management may not be entirely effective, but they are working very effectively. This week brings a valuable discovery and an insight that will liberate you. 


A certain special heartfelt dream you are pursuing is based on common sense but to turn it into reality you need satisfactory answers to a slew of burning questions. Since you have a good grip on the practical side of things, all should go well. Your strategy is basically sound and wise, but you need to apply it using a different methodology and with more confidence. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn indicates that your dream has the potential to become reality. You'll be fine as long as you don't stress yourself out by trying too hard to accomplish your vision. It's moving along quite naturally toward success. 


You have only one life, so you have to make the most of it. Whether you have had past lives, or if you will be reincarnated into future lives, is irrelevant at this point in time. It's the here and now that must be dealt with. And as that is concerned, it appears that the tide has undeniably turned in your favour. The tectonic plates of your life have changed in a very positive way. If you are wondering whether or not you feel good about what is happening, the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will soon make it clear that you won't want to get back to how things were. The fact is that you are much better off now. The future is looking better than it ever has. 


If you say what you really think, you run the risk of upsetting someone. And if you don't, you will upset someone else. By thinking too much about what you must say or do, you will upset yourself. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will instill you with confidence and determination. You'll discover a way to speed up a crucial process in an area of your life that needs to get moving. The pause in forward motion for you now is only momentary. Without doubt, what you are hoping for will surely come. By doing a little less thinking, and acting a little more spontaneously, you'll speed up getting to where you want to be.  


You are in the process of gaining a lot of valuable experience and psychological insights into your unconscious pattern of behaviour. Some of it has come with a price; but just think, no amount of formal education or training could ever teach you the knowledge that you have acquired. Your trek through the parched desert is coming to an end. In fact, you have just entered an oasis. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is ushering you into a new and blissful chapter in your amazing life path. This is not a time for cynicism. Have more faith in your integrity and be less concerned about what you perceive as your faults. You are admired far more than you know. 


A conversation needs to be held that will smooth out some unresolved issues. Stay clear of any thoughts that make you feel pessimistic. Taking a negative viewpoint would be like getting sucked into quicksand. Everything is going to be fine. The sooner you believe that thought, the sooner you will clear your life of restraints. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will embrace you with happiness. What you desire so passionately is nearly within your grasp. You are more open-minded than most. Life is taking you through a series of lessons that will lead you to where you want to be. A moment of completion is nearer than you think. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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