Your horoscope for the week ahead: A lunar eclipse brings a chance for a fresh start

If you need to break old patterns and bad habits this week will inspire you to claim your freedom.

If you need to break old patterns and bad habits this week will inspire you to claim your freedom.

This is a big week coming up. It's chock-full of important astrological developments. The Saturn-Pluto conjunct at the end of the week on Sunday, January 12 has been building up for many months. It's a vitally important alignment that comes every 34 years with several critical stages in that period of time. Many dramas will be coming to a head especially with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on Friday amplifying the energy. 

As far as the Lunar Eclipse goes it will be a mild penumbral Eclipse which means it will be faint and barely noticeable. It will take place in the nurturing sign of Cancer. This is ideal for laying the foundation of a wonderful new chapter in your life. 

Mercury on Thursday reaches the far side of the Sun and begins his journey back toward Earth and the next Mercury retrograde in February. He will shift from a morning star and join Venus as an evening star. If you haven't noticed Venus yet in the west after sunset have a look this week. Her diamond light is shining as a bright beacon of hope. 

The five-month Uranus retrograde ends of Saturday. Uranus is the planet of innovation, revolution, freedom, independence, surprises and unpredictability. With the right attitude, though, the high-voltage energy of Uranus will bring good surprises. If you need to break old patterns, bad habits and a restricted lifestyle, this will inspire you to claim your freedom. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, January 6, 2020.


Wouldn't it be nice to escape this crazy world and find yourself in a utopian universe? Impossible as that might seem, you might be in for a surprise. The heavens are currently favourably disposed toward you. Uranus is famous for delivering unexpected opportunities. His change of direction this week will be a blessing for you. Trust the faith in your heart. Do not succumb to the fear in your head. You are about to have something very pleasing come to pass. Somewhere in your world that is need of change will get just that. This is a watershed moment that will change everything in the best possible way. 


Put the best possible spin on whatever situation is dragging your spirits down. It is important to remain level-headed. Stay calm regardless of how exciting or aggravating life gets. Stride forward with optimism and confidence. An invisible force is guiding and protecting you. The end of the Uranus retrograde will deepen your connection to that source. You'll be surprised at how quickly a mood of self-doubt disperses and a sense of certainty takes hold. Stay cheerful and you'll get what you really would like to have. It's important to allow for fresh hope. Big problems can become minor matters in a matter of moments. 


The need for security has forced you to abandon your heart's desire. It's a dilemma that most of us mere mortals must deal with. That might be true, but it's not your natural style to suppress your freedom and independence. This can only go on for so long. The end of the Uranus retrograde will deliver an option that will offer you freedom and still provide you with a safe level of stability. Yes, there's a compromise involved but it one that will be easy to accept. You are in a fine position to get out of rut and into a good groove. No longer will you dread the future. You'll have so much more to celebrate. 


You know all too well what it's like to inhabit that part of the emotional universe called dissatisfaction. You've explored every corner of it. Deepen your belief in heavenly helpers and give them a chance to help you. An old dream is about to come alive. The end of the Uranus retrograde will begin a process of moving you along toward warmer and happier climes. It's a tough world out there but you are beating the odds. The key is to be passionate and determined. That will assure you of reaching a longed-for destination. Everything will turn out to be a lot happier that you expect. 


The most constructive processes often need to take time. Something you are dealing with is of a sensitive and fragile nature. It needs to be handled gently and with care. It may be a difficult challenge, but it is essentially good for you. Not only will it coax you into expressing certain sensitivities, but it will greatly stimulate your confidence. The end of the Uranus retrograde will make it clear that some things really need to be said and other points really need to be heard. And don't be in too much of a hurry. Let the future arrive in its own manner and time without rushing it. 


You're coping well with a situation that is far from easy. Whether you know it or not, your intrepid spirit is winning the support of celestial energies. When the going is tough, it's hard to comprehend that at an invisible source is guiding you to safety. You are in the midst of a huge positive shift. Give it just a little time and you'll notice an exponential growth your personal power. Serendipity is on your side. Stay focussed but calm and everything will fall into place.The end of the Uranus retrograde is kicking off a long festival of helpful happenstance. It's going to get easier to attain your goals. 


In your heart of hearts, you yearn to attain something that counts far more than acclaim and applause. You seek true satisfaction. But you are experiencing moments of doubt when you wonder if you are reaching for the impossible. The end of the Uranus retrograde will lead you to a development that will dispel your reservations. Your kindness and wisdom can't help but improve things for you and everyone in your life. Get your mind off your sources of worry. Instead, regale yourself in the sunshine of your accomplishments. Believe in miracles and you'll make them happen. 


Things need to change, but it's not so much a revolution you need as much as an enlightened insight. The pressure can be eased by using whatever method you have in your arsenal of relaxation techniques. The object is to induce a state of calm. Listening intently to the sound of your breath is one of the best methods. It will pause the incessant inner dialogue, thus allowing your intuition to come through with a priceless revelation. Uranus returning to direct motion marks a point when you will enter territory for which nobody can prepare. You are moving toward a personal and precious fulfilment of your life's destiny. 


You will attain the emotional power and the physical endurance you need to break through a barrier. If recent events have not already given you a sense that you can overcome any obstacle, coming events will. Don't feel bad about feeling good. And don't be afraid to say what you think. Your honest approach is one of your most noble attributes. It would be nice to get whatever you want with a snap of your fingers or the wave of a magic wand. Don't be disappointed by your apparent inability to work miracles. The Uranus return to direct motion will give birth to an extraordinary plan of action. You will manage to achieve something amazing. 


It may be too soon to end a process you've been working on. Interesting developments are due to come. There is a possibility of finding a way to satisfy your needs and desires. You have been struggling through a difficult saga, but a way can still be found to fix it. This is not the final chapter. This is a time for reflection. The story of this struggle has not yet come full circle. Developments in your emotional life are making you hypersensitive. Be less worried. Uranus going direct will inspire you with an idea that will gain acceptance and support for what matters so much to you. 


Technological advancements have made writing faster and easier. We don't have to double-space on typewriters or write our thoughts down with quill and parchment. That literary masterpiece you're working on can be done faster. But when it comes down to it, all you need is pen and paper. It's your inspiration that counts the most. The essential ingredients of success reside in your head and heart. The end of the Uranus retrograde this week will stir your creative capacity and your ability to come up with innovative ideas. Trust your own ingenuity more than the advancements of this technological age we live in.


You know where you want to go. The question on your mind is how to get there. We can go around the world in search of what we want, but in the end, we can find it without even leaving our home. All it takes is a shift in our perception and change in our circumstances for that door to a new world to open. Things have to change. Monotony has to give way to adventure. That is abundantly clear. The end of the Uranus retrograde will help you re-evaluate all that you once took for granted. It will bless you with a fresh perspective. You will end up exceedingly glad of all you have discovered.