Your horoscope for the week ahead: A lucky configuration brings great opportunity

Look for the solutions Jupiter's movement will offer.

Look for the solutions Jupiter's movement will offer.

Jupiter, the Opener of the Way, has begun his 4-month loop backwards with his annual retrograde cycle. He begins the week engaged in a highly auspicious trine (an aspect of 120 degrees) to the Sun. This lucky configuration can bring you face to face with good fortune. Solutions to problems can appear out of nowhere.

When planets move slowly their power is magnified. Since Jupiter is virtually at a standstill all week, it makes his alignment to the Sun exceptionally powerful. That makes this week a time of great opportunity, if you can recognize what is on offer and take advantage of it.

The week is building up to a lovely crescendo with Friday's Full Moon in artistic Libra. On Saturday the Sun enters the fixed sign of Taurus. This is the heart of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The stars are aligning to create a wonderful weekend.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 15, 2019.


There are plenty of good ideas that need to be researched and investigated. You're bursting with creativity. Certain tantalizing possibilities have the potential to become reality. The Sun trine Jupiter will help you focus on a clear picture of where you see your life going. By knowing what you desire, you'll be able to prioritize your options in the most efficacious manner. There's every reason to believe that you'll achieve the satisfaction you so zealously seek.


We never really know how lucky we are. That's why it's so important to continually thank the spiritual sources that rule our lives. You'll soon become aware of how you narrowly missed getting drawn into a huge problem. The Sun trine Jupiter is casting a protective dome over you. It will make you marvel at the ways of the Universe and inspire you with renewed sense of confidence and determination. Your trials have taught you valuable lessons. Your wisdom is growing in leaps and bounds.


How could we ever understand the joy of success, without first enduring failure and disappointment. Problems often arise because the spectre of failure creates fear and raises the expectation of calamities. It's crucial to not let your resolve falter. The Sun trine Jupiter is directing you towards success that's meant to be yours. Keep your big dream alive! You've fought hard and you must continue to do so. A great time of celebration approaches.


When hard times hit, time slows down to a crawl. It reaches a point when it's hard to imagine these hard times ever coming to an end. Not long ago, you lost hope of ever achieving a certain special dream. The Sun trine Jupiter will bring that dream back. You'll realize that something that once seemed totally impossible is now feasible. Something immensely positive is happening right under your nose. Giant strides are being made toward the materialization of that dream.


Your mental acuity is at peak performance. Opportunities that would once pass unnoticed will now be recognized and captured in an instant. The Sun trine Jupiter will reveal a new and effective strategy to make a big score. Some people would find it very convenient to lower their standards and adopt a less optimistic attitude. Not you! An awkward and restrictive arrangement will be overcome. A deal can be struck with the Universe that will be of great benefit to you. Freedom is available if you truly want it bad enough.


You're a good listener – so good, in fact, that you can heal people with your compassion and empathy. You probably didn't know that but it doesn't really matter. What's important is that people are drawn to you because you have the rare ability to help them. The Sun trine Jupiter will show you how ease your way through a delicate emotional situation. Only good can come out of your involvement. What you're doing is right and it will work.


Everything seems so urgent and there doesn't appear to be any way of diffusing the intensity. The mood will lift as you discover how to relax and release the tension. Once you get the hang of silencing your talkative mind, you'll be astounded at how solutions magically appear. The Sun trine Jupiter will help you realize that a certain problem is not nearly as dark and threatening as it seems. As you come to understand the true extent of your power and influence, your problems will shrivel up like dried weeds.


An auspicious cosmic configuration is intent on improving your life. Everything is moving along nicely, but maybe not fast enough for your liking. Patience is required. You don't want to risk scuppering a fortuitous outcome by rushing things. The remedy is to extend the timeline just a little. The Sun trine Jupiter will help everything fall into place. Don't worry about a thing. One day, you'll look back on this time period and appreciate how lucky you were. Follow the urge to be free.


The harder life becomes, the more we worry. And the more we worry, the harder things get. To get a grip on this vicious circle, we must work on bolstering our morale with pep talks. Focus your attention on uplifting thoughts and embrace your ideas with enthusiasm. The Sun trine Jupiter this week will attract a heap load of good luck. When wrestling with difficult issues, it's essential to be as buoyant and optimistic as possible in spirit and attitude. Have faith in yourself and serendipity will befriend you.


Pressure is mounting on you to overcome your reluctance to state your mind about certain important issues. It's been rather difficult to speak up. Your voice feels weak. That will all change. The Sun trine Jupiter this week will make it easier to let out the real you. Celestial events will unleash a great power within you. No longer will you feel awkward about speaking your mind. It will all transpire in an easy and natural way. You will set in motion a series of positive events. Follow the urge to be free.


There's an old Aesop's fable about a lion, the king of the jungle, who was caught in a net. His life was saved by a mere mouse who nibbled through the ropes and set him free. The Sun trine Jupiter makes this story very significant for you. You're being directed to a clever, but humble solution that will free you from a restrictive situation. The psychological winter is over. A new celestial season is dawning in your life. Here comes springtime for your heart. Glimpses of hope are coming more frequently.


There are people in your world that just love to imagine negative outcomes. It's not done deliberately, it's just that fear prevents them from imagining positive outcomes. They beat the drums of failure by visualizing worst-case scenarios. In dealing with challenges and difficulties, it's imperative to see the bright side. The Sun trine Jupiter will steer you towards the sunshine of happiness. Events this week will lighten your heart. A kind celestial source is watching over you. You are protected.



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