Your horoscope for the week ahead: A huge burst of energy could help you immensely if harnessed constructively

Now’s the opportune time to network, socialize and strategize

Now’s the opportune time to network, socialize and strategize

A waxing Aquarian Moon gets this week off to a sociable start. The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, the Innovator, which makes it an opportune time to network, exchange ideas, get together with people of like minds and conjure up great plans and strategies. 

Mars plows into the severe energy of Pluto on Tuesday. This will have a huge impact on the week and beyond. Saturn and Pluto are travelling in close proximity for many months to come, which means that Mars' impact will affect us all in a very big way. Keep your spirits charged up and ready for action. This alignment will release a huge burst of energy that, if harnessed constructively and productively, will help you immensely. 

A spiritual Pisces Moon midweek combined with a Scorpio Sun trine Neptune on Friday will help you look into the subtleties of your inner world. Some incisive psychological and spiritual insights can be made. 

The Moon enters the action-sign of Aries on Friday and will stay there all through the weekend. Hercules may knock on your door and offer his help for some heavy lifting. A practical Saturn sextile to Neptune at the same time will keep your feet on the ground. 

The Mercury retrograde will have nearly reached its midpoint by the end of the week. This is not an opportune time to launch initiatives or make final decisions, but it's terrific for exploring ideas, discussing possibilities and problem solving. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, November 4, 2019.


You'll find a way to penetrate all the mysteries and conundrums that are confronting you. The dynamic Pluto-Mars connection this week will bestow upon you the clarity and vision needed to clear a major constraint and encumbrance. You can take the pressure of yourself and attain satisfaction by changing your normal routines. An idea will come to your attention that will solve what up to now has been an intractable dilemma. Difficulties have caused you to battle with unhelpful feelings, but a new door has opened that's leading you directly towards an elusive goal. 


You've been through what feels like a rite of fire or more like an ordeal by fire. Any way you want to look at it, the adversity you've dealt with has been good for you by improving your tactical skills of survival. The Pluto-Mars connection this week will guide you towards letting go of the past. You can't ignore a certain issue nor can you escape from it, but its importance will diminish into nothing. Let things flow naturally without cerebral interference. You'll be blessed with clear vision and enhanced mental acuity that will give you the ability to see through problems with x-ray vision.


Some important information will come to your attention that will require you to use the old question and answer technique to confirm its veracity. You're good at research, so you'll enjoy the process. A certain factor must be clarified regardless of how long it takes to do so. Things have not been easy, but the Pluto-Mars connection this week will exert a positive influence. You'll find the inspiration and the power to breathe life into a project that's been thwarted. Many wonderful possibilities and opportunities are at your disposal. A benevolent source is guiding you to absolute truth.


The time has come to untangle a complicated situation but mind you don't undermine your personal power and influence by being too self-critical. Doing the right thing is not easy to do if you don't have all the facts to hand. Be prepared to have your theories, ideas and opinions radically altered by newly emerging facts. The Pluto-Mars square this week will direct you to a fresh new way of viewing this issue. There's a distinct positive undercurrent to your cause. That's because the sky is cheering you on. You may find it hard to believe, but you do command a great deal of admiration and respect. 


The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, believed that we spend our lives in a cave watching our own shadows on the wall cast by a fire behind us. He explained that absolute truth is encountered when we exit the cave and have direct contact with the Sun. The Pluto-Mars meeting this week will push you out of that stifling cave into the blazing light and warmth of the Sun. Prepare for a momentous meeting with truth. Things are a lot better than you think. Something significantly good is taking place in your life. You don't need to put up with the status quo anymore. You're ready to take a bold step you've hitherto shunned away from in fear.  


Take a few moments and block out the noise of the world. Cut off the incessant stream of mind chatter by listening intently to the sound of your breath. A few seconds will do the trick. It won't eat up much of your time. The Pluto-Mars encounter this week will help you tune your ears away from a noisy set of circumstances. Ignore all those loudly expressed opinions filling the airwaves. Pure thoughts will soon come from an inspirational source within. It's these pure thoughts that will reveal the key to your emotional emancipation. You'll see things from a more objective vantage point. 


When our plans and dreams go awry, we inevitably look back aghast and wonder how we missed all the warning signs. The Pluto-Mars contact this week will bring some penetrating insights. It's important to note that all our mistakes are necessary and meaningful. They increase our self-understanding and expand our consciousness. You'll make a lot of progress this week by employing all that you've learned through experience about human psychology. Think about the best way to phrase things. Be sensitive to people's prejudices and preferences. Everything will turn out perfectly well. There's a great discovery to be made. 


You'll manage to stabilize several important areas of your life. The clarity and decisiveness you yearn for will come. Thanks to the Pluto-Mars connection this week, it will become clear that you need not be worried or afraid of very much. What you thought was the limit of your potential was just a fraction of what's possible. All those difficulties that seem so daunting will ebb away. This week is the kickoff into a constructive and productive new chapter in your life. You're looking at the end of a long and arduous ordeal. You'll soon be able to pursue an initiative that you've been pondering. 


There are times when it's not that easy to stay cool under pressure. This is one of them. That big Mars-Pluto square this week is a big test of your patience, but it does have some strong positive potential. It will bring out the best in you by fueling your grit and resolve. Your key to success is your steady and unrelenting approach. By cultivating positive thought patterns you'll enjoy the whole process. You have a special knack for attracting good fortune and turning your challenges into a fun adventure. The luck that got you this far has the potential to take you a whole lot further. 


Your mind and heart are racing away in different directions. Try not to worry. A solution exists. You've set your heart on a particular objective, but your head is telling you otherwise. The Pluto-Mars impact this week is letting you know that there's a good reason for what your heart is telling you. It's not possible to suppress what's calling out to you from the depths of your being. One thing for sure is that you're on the right road and you'll reach your destination. Ordeals such as this are a source of inspiration that will enrich your soul. Live it, breathe it and grow with it! Then you'll beat it.


An important shift is taking place. Success depends on rewriting your personal history. The Pluto-Mars alignment this week will guide you towards viewing your past in a different light, a much better light. Changing your past will change your future. You have your heartfelt goals, but the practicalities of existence have forced you to push them to the side in the hope that either they'll go away or that events will unfold in a way that makes you forget about them. It's no longer possible now to ignore them. A swell of energy is sweeping you forward towards your dream destination. You've reached the point where you can turn your dreams into reality.


When individuals bond and work together towards the same target, the prospect of success is greatly enhanced. Problems arise when not everyone is committed. You doubt the resolve of one or more individuals in a certain endeavour, but that will change if you can point out the potential psychological and emotional rewards for banding together. The Pluto-Mars connection this week will help you see their real needs and how to make them feel more relaxed. Sharing some social time with them will open them up and reduce any rivalry. You're emerging as a consummate leader. You're going to make a stunning impression.



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