Your horoscope for the week ahead: A Full Moon in rebellious Aquarius makes it time to go after what you want

And Mercury in the creative fire sign of Leo will help set a purposeful and determined mood.

And Mercury in the creative fire sign of Leo will help set a purposeful and determined mood

This week gets an audacious kick-off with the Full Moon in rebellious Aquarius on Monday. If there's something you've always wanted to do or accomplish, now is the time to satisfy your recalcitrant soul. A restive spirit will rise in your heart. You won't be in a mood to take 'no' for an answer — especially as Mars in feisty Aries squares Jupiter in rock solid Capricorn, on Tuesday. It's easy to get irritated at times like this. Keep your impatience under control by making sure you get some quiet time for whatever works to get you in touch with your higher self. 

Mercury moves into the creative fire sign of Leo late Tuesday/early Wednesday. You'll feel a purposeful and determined mood start to take hold. Find any reason you can to laugh or see the funny side of life. Leo loves to laugh and be creative. 

On Friday, Venus enters the nurturing sign of Cancer. This will connect you with your inner feelings and emotions. Venus in Cancer will help you build the foundation of any new venture or training you are doing. You may find yourself reminiscing over old photos of family, friends and pets. 

Jupiter and Saturn are rising earlier each day and taking centre stage in the night sky. Watch for them rising in the east in the late evening. Jupiter will be sparkling brightly with hope. Look to the left and you'll see the dimmer light of sober Saturn. They are both moving retrograde in Capricorn. They only do this once every twenty years, so make sure you look south over the next few months. 

Mars will turn retrograde for the first time in two years in September. The waning Moon will meet up with Mars at the end of the week on Sunday, August 9.  Mars is furnishing you with a supply of vim and vigour that will power you up.

And if you haven't yet seen the celestial messenger, Comet NEOWISE, it's still around. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, August 3, 2020.


There doesn't seem to be an easy answer to your current question. Chaotic events always find a way of bursting into our lives. The Full Moon in Aquarius is opening a new chapter when you can say goodbye to the stale and jaded aspects of your life and embrace the positive change you have been craving. The stars are working in unconscious ways in their quest to help you achieve one of your most cherished dreams. Soon, much will have changed in the best way possible. And you're going to like it a lot. 


It's true that difficulties are never far away but it's also true that you are strong and have a special ability to get clutch hits when you need them. That's a special talent you wouldn't want to swap for anything. The Full Moon in Aquarius will help put your problems in their proper place. You're currently learning more about the real nature of your identity. You have all the personal power and influence needed to pull off a miracle. A new dawn is bringing light into your world. Remember that we influence things and people just by thinking of them. Don't underestimate the impact you are having on a situation now. 


You're going through a phase when your mind is juggling an overwhelming quantity of information. A little peace in your life would be most welcome. What you need most right now is a modicum of clarity. A little will go a long way. The Full Moon in Aquarius will help you understand that everything you desire will come quite naturally once you give your mind a chance to relax. A positive attitude will help you discover a million magic moments. No amount of money can buy wisdom. It's your experience that counts. 


Circumstances are pressuring you to accept something you are not sure about. The anxiety associated with your predicament is only temporary. It has thoroughly tested your mettle and your wits, but the Full Moon in Aquarius indicates that a sense of being baffled or bewildered is coming to an end. You are much closer to an important objective than you realize. Ignore criticism and suppress doubt. If you're not sure about your next move, ride in the direction the horse is taking you.


There is a sense of making a fresh start in an area of your life that needs it. This may seem like a rather daunting proposal since it will require the adoption of new habits and the elimination of old routines, but it is a process that will prove far easier than you think. You have all the essential characteristics required to succeed such as courage, intelligence and luck. The Full Moon in Aquarius will start a process that will deliver the rewards you so richly deserve. You have the opportunity to be a tremendous force for good. A river of doubt will wash away this week. 


You seem to be surrounded by people who are struggling with irritating situations. Thankfully, you possess the essential ingredients of success – clarity and confidence. You know what you are doing and why. Plus, you know better than to get drawn into a big drama that is draining so much of everyone else's time and energy. The Full Moon in Aquarius is making it abundantly clear how important it is for you to believe in your own potential. You can and will make it happen. You have the strength and wisdom to do what is truly needed.


Opportunities come and go. They flash like lightning and then quickly disappear. Big ones are fairly rare. With the right mental attitude, you can make them happen more frequently. The Full Moon in Aquarius is marking a point of awakening that will reveal how to attract them. You've been living for a while with a circle you can't quite square or a question you can't answer to your satisfaction. A point has been reached where a new path to follow will appear before you. A choice will be made that won't require much deliberation. You will slip into this opening with effortless ease.   


Good times are getting ready to roll. And once they get going, they won't stop for quite a while. Of course, problems are always lurking. A comedy of errors has led to a ridiculous situation that has engaged you. Ask yourself what it is about yourself that attracted this situation, and you will make a major breakthrough in your self-awareness. You will come to the conclusion that everything you are worried about is ultimately irrelevant. You are developing the ability to be emotionally buoyant and independent. The Full Moon in Aquarius is just what you need to lift a cloud and lighten the mood.


Positive possibilities and attractive alternatives are coming your way. It won't be long before you wake up and see them. What you need to deal with is not so much any external problem, but your own scepticism. The Full Moon in Aquarius is offering you support and the promise of deliverance. Auspicious celestial developments are lining up to shift your life in the direction you would like it to go. Sometimes, we are far better off taking no action than determinedly pursuing plans we're not sure of. Progress is best made now by allowing nature a little time to run its course. The best thing you can do now is to relax. 


A pressing matter which reached a head recently came about to give you some crucial insights into yourself. The Full Moon in Aquarius will bestow you with the energy, authority and determination to turn a situation around. There is light at the end of that proverbial tunnel. Good news is on the way clothed in a development that is ostensibly insignificant. Be on the lookout for indications that the tide is turning. Embrace developments rather than fearing them. You stand to gain, quite substantially, from events that are starting to take place. Over the next week, you will find out a lot more about your options and choices. 


A rather farcical misunderstanding almost turned into a calamity. Fortunately, you saw a way to avoid trouble. You are living through a rapid growth in your emotional intelligence and wisdom. The problem at hand was essentially a minor one and easy to handle. The Full Moon in Aquarius is introducing you to an exceptional stage in your life when you will make brilliant decisions and excellent choices. Your insights will be impeccably spot on. Do be sure, though, to canvas other opinions and respect their input. There is no telling what you are capable of accomplishing now. 


You're a sensitive soul who treats the sentiments of others with consideration. You have what some people call a sixth sense. It is a powerful talent and a true gift from a benevolent Universe. Your intuition is exceptionally strong which really stands out in this age of materialism. You also have a fertile imagination which sometimes gets out of control. The Full Moon in Aquarius will assist you in distinguishing between truth and imaginative digressions. Seeing the truth will present you with an obligation to set some people straight. This is where your diplomatic skills will come into play.

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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