Your Fall Equinox 2018 horoscope is here

A once-a-year opportunity to give your deepest wishes new life.

A once-a-year opportunity to give your deepest wishes new life.

The Fall Equinox is a crucial point in the solar cycle when, for the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun drops below the celestial equator and heads south into the lower half of the sky. It's a point of equal day and night. From this point on night will grow longer than day.

The Sun enters the cardinal sign of Libra on this day. It's the time of the harvest when we give thanks for the fruits of the earth. The Sun will move through Scorpio and Sagittarius, before reaching the Winter Solstice in December.

The Mayans knew these Equinoctial points were important; so much so, that they built the Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itza which was aligned in such a way that twice a year at the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, the setting sun would hit the northeast balustrade wall casting triangular shadows that undulated down the staircase like a serpent slithering down the steps.

A large sculpture of a serpent's head is at its base, so that when the shadow of the serpent reaches the bottom of the pyramid, it unites with the sculpted head of the serpent i.e. Kukulkan. The engineering and construction of such a pyramid is astonishing.

Make a list of your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Write everything down and light a candle. The Equinox takes place on Saturday the 22nd at 9:54pm ET. 

Keep that list in your bag, wallet, desk, nailed to the wall or glued to your forehead. It will serve as a reminder of where you are going. Look to the Sun for guidance. Stay connected! The Sun will warm your soul, inspire your heart and give you the energy to make miracles happen.

Here is your horoscope for this Fall 2018 Equinox:


The Equinox is offering a look into a future that will inspire your heart with joy. There is a way to escape a jaded and tedious lifestyle. A new way of living is within reach. The process will move faster if make it a law to not dwell on past failures or toxic experiences. Dwelling on the past hampers our ability to see the opportunities the sky has on offer. So, let go of the past and enjoy all the gifts of the present. So much is set to blossom and flourish with the arrival of the Equinox. What you heart wants is well worth having. Not only that, it is surprisingly attainable.


Your journey through a long dark tunnel is over. You are baffled by a choice of potential paths to follow. The Solar Equinox will release a crack of light and a glimpse into the future you were meant to live. The equinox marks the dawning of an era of increased self-awareness that will heal your pain and open the door to a new world. Kind celestial sources are carefully observing your struggles and measuring your progress. Do what you want to do, rather than doing what you think you ought to do. If something feels right, it's a sure thing that it is right.


Are we living in a cruel Universe that wishes to impede our progress? How else can we explain the all the frustration and exasperation that life throws our way. Stop that line of thought immediately. Don't give in to pessimism. You don't need a big miracle to get you to where you want to be. The Fall Equinox will deliver a glimpse of utopia and instructions on how to get there. Whether you know it or not, you have a firm grip on a precarious situation. You have warded off a big problem and discovered a way to get past an impasse. Changes have begun to happen that will work to your advantage. A benevolent Universe is doing its best to guide you to safety.


A certain problem is getting blown out of proportion because you are excessively preoccupied with it. The Equinox marks a point when you start directing your attention to all that is good in your life. From that point on, you'll find your ideas and initiatives will blossom and grow with effortless ease. Success indubitably lies ahead. Coming events will encourage you appreciate the true value of recent achievements and make you feel far more inspired about what needs to be done next. An imminent important development will confirm that you're on the right track.


A plan you are working on is risky, but you are well-versed in that sort of thing. A certain gamble has the potential to pay off. You are keen to act and get things moving. It's been a long time coming. The Equinox will inspire you to move along one simple step at a time. Put your misgivings aside. Your ingenuity and creativity will guide you to success. A special moment will arrive that galvanizes you into definitive action. Believe in your intelligence. It's backed up by a comprehensive array of talents and the benevolent force that is guiding you.


The Equinox is offering to fire you up with a passionate spirit of freedom. What now seems like a hopeless situation will soon become manageable as your power grows. The sky is beaming strength and happiness to you right where you need it most. If you are inwardly willing to be uplifted and cheered, you will be able to find hope in even the darkest and most difficult of times. Think of everything you would like to happen. Envisage all the changes you desire. Remember how things used to be and wake up all the good feelings you used to have. You have more power than you realize. You can use it to your advantage.


The Equinox is opening up new windows of perception. You are being given a significant chance to bring improvement right where you need it most. Although, it may not be immediately apparent, there is a positive pattern emerging in what hitherto appeared to be a series of random and chaotic events. These developments may not make much sense now, but before long you will understand why they took place and how to use them to your advantage. Through a most fortunate, albeit, strange twist of fate, they will turn into blessings.  


Attaining our dreams requires a lot of gruelling work and countless failures. Success comes to those who never lose their enthusiasm. The greater the pain, the greater the success when it inevitably arrives. You've been tested along your solar path in life. But now, this Fall Equinox marks the starting point of rise in your fortunes. A golden halo has encircled you. Helpful developments will vault you forward towards a highly prized aspiration. The Sun is nourishing a special dream. You can thank your determined spirit for the success and bliss that await you.  


As things stand now and with everything you've had to deal with, it would be hard to believe how the Equinox is marking a positive shift from before and after. It means that where your heart has been ailing, you will find relief. The path illuminated by the Sun will take you safely through unknown and uncharted territory. In a moment of enlightenment, you will realize that you are in the right place at the right time to meet exciting new people. Your agenda will be furthered. Your talents will be recognized and rewarded.


Freedom will come where you have felt restricted and restrained. You've been at a loss as to how to resolve a certain emotional situation. The Equinox will trigger some profound psychological insights. You are tapping into an inner source of wisdom and power that will steer and direct events in your life towards what your heart desires. No longer will you live in the long shadow of doubt and uncertainty. Circumstances that once set off pangs of anxiety will be much easier to handle. A wise inner source is guiding you towards the fulfilment of a desire that is very dear to you.


You've demonstrated your feisty spirit by making it through your challenges in exemplary style. Forces of negativity will never succeed in smothering your joy of life and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is best appreciated after long treks through the desert. The Equinox marks a point when you tap into your deepest feelings and become aware of the new direction you would like to take your life. It's important that you fulfil your real purpose in life. The solar equinox is taking you there. Your delight will be great as you realize you've entered a most auspicious chapter in the saga of your wonderful life.


Failures and disappointments are used by a benevolent Universe to redirect us onto our true path with heart. The medicine tastes awful, but once you swallow it and digest it, you realize it's made you stronger, wiser and more secure. Be thankful of the tough times for they bring out the best in you. They are blessings in disguise. The Sun's journey through the equinox will give you a glorious vision of the new direction you want to take your life. And even better, you will see a way of implementing that vision.