These parents have DIY'd over 30 famous looks for their baby using only things in their home

Dolly, Britney, Gord, Elton, RBG! Baby Larry's Looks drop daily and they're truly delightful.

Dolly, Britney, Gord, Elton, RBG! Baby Larry's Looks drop daily and they're truly delightful

(Source: Instagram/@pat_thornton)

Baby Larry's parents posted his first "look", Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar, on March 14 with this message: "To help us all get through these troubling, isolating times we're going to be dressing up Larry like different famous people using just things we find in our house (Maggie's a craft wiz)".

Since then they've created more than 30 #LarryLooks based on famous people and characters, from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Joe Exotic

"If you know anything about me, you know how important silly is," says Larry's dad, comedian, television actor and writer Pat Thornton. "This project is about right now and about putting silliness into the world." As for how long they intend to continue, he says, "If we can pull it off (or, more accurately, if Maggie can pull it off and her supplies hold up) we'd like to do this through the pandemic, until they say it's safe for us to get back to our normal lives."

Larry's mom, elementary school teacher Maggie Maloney, is still using only materials they had in their home at the time that they started isolating. "Although I did recently order some more hot glue sticks."

How are they doing it? 

"We have a lot of wigs," says Thornton. "I've been a sketch comedian for almost 20 years so it goes with the territory. Much of the brainstorming comes out of looking at all the wigs and writing down anyone we could think of that could have that hair. When we use all those ideas, we look at the wigs again."

"The Ginger Spice dress took the longest to create," says Maloney. "The only fabric I had to use was felt, and I had to paint the Union Jack onto it. Felt really sucks up the paint so it took hours. The hardest one to figure out was C-3PO — I spent a week planning that, but the construction was only about an hour."

"Also, we get a lot of requests," Maloney says. "We talk each one out… 'Could we do the hair? Do we have what we need for the outfit?'" She says, "When you're using all your brain trying to figure out how to make a hat out of construction paper there's no room for worrying thoughts."

Maloney's favourite looks so far are Elton John and Roberta Bondar. "I've heard Dr. Bondar has seen the photo and really liked it which makes me feel real great."

"As a big Star Wars fan," Thornton says, "I was pretty over the moon about C-3PO but I also, definitely have a special place in my heart for Slash, particularly because Larry was able to capture his attitude so well." 

"Larry LOVED being Napoleon," Thornton says. "He seemed to get very happy anytime we put that paper hat on him."

Larry is obviously a star. (You can't teach this kind of mermaid screech.) So, how does he like transforming himself every day for #LarryLooks? "He loves it!" Maloney says. "I'm so surprised that he does, but he does! He never even tries to pull the wigs off. A natural." 

"I feel that we are in a real position of privilege during all of this," Moloney says. "We have enough for food and shelter, we have each other, our dog and of course Larry."

Thornton says, "We can't wait until Larry's old enough so we can tell him how he made so many people happy during the weirdest time." 

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