Sun, Earth and Moon group Halloween costume: A super stylish no-sew look for the whole fam

Grab your gang and your glue guns, because the sky's the limit!

Grab your gang and your glue guns, because the sky's the limit!

(All photography by Lady Hayes)

Halloween is one of those holidays that can sneak up terribly fast and can leave us scrambling. But alas, scramble no more, your stars have aligned! Let's turn to the sky for inspo for this Sun, Earth and Moon group costume theme! This is a fun one to have your kids help create and also a great opportunity to learn about the planets and the Sun!

Here's what you'll need: 

  • 3 metal headbands — 1 gold, and 2 white (I prefer to use a metal headband because it tends to stay secure on the head better.)
  • 1 package of 7 ½-inch plastic nylon ties  (I used 25.)
  • 1 small bag of polyester pillow stuffing
  • White printer paper
  • White duct tape
  • Silver spray paint
  • Gold spray paint
  • 1 can of spray adhesive
  • Loose silver sparkles
  • Gold star sparkles
  • 1 yard of blue fabric
  • ½ yard of AstroTurf
  • 3 yards of white vinyl foam-backed material (⅛-inch thick)
  • 1 yard of white Velcro
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks for glue gun
  • 1 roll of craft paper for patterns
  • Pencil
  • Printer
  • Pink paint and paint brush
  • Black permanent marker
  • 7 small wooden star shapes (or you can cut stars out of cardboard.) 

Here's how to do it: 


1. Let's begin with a headband DIY for the Sun! Count out 18 nylon zip ties and place them around the headband, creating a halo. I like to lay everything flat before I begin. Secure the first tie onto the centre of the headband. Pull tight. Make sure all ties are facing the same direction as you secure each one onto the band. Secure the ties down both sides of the headband. Spray paint the entire headband gold outdoors or in a well-ventilated area and lay flat to dry.

2. Now we can create a pattern for the Sun. I used a ⅛-inch thick vinyl foam-backed material. It keeps it shape extremely well and will not fray, which is a non-sewers dream come true! Take a large piece of craft paper and draw a large circle. The circle for the adult costume is 27 inches in diameter. The children's ones are 23 inches. I used a mirror to trace the circle and a small dessert plate to trace the arm holes.

For the top of the costume I drew in an arch so it would be more comfortable around the neck.

Cut out your pattern. Now place your pattern onto the fabric and trace with a pencil. Cut your shape out of the fabric. To cut out the arm holes, pinch the middle of the inside of the circle and make a small snip. Now you can cut outward from the inside to make a clean circle. Take your cut shape and flip it over with the foam side facing up and trace the shape onto the white vinyl. We do not need arm holes for the back so skip tracing them out. Cut out the shape.

3. Time to make the Sun's rays. Make a triangle pattern with a piece of paper. I made my rays 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Cut out the pattern and trace onto the vinyl foam material. I made 11 rays for my Sun. Spray paint your rays and both of your circles gold, outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Spray onto the white side of the vinyl. I also added gold star sparkles onto my rays with a spray adhesive once the paint was dry. Once everything is dry, take your hot glue gun and glue the rays onto the underside of your front of the costume. I started at the bottom middle and worked my way along both sides. Again, I like to lay everything flat first to ensure my design works before securing it with glue.

4. Since I wanted the costume to be easy to get on and off, I used Velcro to hold the circles together. I cut six 2-inch pieces of Velcro and hot glued three on either side, on the inside of the foam. Leave lots of room for the legs. This is a good time to try your outfit on and see if you need to add any additional Velcro.


1. Let's make our cloud headband! For this one I used a white headband. Grab a few sheets of white paper and crumple them up into balls. Place your white duct tape underneath the headband and tape the paper balls onto the headband. Continue taping paper to the headband until you get a cloud-like shape. Then glue the polyester pillow filling around the taped paper until it looks like a cloud. Continue until you are happy with the shape.

2. To make the vinyl circle shape, follow step 2 from the Sun DIY. For a children's size, I made a 23-inch diameter circle.

3. Next let's cover our vinyl circles with our light blue fabric. Spray the white side of the circle shape with an adhesive spray and place the fabric on top. Work fast and flatten the material smooth across your shape. Repeat on the other piece. Cut the fabric around the vinyl circle leaving a 1-centimetre trim around the outside. Cut out the arm holes, leaving a 1-centimetre trim as well. Use your glue gun to glue the excess material against the sides, around to the back of the vinyl foam. This will create a tidy edge.

4. Time to make the land pieces for our Earth. Print out some maps of continents from your computer and cut them out. For my Earth I used North and South America, and Africa.Trace them onto brown craft paper to create a pattern. Pin your pattern to your green AstroTurf. Cut the pattern out of your AstroTurf. Then place them onto the front of your blue circle. Once you are happy with the design, secure with hot glue. Add some clouds to your Earth with the polyester pillow filling.

5. Use velcro to attach the front and the back of the Earth together. Follow step 4 from the Sun DIY for more details.


1. First, let's make our star headband. I found wooden stars at the dollar store that worked well for this headband. You can also cut out star shapes from cardboard just as easily.

For this headband I used 7 stars. Place the star around the headband to create your design. Now attach 7 nylon zip ties to your headband. Pull tight to secure in place. Cut some of the ties shorter so the stars can be seen. Use your glue gun to attach the stars to the ends of the nylon ties. Once your design is complete, spray with silver spray paint, outside or in a well ventilated area. Lay flat to dry.

2. To make the vinyl circle shapes, follow step 2 from the Sun. For a children's size, I made a 23-inch diameter circle.

3.  Time to make our Moon shimmer! Spray the front of your vinyl circle with adhesive spray. Shake silver sparkles all over. Let it dry then shake off any excess. Repeat on the back. 

4. For the Moon costume I loved the idea of referencing the 1902 Georges Méliès movie, A Trip to the Moon! As I was about to print out the face on the Moon from the movie, I had a thought that it'd be really funny to print out a baby photo of my daughter who was going to wear this costume. I printed out a simple black and white photo of her and enlarged her face so it was 8 ½ by 11 inches. Once you have your photo printed, use your spray adhesive to attach to a piece of the white vinyl. Once dry, cut it out in a circle. Add some sparkles to the face by spraying a little adhesive and dusting some silver sparkles. Attach to the Moon with velcro.

5. I considered a little spaceship as another homage to A Trip to the Moon, but decided to keep it simpler. You can craft one if you're looking to add in an extra element. To make the spaceship, cut out a shape and paint the top and bottom pink. Outline it with a black permanent marker. This can be attached to the costume with Velcro and can be carried in hand as a prop.

6. Use Velcro to attach the front and the back of the Moon together. Follow step 4 from the Sun DIY for more details.

Don't forget to snap a photo of your designs and tag CBC Life on Facebook or Instagram. Happy Halloween!


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Lady Hayes is a designer, photographer and mama, known for her beautiful floral inspired projects and lifestyle. Her love of flowers shines through her couture crafted Flower Crowns and Petal Pop, her line of Floral Confetti with sun dried roses and gold confetti glitter. Stay connected! Visit Hayes over on her Instagram or visit her website to shop and say hi!


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