Looking for show recos? Here are 8 titles to stream for free on CBC Gem

Re-watch all of Schitt's Creek before the series finale plus try these other faves.

Re-watch all of Schitt's Creek before the series finale plus try these other faves

Social distancing is the very minimum practice required right now to keep yourself and others safe; here are the basics on how to do it. Coming out of winter, you might already be out of shows to watch and looking for recommendations. There are hundreds of shows streaming for free on CBC Gem and you're sure to find something you'll love. Here are eight suggestions to get you started. 

Schitt's Creek 

The Schitt's Creek series finale airs Tuesday, April 7th at 8 p.m. on CBC, followed by Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt's Creek Farewell - a 60-minute retrospective special, featuring behind-the-scenes footage and new cast interviews to help us bid adieu to our favourite fictional town. But you can turn back time to 2015 to re-watch all six seasons of the acclaimed show as you ramp up to the finale.

All six seasons of Schitt's Creek are streaming on CBC Gem.

Kim's Convenience

Very much like the Schitt's Creek's Rose family, Canada's fallen madly in love with the funny family dynamics of the Kims. With four seasons available and more on the way, it's time to catch up and find out why they're so beloved for yourself. (This NYT TV critic agrees.) 

All four seasons of Kim's Convenience now streaming on CBC Gem.

Also check out, Workin' Moms - the sarcastic sitcom chronicling the madness of motherhood.

Utopia Falls

A CBC Gem original that you can't see anywhere else, Utopia Falls takes place in the not-too-distant, but very dystopian future, where Earth's last colony uncovers the secrets of its past, and must use music and dance to reconcile them. It's a young adult sci-fi series that incorporates classic and contemporary musical genres, dance styles and iconic songs that can also be streamed on CBC Listen

Stream all 10 episodes of Utopia Falls on CBC Gem.

Also check out, Endlings - four foster kids from the future have an other-worldly encounter.

Fortunate Son

Fortunate Son is a based-on-a-true-story drama set in 1968 (when another Trudeau was Prime Minister), against the backdrop of draft-dodgers, suspicious governments and a rapidly-changing culture. Premiering on CBC at the beginning of this year, it's a deep-cut slice of Canada's past and bingeing all eight episodes lets the story unfold like an epic movie.

Catch Fortunate Son streaming now on CBC Gem.

Also watch, X Company - a critically-acclaimed series, following five young spies during World War II.

Bit Playas

You can binge whole shows even if you don't have a lot of time. Bit Playas is a short-form CBC Gem original (of 10-15 minute episodes) that capture the hilarious happenings of two best buds and part-time actors as they balance ludicrous auditions and small roles with the realities of their day jobs. Off-the-wall and often surreal, Bit Playas wastes no time going for laughs and also features appearances from some of your favourite Canadian comedians.

Watch Season 1 of Bit Playas streaming now on CBC Gem.

Also stream, Hey Lady! - another short-form original serious about the world's most debaucherous 75-year-old.

Family Feud Canada

Though you might not think to binge a game show, but Family Feud Canada keeps the laughs, suspense and silly answers coming so much that you won't want to stop watching. You'll get hooked on returning champion families from across the country and your heart will break when they get eliminated.

Stream all 51 episodes of Family Feud Canada now on CBC Gem.

Also check out Canada's Smartest Person Junior - an elimination series putting Canada's brightest kids in unique intelligence challenges.

The Nature Of Things

There's plenty we can learn from a good binge-watch, too. All 59 seasons (and counting) of The Nature Of Things are streaming for your edutainment, offering deep-dive docs into pretty much everything imaginable. Just this past season alone covered the ecosystems of Canada's grasslands, keeping great apes from going extinct, aging well, the science of colour and the entire life of a single bee. Each episode will whisk you into a world of knowledge that's just as engrossing as it is informative.

Stream all 59 seasons of the Nature Of Things now on CBC Gem.

Also watch The Mesdames of Mayhem - a short doc capturing a congregation of female authors who meet every two years to write an anthology of crime stories.

Coronation Street

There's a reason that generations across the globe have never missed an episode of TV's longest-running soap opera. It's always kept up with the times, with intriguing new drama constantly unfolding on the same street. You'll laugh, cry, gasp and boo — but you won't stop watching.

Stream the latest episodes of Coronation Street now on CBC Gem.

Also watch Secrets of the Royals: Inside the Crown - a four-part documentary series chronicling Queen Elizabeth's journey to present day.

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