Your horoscope for the week ahead: Do your best to go with the flow in moments of turbulence

Then, as the moon waxes full in proud Leo, resist celebrating any victories too soon.

Then, as the moon waxes full in proud Leo, resist celebrating any victories too soon

a collage of an iceberg on the ocean at sunrise. the sky is light orange and reflecting onto the water. an illustrated wheel of zodiac signs sits behind the iceberg, with a blue night sky and a full moon in the middle of it.

It's a slow week, astrologically speaking — which is fortunate for us. ​​With the skies calm, we'll have a chance to prepare for two squares that could shake up our world as the weekend approaches. In astrology, squares tend to bring challenges that we're called to overcome. If we can use these transits as opportunities for growth, we'll be able to get closer to becoming the best versions of ourselves. 

The first arrives on Friday, with the ego-ruling sun squaring rebellious Uranus, challenging us to practice restraint and exercise grace under pressure. While we may need a little extra help to build momentum during this period, success is still within reach if we can remember to be thoughtful with our words. Giving in to your emotions in moments of conflict could leave you feeling embarrassed, so do your best to adopt a go-with-the-flow attitude and channel your energy toward creating positive change. 

This combustible mood could spill into Saturday, as love-ruling Venus squares impulsive Mars, creating tension in our relationships. As these heavenly bodies clash in the sky, it's essential that we're clear about our desires. Otherwise, we could risk growing resentful if our expectations aren't met. The best way to navigate this transit is to communicate, focus on taking the high road and find positive ways to blow off steam. 

Our emotions will peak on Sunday, when the moon waxes full in proud Leo, prompting us to seek praise and validation for our efforts. If you've embarked on any new projects recently, be sure not to start celebrating any victories prematurely. Avoid becoming complacent and keep working toward your goals. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, Jan. 30, 2023.


Keep an open mind, Aries. If you're in a relationship, you may have some trouble seeing eye-to-eye with your partner this week, leaving communication feeling frenzied or disconnected. Remind yourself that in order to evolve and grow, you must be willing to look at things through new perspectives. Meanwhile, single rams could feel the urge to get back out on the dating scene during this time to boost their confidence. Just remember that not everyone will have the best of intentions — it's essential that you create some boundaries to protect your own happiness and harmony.


It's up to you to decide where to take your professional journey next, Taurus. If you face some pushback when communicating your brilliant career ideas to loved ones this week, remind yourself of this — and that they ultimately have your best interests at heart. On the weekend, you could feel pressure to accept an invitation to an event you'd rather avoid. Don't hesitate to politely decline if your heart's not in it, especially if there's money involved. Meanwhile, a home improvement project could attract your attention, inspiring you to give your space a more regal look. Just make sure that you finish what you start so you can truly elevate your atmosphere. 


Finding your direction could be a challenge this week, Gemini. When making important decisions, you might feel torn between following your intuition or siding with the facts. But if you can find a way to marry these elements in your mind, you'll be able to better adapt to the challenge at hand. Meanwhile, those on the dating scene could find that things feel a bit more like networking this weekend, as people eagerly show off their accomplishments. That won't impress you, however, since you're looking for someone to match your sharp intellect and empathetic spirit.


Sometimes you can be an open book, Cancer. But if you find yourself faced with a financial decision this week, you'll be wise to use your discretion when chatting with friends. Do your best to keep things confidential as you take care of business. Meanwhile, when it comes to your career, you may finally be ready to make a leap that feels like it's been a long time coming. While you'll likely be passionate about your choice, you should expect some resistance from your loved ones. Remind yourself that even though you may not be able to get on the same page right away, you can still respect each other's opinions.


Have you been pushing yourself too hard at work, Leo? If you've been struggling to find balance between your personal and professional lives, your loved ones may be ready to voice their concerns this week. Be willing to listen. Accepting their criticism could actually help you to establish a healthier, more sustainable relationship with your career. Meanwhile, new challenges at work could arise with colleagues who you consider to be friends. They may seek great results but be unwilling to put in the effort. Do your best to manage their expectations by keeping it real about what you can accomplish.


Sticking with the same old methods could hinder your progress this week, Virgo. But if you can let go of your idea of perfection long enough to experiment with some new strategies for accomplishing your tasks, you'll be able to start working smarter, not harder. When it comes to matters of the heart, single Virgos may want to embrace new ways of doing things, too. If you find it difficult to connect with people in your dating pool during this time, with surface-level interactions feeling particularly unsatisfying, taking the time to look inward could lead to a gratifying realization. Consider this an essential step in your self-discovery.


You can't sit on the fence any longer, Libra. This week, choosing between taking care of your responsibilities and letting your hair down could feel challenging, but it's up to you to make the final call. You could even exceed your own expectations if you can learn to roll with the punches. If you're in a relationship, you may also find yourself in a disagreement over how you contribute to your shared future. Avoid holding back your feelings so that you can work together to find answers. Meanwhile, single Libras may feel the itch to begin a new romance. Live in the moment and have fun — but keep your expectations in check. 


​​Does something in your work life need adjusting, Scorpio? Perhaps you're ready to look for a new workspace, or maybe you're interested in pursuing a different professional path altogether. When push comes to shove, you'll be called to make the changes necessary to better prioritize your personal responsibilities. If you're single and out on the town this weekend, the world will be your romantic oyster. As you ride this wave of excitement, try not to take anyone — or anything — too seriously. Meanwhile, those in relationships may have to have some tough conversations with their partners about how to cross significant items off a shared to-do list.


You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk, Sagittarius? You're filled with inspiration and ideas, and this week, it's time to turn them into action. Embrace your versatile nature and try out a few different options before you settle on what works best. If you begin to feel pressure from your loved ones in the process, it could be that they don't fully understand your vision. Find a way to share your inner workings so they can get on the same page and support you. Then, on the weekend, you could have a breakthrough that inspires you to pursue an ambitious academic goal. Enjoy embarking on this new educational journey.


You know how to get what you want, Capricorn. And this week, a sparkly new purchase could pop up on the horizon, inspiring you to put your analytical mind to work. Now is the time to get creative and adjust your budget in order to realize your dreams. On the career front, discussions about your ambitions could fall flat this weekend — especially if your loved ones are busy tending to their own responsibilities. If you cohabitate with a partner, carve out some time to help out around the house. Single Capricorns can seek to balance their professional and personal needs by prioritizing both smaller errands and larger goal planning. 


Have you been having a hard time getting your message across lately, Aquarius? It may be tempting to give in to all that frustration you're feeling and let your anger out at home during this period. Still, you're best advised to keep the peace — especially when it comes to family. On the weekend, you could be filled with brilliant ideas for improving your space, though not all of them will be feasible. If it seems like your proposals are being shot down left and right, keep your chin up. You'll have the opportunity to implement the best ones once you've had the chance to consider them all carefully. 


Have you been craving more stimulation, Pisces? It may be time to shake up your schedule to introduce more activities that will help to support your mind and spirit. You could even investigate self-care practices that you've been curious about to see what kind of impact they have on your life. Get ready to make moves and create real change. By the weekend, you'll be in the mood to revel in the glow of your latest creative achievement. It's a blissful feeling to be recognized for your work, but before you get too high on your horse, take a moment to exercise humility — and think toward the future.

Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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