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Watch a modern home get a glass-and-brass '80s makeover

Here's what happened to the Campus home on the go-go '80s episode of Back in Time for Dinner.

Here's what happened to the Campus home on the go-go '80s episode of Back in Time for Dinner

A light-up glass kitchen island and more awaits the Campuses when their home is completely transformed to look like it came right out of the 1980s. 0:40

The '80s were a decade of prosperity and conspicuous consumption, and the décor of the time reflected that. Here's what the Campus family home looked like in the 1980s episode of Back in Time for Dinner

In 1987, 63 per cent of Canadians had this glass, brass and pastel upholstery living room. That's not a real stat. We made that up. But if you remember the '80s it FEELS true. (Dale Wilcox/DWP)
The Nintendo Entertainment System came to North America in late 1985, making console gaming more popular than ever before, and giving kids a great alternative to doing their homework. (3Bird Media)
This black-and-white-plus-a-primary colour kitchen motif was very on trend in the 1980s. (3Bird Media)
Component stereo systems like this one were mostly used by dads to listen to Phil Collins, and featured state of the art tape decks. (Dale Wilcox/DWP)
Glass blocks were all the rage in the 1980s. Also, '80s Jessica looks like she's ready to go rip it up at a DOA show, and we're super here for that. (Dale Wilcox Photography/DWP)
A new interest in gourmet at-home cooking brought a ton of new kitchen gadgets into Canadian homes, including the food processor. (Dale Wilcox/DWP)
Woks were super hot in the '80s. (And in every other decade. See what we did there?) (Dale Wilcox/DWP)