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Watch a modern, Canadian home get a cozy '70s makeover

In a decade of economic anxiety, the home of the '70s was a warm, welcoming sanctuary.

In a decade of economic anxiety, the home of the '70s was a warm, welcoming sanctuary.

Wood panelling and wicker — and lots of it. These are just a couple of the things the Campus family finds in their home after it's transformed to reflect the 1970s. 0:41

The 1970s were a tough decade for Canadians. The economy was down, the cost of living was up, tanks were rolling in the streets of Montreal, and polyester pants ripped way too easily. With all that going on, it's no wonder Canadians wanted to curl up on a wicker papasan, snuggle underneath a million blankets, and watch Team Canada beat the Soviets at hockey. Watch the Campus home get the cozy '70s treatment for the fourth episode of Back in Time for Dinner.

Get comfy! Put your feet up! Or maybe curl up on one of these nice pillows. It's the '70s! (3Bird Media)
Sometimes, when you're in a recession, you just want to come home and hug a fuzzy pillow. (Dale Wilcox Photography/DWP)
Blankets! Blankets everywhere! (Dale Wilcox Photography/DWP)
Fondue: it's meat and bread and hot cheese, eaten communally with friends. It's like the '70s living room of food. (3Bird Media)
The 1970s were a stressful decade. The economy struggling, and Canadians were trying to figure out what the social changes of the 1960s meant to their lives. When they came home, they just wanted to be somewhere cozy. That meant wood, wicker, blankets, pillows, knicknacks and plants. (Dale Wilcox Photography/DWP)
Wood and wicker were everywhere in the 1970s. Also, doesn't Tristan look regal in this wicker throne? (Dale Wilcox Photography/DWP)
Wood in the kitchen? Wood everywhere. Also, there may not have been any avocados in your average 1970s fridge, but it wasn't uncommon for the fridge itself to be avocado. (Dale Wilcox Photography/DWP)