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Vintage hairstyling tips that will make you glad you live in the present

YouTuber albinwonderland takes a look at the 20th Century's weirdest hairstyling trends.

Vintage Hairstyling Through The Ages

5 years ago
Duration 5:12
Albinwonderland looks back at quirky hairstyling methods of yore.

Today, people tend to worry about not damaging their hair when shopping for styling products. Their parents and grandparents? Not so much. 

Throughout the 20th Century, women tried all types of hair-frying devices to get the style they wanted, from hair curlers that look like torture devices, to harsh chemical home perms, to bonnet hairdryers that required their own luggage. 

YouTuber albinwonderland takes a look at the weirdest, most dangerous, most frightening looking hairstyling products of the 20th Century and explains what they did, and why someone would put that near or on their head. Watch the video above.

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