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How a modern-day Canadian family's real house was transformed into a wartime home

The Campus family's actual home is transformed into a 1940s house — and they have to live in it for a week. Tune in to Back in Time for Dinner, Thursdays at 8 p.m. (8:30NT) on CBC.

A close-up look at 7 gadgets and games that were big hits in the 1940s

Watch the Campus family's reaction as their modern-day home is transformed to look and function like a house in the 1940s. 0:56

Checkerboard kitchen floors, formal sitting rooms, and a glaring absence of electronic devices.

On Back in Time For Dinner, the Campus family's actual middle-class Canadian home is transformed into a 1940s house — and they have to live in it for a week. 

For a closer look at the authentic 1940s details incorporated in this time-travelling transformation, scroll through the gallery of '40s gadgetry below: 

If you wanted hamburger in the 1940s, you were going to have to work for it. Every kitchen had its own meat grinder, and grinding enough meat for a family of five was one heck of a workout. (3Bird Media)
The "Hit Hitler" dartboard let those on the homefront show their hatred of the führer by tossing projectiles at him. Also, those wooden darts look like they could really do some damage. (3Bird Media)
If you wanted a cup of coffee in the 1940s, you were going to have to grind it yourself, by hand, in a device that was neither small, nor portable, nor especially easy to use. (3Bird Media)
You've gotta love a time when something as simple as making toast took timing and finesse. You had to watch your toast carefully to make sure it didn't burn, and you risked burning yourself on the hot metal. (3 Bird Media)
Even doing laundry required forearms of steel. In the pre-washing machine era, you scrubbed your laundry in a bucket, then literally put it through the wringer. (3Bird Media)
Sure, we still have to open a lot of our cans by hand, but look at that thing. It looks it would simultaneously lose a fight to your average can of beans, while also injuring you. (3Bird Media)
Unlike having a meat grinder in your kitchen, which will probably remain in the past, rotary cheese graters like this one have made a bit of a comeback. This one would probably be a massive hit on Etsy. (3Bird)

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