A good witch guides you to the best, free astrology websites

An astrology primer, plus go-to, online horoscope sources from a good, modern witch.
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If it were the 17th Century, I would be considered a witch: for being a woman, being named Rebecca (one of the Six Women Of Salem), for having no children, and for being generally contentious in a billion scenarios throughout my life so far. Never mind that I also have Pagan symbols tattooed on my arm and am a certified Tarot card reader. Fine, I'll own it — I'm a good and modern witch. Like any modern witch, I have my arsenal of astrology resources. Like a good witch, I am happy to share an astrology primer and my go-to online sources with you, so you can deep-dive into your own charts, signs (yes, plural!) and horoscopes as often as every day.

How to calculate your natal chart easily and for free

Your most accurate horoscope will be based on your natal chart which is essentially an imprint of the stars and planets on your lifetime. Your natal chart outlines precisely where the stars and planets were in relation to each other, and in relation to your exact birthplace coordinates, the moment you were born.  

The generic horoscopes you find online group every human born within a moon cycle into the same zodiac sign, but since the planets and the houses they're in design your horoscope, you can imagine how much more accurate your horoscope becomes once you calculate your natal chart.

If you know the exact minute you were born and exactly where you were born, you can calculate your natal chart easily on Astrolabe and Café Astrology for free.These sites offer the same software that astrologers use to calculate your natal chart. Simply enter your details and press "calculate" to generate your natal chart.

Your natal chart will give you a broad understanding of the overarching themes of your lifetime, but you can also discover your "rising sign", also known as your Ascendant sign. If your sun sign is like the foundation of a house, describing your core principals and direction in life, your rising sign is like the décor inside your home — more descriptive of your personality and how you behave in the world. If you check your horoscope on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, your Ascendant sign will better predict day-to-day activities, and you can read your sun sign on an annual basis, perhaps as a ritual at winter solstice.

How to learn more about planets and houses, zodiacs & aspects

If you thought that was a lot to learn about natal charts, there's more! Did you know that houses affect planets differently, and that some planets are more impactful than others? Did you know that transits, or aspects (the ongoing movement of planets), are the activities that affect your life? You can learn all about planets, houses, zodiacs and aspects with Astro Library, Café Astrology and Elbert Wade (don't let the latter's site design deter you from this impressive resource for students of astrology).

How to have your horoscope come to you

Sign up for a good horoscope newsletter.

Susan Miller and Astrologyzone are widely popular — Susan is considered the queen of astrology on the internet. Visit Astrologyzone each month to learn the themes for your zodiac sign throughout the next moon cycle, and remember to read your moon sign too. Monthly horoscopes are free and you can receive daily horoscopes delivered to your inbox for a small fee.

Chani Nicholas is a spiritual space online for horoscopes, insights into current moon events and spirituality in general. Chani sends out wonderful weekly horoscope newsletters for free and she offers positive affirmations to help transition through Earthly events (like the one she wrote here for the upcoming Trump inauguration). You can also visit Chani Nicholas for energetic guides and meditations for full moons and new moons.

And, for modern witches who love crystals and sage to smudge with (and stiletto nails), The Hoodwitch is a cool spot for shopping and learning, and you can sign to receive horoscopes via newsletter.

How to get your daily fix

Toronto-based astrology Phil Booth writes BoothStars daily horoscopes in his personal style, connecting the dots between the stars and current events on Earth. The daily horoscopes by Café Astrology link your horoscopes directly to planetary movements so you'll start to pick up on aspects and transits, and what they mean. The name of Rob Brezsny's 'Free Will Astrology' refers to the fact that, even though your horoscope contains "predictions", you still have free will to do as you wish, so use your horoscope as guidance and not a rule.