5 natural ingredients for the softest lips of your life

An expert on the best moisturizers and what makes them smooth operators.
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The average woman applies product to the lips seven times a day, or so says Bite Beauty founder Susanne Langmuir. "Lips are very similar to eyes; they're quite sensitive," she believes. On how to properly care for them? It comes down to three steps: "One is exfoliation, then hydration, and more hydration," she says laughing. You can expect that Langmuir, who formulates her own all-natural line here in Canada, cares about top-performing natural ingredients. So do we! So we asked her for the best natural product we should look for in all of our lip products.



"Beeswax is an incredible ingredient, because it has a nice texture to it," says Langmuir of this staple lip balm ingredient. "It's a softer wax, but it also creates enough of a moisture barrier on the lips."

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Since jojoba is actually a wax that mimics what's naturally in skin, "it's readily absorbed, it's moisturizing and it's very protective for lips," she says. Langmuir also recommends using lighter balms for day and heavier masks for nighttime.

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Shea butter

Shea butter is another staple in beauty products because it melts on contact with lips. "It's solid butter that becomes really emollient and moisturizing," explains Langmuir.

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Pineapple Enzymes

"Pineapple enzymes are incredible for lips because they have a very gentle exfoliating action," says Langmuir, who packs them into her lip scrub. After applying the product to lips and the surrounding area, she recommends that you "leave it to sit for 5 minutes, and the enzymes will renew the cells and the skin around the lips."

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Though there's currently a world shortage right now, Langmuir says Tahitian vanilla beans, which are going for 500 euros per kilo, are worth every penny. The reason? "Anything you apply every day should be rewarding, indulgent, a luxurious product experience, and the vanilla tastes delicious," she says.

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