12 cool tools every kitchen could use, all under $20

From juicers to peelers, these affordable gadgets are efficient, and enjoyable too.

From juicers to peelers, these affordable gadgets are efficient, and enjoyable too.

(Credit: istock/Getty Images; amazon.ca)

Whether you're an amateur in the kitchen, or a professional cook, it's important to have tools in the kitchen that, you know, actually work. They definitely should help cut down your prep time, serve their purpose, any why shouldn't they make cooking more fun too! Here are 12 cool kitchen gadgets that are inexpensive (all under $20!), that should make creating a delicious meal even more enjoyable.

1) Rolling Garlic Chopper


This gadget on-wheels keeps your fingertips from those pungent garlic juices. All you have to do is peel your garlic, put it in the chopper, roll along your countertop, and voila! You'll have perfect minced garlic in seconds.

$8.99 at Kitchen Stuff Plus


2) Kotobuki Swing Serving Tongs


These cute tongs look stylish, and also stand upright on their own (minimizing countertop clutter!), thanks to a weighted handle.

$19.95 on Amazon


3) Set of Four Round Orange Peelers


I can't be the only person who loves oranges but hates peeling oranges, right? If that you too, then this handy orange peeler is for us. The ring-size hole makes it super-easy to grab and peel.

$1.87 for a set of 4 on Amazon


4) Joseph Joseph C-Pump Single-Handed Soap Dispenser



This single-handed soap dispenser will help keep things clean, sanitary and a little more organized in the kitchen.

$12.02 on Amazon


5) OXO 3 in 1 Avocado Tool


Holy guacamole! This three-part tool makes prepping avocados much easier, as it easily slices the skin, scoops out the pit and cuts your avocado into lovely, uniform slices.

$14.95 at Crate & Barrel


6) Zipstrip Herb Stripper


Stripping fresh herbs has never been easier. This dishwasher-safe tool is easy to use, and is perfect for those who use a lot of greenery in their cooking, marinades and salad dressings. And that should be all of us! Mmmmm, herbs.

$11.99 at Kitchen Stuff Plus


7) Toss and Chop Salad Tongs


Make chopping salad, vegetables and fruit easier with these nifty, micro-serrated tongs. Bonus: they also come with a chopped salad recipe book.

$14.21 on Amazon


8) Quirky Citrus Spritzer


Turn your fresh citrus fruit into sprays with this handy citrus spritzer, without having to cut and squeeze. Now you can top off every dish with a little lemon zest, or any other spritz you choose.

$5.98 on Amazon


9) Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissors


We love pizza. If you do, too, chances are you'll love these cool pizza scissors, which will help you cut the perfect slice every time.

$11.99 on Amazon


10) Mini Citrus Juicer


Sometimes you need a spritz, sometimes you need a little more citrus in your cooking. This mini juicer makes it easy to get lots of juice from your fruit: the pressure of the lid helps twist and extract, preventing you from getting your hands sticky in the process.

$8.95 at Crate & Barrel


11) Flexible Silicone Colander & Steamer


This flexible colander is great for cooking, steaming and reheating - it's also the perfect solution for people with less space, as it's very easy to store. The pretty design doesn't hurt, either.

$14.99 on Amazon


12) Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer


Trying to cut back on carbs? This fun--and sleek--tool easily turns your veggies into faux pasta noodles, for a healthy and gluten-free alternative to spaghetti.

$9.99 on Amazon