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Learning English with CBC

Learning English with CBC

Thank you for your ongoing support of Learning English with CBC. It's time for our summer hiatus! We'll be back on Wednesday, August 5 with new lessons. In the meantime, feel free to revisit some of your favourite lessons from the past few months. Have a great July!

Welcome to Learning English with CBC; a joint project between CBC Edmonton and the Government of Alberta.  

English language learners can practise and improve their language skills by watching the videos, listening to the audio and using the online quiz tools. The activities will help users to understand local issues and discuss topics in the news with neighbours, classmates and coworkers. The quiz tools will give learners instant feedback.

Every week, new video and audio content will be available at two levels. The videos are taken directly from the news while the audio are a little simpler and read at a slower pace. Stories are from all around Alberta and Canada. 

Starting September 11, 2019 we are also including transcripts for both the audio and the video. This exciting addition will allow learners to check understanding, practise pronunciation, expand vocabulary, develop reading skills and enhance overall understanding of the story. 

Learning English with CBC offers opportunities to practise:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Spoken English comprehension
  • Reading

All of the past materials developed as part of the project will still be available on CBC Edmonton and CBC Calgary's sites.

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