Learning English

Learning English

Learning English

Learning English with CBC is back

Learning English with CBC is back!

Welcome to Learning English, a joint project between CBC Edmonton and the Government of Alberta.  

In the years since the project began in 2011 technology has evolved to enable us to deliver digital learning in unique and exciting ways.

In the past learners downloaded PDF and audio, but with today's mobile technology, the possibilities have changed. On-the-go learning is our priority, so that you can learn at the place and time that works best for you.

We have replaced the PDFs with interactive audio and quiz tools.  Now you can practice with intuitive online tools which give instant feedback.

Every week, new video and audio content will be available.

New to Learning English with CBC: a focus on soft skills to support real world interactions, like conversations with your neighbours and co-workers. The topics and contents are a window into the workplace and your Alberta community.

Learning English with CBC offers opportunities to practice:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Comprehension of spoken English

At this stage of the redevelopment of Learning English, we'll be using content from around the province that you can find on our website.  

All of the past materials will still be available on CBC Edmonton and CBC Calgary's sites.

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Share your comments and feedback about Learning English: learningenglish@cbc.ca