Host Biography

Pauline Thornhill

Pauline Thornhill was raised in Bay L'Argent, a small outport on the island's Burin Peninsula.

Pauline studied Journalism at the University of King's College in Halifax. Upon graduating in 1986, she came to work with CBC Television in St. John's as a journalist on the popular supper-hour news program, HERE & NOW.

In 1993, Pauline became host and producer of CBC's longest running regional television program, LAND & SEA.

Over the years, Pauline has received numerous awards, including the 2004 Gracie Allen Award for the LAND & SEA program "Built from Scratch", the story of the mother and the tiny bakery that defied all the odds.

Jane Adey

Jane Adey is a "townie" but has a strong connection to Aquaforte on the Southern Shore where she spent summers as a child.

Jane studied Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto and came to the CBC in 2001.  She has worked all over the province as a Video-Journalist.

Jane was a Contributing Reporter for Land & Sea five years ago.  At that time, she was recognized by the Columbus, Ohio International Film and Video Festival for "Sole Survivor", the story of the only man to walk away from a boating accident that claimed his father, his two brothers and two of his best friends.

She is honoured to be telling stories with Land & Sea again this season.