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Sep 6, 2015 Archival Special - St. Brendan's

Archival Special - St. Brendan's
When the resettlement wave swept Bonavista bay in the '60's, the people of St. Brendan's island refused to budge. For whatever reason, fear of the unknown or love of what they had, livyers stayed on St. Brendan's, and they remain there today.

Thirty years ago, former Land and Sea host Paul Harrington brought a camera crew to the island.  They recorded life as it was there then, back when lobster pots were still wooden and the cod trap was new. They found two brothers, the Brodericks, who'd left St. Brendan's for supposed greener pastures, but returned.  They came back to their island, and the fishery.
In this archival special we see St. Brendan's as it was 30 years ago, through the eyes of the Brodericks. 
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