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Oct 12, 2014 Fog of the Outport

Fog of the Outport
People cope with grief in many different ways.  Robin Durnford's way was to write. Poetry.

Back in 2004, Robin lost her father to a sudden, massive heart attack. He was just 50.  Two years later, Robin went back to the isolated south coast outport her father grew up in...Francois.  It was there that she first heard the voice of the book of poetry she would call "Fog of the Outport".  The book that tells the true story of her father as a little boy in Francois...the boy who also lost a father too soon.

Robin wrote about her dad's grief, through his five-year-old eyes. And was able to ease her own.

This past summer, Robin once again returned to Francois...with her finished, published book in hand...for its unofficial launch in the place where it was born.
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