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Aug 14, 2011 The Nobles

The Nobles

The original Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Mounted Unit was formed in St.John's over 135 years ago.  It was eventually shut down, then reinstated, then shut down once again in 1951...for what everyone believed was for good.  No one ever thought they would see a proud policeman riding a noble horse on the city streets again.

But then, in 2003, two big, black, beautiful horses started showing up around town...with policemen in saddle. The Mounted Unit had been resurrected once more.

Townshend and Vince were the first two horses...Percherons.  A French breed of horse, once used to carry knights and kings.  Today, in St. John's, they carry the riders of the Mounted Unit.  And a few years after they arrived, two more huge blacks joined them.

Today, there are four Percherons in the Mounted Unit.  And to their riders, they are more than just horses....they are the Nobles. 


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